Ribbon Wall Hanging

Doing crafts is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time. Sometimes I see things that inspire me, occasionally Pinterest will inspire me but most of the time I create something in my head and have to figure out if I can actually create it. That is the hard part, can what I envision in my head actually come to life?
 A light bulb went off when I received a rug. After I unrolled it I was left with a giant cardboard tube, 59” tube to be exact. It looked like a very large paper towel roll, so keep in mind this project can be done on a smaller scale with a paper towel roll or a wrapping paper roll. I wanted to hang a bunch of ribbon or string from it, maybe I would tie knots throughout the ribbon, I wasn’t sure but knew I was going to have to play around. When I went to Michaels Art’s and Crafts Store I was looking for ribbon that matched the theme of my tree this year, a soft navy blue, a medium burgundy, ivory and a metallic color. Once I was there I found the perfect blue but no other colors. I did see a lot of ivory colored ribbon in a variety of widths and textures, so that was what I went with. Sometimes you have to let the selection chose the details for you. I had no idea how much I would need but I figured I would rather buy to much and return it than start my project and not have enough.
Homegoods is next store to Michaels so I decided to stop in there and see if anything inspired me. I found a number of the perfect ornament for this project and in 2 different sizes, even better! Now that I had my materials it was time to cross my fingers and hope this would work out. 
I set the cardboard tube on the floor and cut the thickest width ribbon at different lengths. I tied all of those to the tube. I did the same thing for the next size ribbon and so forth. Starting with the largest size allows you to add in the smaller size ribbon and fill in any gaps. 
I would periodically hold the wall hanging on the wall to see if it was going the direction I was hoping for. I knew I just needed to keep tying on ribbon, the more the merrier. 
It was looking a little odd during this phase. 
Overall I am so happy how it turned out. I need to find something to cover the ends up. I’m thinking of cutting circle out of the thickest ribbon and glue it on. Any ideas?
After all of the ribbon was tied on, I tied on the ornaments. Again tieing them at different lengths and spacing them evenly. I hadn’t thought about how I was going to hang this piece of the wall. After some brainstorming I decided to try and screw picture hooks to the back. It worked! Pictures hooks on the back and nails in the wall. Don’t forget to level.
cardboard tube | mine was 59 inches
ribbon | I used 70 yards for this project 
ornaments | 3 large, 9 small
picture hooks | I needed 2, a smaller project may only need 1 
table | Wisteria
trees | Target
reindeer | Homegoods
frames | Target
wall hanging | DIY
Happy Holidays!
Live votre rêve!


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