rodarte x superga

last week i was at the Memphis Botanic Garden and the daffodils were in full bloom. the smell was incredible and it actually felt like Spring, warm and sunny with cool breeze. it wasn’t warm enough for open toe shoes or cool enough for boots… out came the sneakers (more on them below).
i come here often for garden club meetings (yes, i am in my neighborhood garden club and i love every second of it) but haven’t been able to walk around the property.

back to the shoes, i love a good collaboration. i go nuts when Target collaborates with any designer, i love finding anything for the home, office, my wardrobe or my husbands wardrobe. H&M has had some great collaborations as well but those are harder for me to get my hands on. needless to say, when i was walking around a store here in Memphis called Joseph’s and saw these beautiful sneakers were on display, my heart started to beat a tad faster. 
i love mixing metals. gold, silver, rose gold… wear it all together. 
i wouldn’t typically wear leather pants and a black sweater in the Spring. it seems very Winter-y but its fun to experiment with your clothes when transitioning your wardrobe. when i, bought these shoes i thought i would wear them with jean shorts and a white tee, i apparently had Summer on my mind.
i had such a great time at the gardens! i really enjoy seeing all the different plant species and of course the beautiful grounds. if you are ever visiting Memphis you should definitely check it out. 
sweater | J.Crew ‘merino wool tippi sweater’
pants | J Brand ‘super skinny leather pants’ 
bag | Givenchy ‘pandora medium bag’ [similar]
 shoes | Superga x Rodarte ‘net snake sneakers’ [here and here]
earring and bracelets | Vita Fede [mine are from Joseph]
gold ring | Gorgana ‘crisscross midi connector’ 
silver ring | Forever 21
sunglasses | Dolce and Gabbana [similar]

photos by Lindsey

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