finally in Altuzarra for Target

if you know me personally, you know i am obsessed with designer collaborations. i’m that person who will stand in line or get there right when it opens in order to get what i’ve had my eye on. it is limited after all. and i know what’s there because i, of course, search online to see what will be available. EXCEPT, in Memphis not many people know who the designer is so I can get to one Target when it opens and still make it to the rest of the Targets before my favorites sell out, no line standing necessary. 
the Altuzarra collaboration with Target came out in September 2014. i hate to admit this is my first time wearing it. but i had to wait for the perfect top.

the breakdown:
i’ve had this skirt in my closet since September 2014 and almost wore it 3 times. this was my first time actually wearing it out of the house. i love the neutral colors of the loud print. this crop top worked well for me because it showed the right amout of skin. this top was also a good choice for me because every other style top i didn’t feel right in. white shoes are quite on trend at the moment and can make any outfit modern. i love the gold chain on these, gold in the summer is so pretty. i wore my hair in a fishtail braid because my hair wasn’t behaving 🙂

top | Zara
skirt | Altuzarra for Target
heels | Giuseppe Zanotti 
bracelet | J.Crew [similar]
live votre rêve
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