Lace-up Details

There have been some beautiful days this October. Myles absolutely loves to be outside and look at the trees and clouds. I’m so glad my little ones loves fresh air as much as I do. We have gone on plenty of walks around our neighborhood but it feels nice to get out and enjoy somewhere new. A plus for me is being able to get a bit to eat then walk around without having to get back in the car. I hate having to load and unload the stroller and car seat. Am I the only one who doesn’t like this?
The Breakdown:
Not only do I want to be comfortable when I’m strolling around with Myles but I also have to take the material of my clothing into consideration. No more dry cleaning clothes for me, I never know when there could be a little spit up and I am pretty bad about carrying around a burp cloth. He is also into a major drooling phase! 
This sweatshirt is not your ordinary lazy day sweatshirt, it has lace-up detailing adding an element of style. The sweatshirt I’m wearing is no longer available but I found one that looks just like it for under $25! These jeans are so unique with the twist waist (I wore them here and here in black). When I got dressed today I wanted to be able to wear a sweatshirt, jeans and chucks while looking pulled together. I really like this outfit and I loved my day with Myles. I also love that is he taking a long nap, allowing me to write 🙂
jeans | R13 “Crossover Slim Jeans” from 20twelve
shoes | Converse “Chuck Taylors” in grey
Live votre rêve!
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One thought on “Lace-up Details

  1. Definitely invest in a Tula! So much easier just to wear him! You should try out the Kitchen at Shelby farms and then you can walk around the lake.