Ombre + A Bold Lip

I was really excited these jean shorts fit over my thighs, hips and booty. I tried on a all of my jean shorts and these were the only ones I could make work, the rest of them couldn’t make it past my thighs. My stomach is obviously a lot bigger but the rest of my body has slightly grown too. Therefore, I am not able to wear a lot of my regular clothes. I invested in a belly band during my second trimester when my bottoms still fit but couldn’t be buttoned. A belly band is a great investment for pregnant women who want to continue to wear their pre-pregnancy clothes.
My nail polish matches my bag perfectly and it wasn’t even planned!
These shoes were a great find at TJ Maxx! I love the hunt of finding great deals.

Photography by Kim Thomas
The Breakdown:
Since this shirt fades from white to black it stumped be on what color jeans to wear. Black or white jeans didn’t seem right and jeans that were too dark seemed to clash with the darkness of the shirt. I like this light color denim the best, white jeans would be my second choice. I got this shirt from Southern Couture when it first came in stock a few weeks ago. I have always had a love for ombre and the shirt is a great length considering it goes over my belly and you can barely tell I was wearing a belly band. These sandals I just found at TJ Maxx, I LOVE them! I hadn’t worn this pink studded bag in a while and I like that it added some color to my outfit. Speaking of color, what do you think about this lip color?
shorts | J.Crew 
sandals | Sam Edelman from TJ Maxx
bag | Rebecca Minkoff
necklace | House of Harlow 1960 “Temple Pave” from Rocksbox
earrings | Gorjana “Taner Bar Mini Studs
Live votre rêve!

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