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Bahamas By Day

This place is so beautiful. There are many beautiful places in the world. I love going to anyplace in the Caribbean but there is something about the Bahamas. 
I really was in the water 90% of the day but when I wasn’t I got to wear my favorite cover up. I wanted a Mara Hoffman cover up or bathing suit for a long time but never got the courage, until…. Shopbop had one of their many deal and sales and I got this cover up 20% off!!
You guys know I was here with my family and my husbands family. My husbands family is quite athletic and my family isn’t as much. My nephew wanted to learn how to do the long jump after watching videos of my sister-in-law, she happens to be an All-American! 
I offered to teach him, I did run track in 7th grade, but he wasn’t impressed. We may have a future long jumper in the family!
I also found this snorkeling!
I’d love to hear your vacation stories and I hope you enjoyed my little bit of sunshine!
look one:
hat | Target fedora
cover up | Mara Hoffman ‘embellished sheer cocoon cover up’
swimsuit top | Mikoh
swimsuit bottom | L Space ‘royal palm beach bottom’
look two:
swimsuit | Urban Outfitters 

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