My Type of Summer

I cannot believe today is the last day of summer! It went by so fast. Some of my favorite things about summer are warm dinners outside, being barefoot, going to the pool, and the casual airy feel to the days. I will welcome fall with open arms (winter will be a different story). Fingers crossed we get a few gorgeous Indian summer days to look forward to!

Low humidity and low 80’s, these are the days I look forward to the most.
The Breakdown
I was sold on the skirt when I learned it could be worn as a top too. Can’t say no to a 2 in 1 deal! I wanted to wear this skirt in teh day and feel casual so I chose this white top. I wore this skirt with a crop top for a dressed up event here. This outfit is very comfortable, the top is loose and the skit has an elastic waste line. I love the feeling of a late summer breeze. 
skirt | Caroline Constas Adelle skirt/top exclusive for Intermix

Live votre rêve!

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