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a slight fur moment

this sweater was love at first site. at second site, i had doubts. 
i started to think that maybe i would look like a bird who was plucking its feathers or maybe a dog that needed to be brushed. i put the sweater in my maybe pile and when it was time to check out i went with my first feeling (which was: {this is so cool, i have to have it. i LOVE it!} ). 

a couple of my husband’s friends had jokes but i was well prepared. 
i prefer not to post such an enlarged image of my face BUT the earrings! they are Elizabeth Cole, i got them from SHOPBOP
my dog will most likely make some type of appearance in the majority of these posts. his name is Rio and he goes everywhere with me. you can learn more about him later. 
on a side note, i need a nice camera. any recommendations?
*sweater | USE UNUSED ‘rys flake sweater’ in beige
*jeans | 3×1 ‘crop skinny zip’
shoes | IRO ‘kasey cone heel booties’
earrings | Elizabeth Cole ‘aeryn ear cuff’
ring | J. Crew ‘industrial bolt ring’
dog | Rio
*my sweater and jeans are both from a new boutique in Memphis called 20twelve. you can find anything from jewelry to interiors. they don’t have a website but check out their facebook page and hopefully if you are in town you can stop by!

live votre rêve!

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4 thoughts on “a slight fur moment

  1. Hi Mary…Kimberly here. I would go with a mirror-less DSLR. The Olympus EM-10 w/14-42 lens is an amazing camera. It is mirror-less which makes it much lighter then a regular DSLR, easier to cart around. It has 16 megapixels, which is plenty. It also has an app that can be downloaded into your phone and it allows you to view your pictures before you take them, change settings, basically it controls the entire camera via your phone. It also has the retro look, which is really fun. Great camera, mirror-less with Olympus or Fuji would be my choice. Here is a link to give you a little information if you're interested: click on cameras, choose Olympus and hit search, it is the 4th one down. Hope I've helped! PS…great sweater!

  2. If you're looking for a mirror less ^ I love my Samsung nx300!! It's easy to stash in a bag and it's cute too (also has wifi / can be uploaded to your phone) 🙂 If you do want to go for a DSLR the cannon ti3 is great – beginner friendly but can be totally upgraded with lenses etc.