Polka Dots for Myles

This blog is titled for Myles because I bought this sweater for him, well, for us. The second I saw it I knew he would love all the colorful dots and I could just picture him trying to grab them all. This sweater would be the perfect thing to wear to entertain while we were out. 
The Breakdown:
Since there was a major drop in temperature I had to had a jacket to my look. I had this sweater picked out first and I was going to wear it with the jeans and a shoe that was going to show more of my foot. After the 30 degree temperature drop I had to wear socks which narrowed my shoe selection. These leopard ones are really comfortable and kept my feet warm. The bold print added a nice surprise but solid tan, gray or black would look good also. This is my first time wearing this jacket this season, I blogged about it last year here. I would have worn it earlier but I finally just found my coats! 5 months later but luckily not too late. They were all in a box in a different closet than the other boxes I have yet to unpack. Anyways, I’d love to hear how you would have styled this sweater, what type of shoes or jacket would you have worn?
Mommy confession…
Gosh, I was so excited to wear this sweater. I wore it last night to the Grizzlies game because Myles and I were going to be there for a few hours and I thought he could use some extra entertainment. Turns out, he didn’t care for it. Lol! I was so disappointed. He started to get fussy and I kept pointing to my little colorful fuzz balls and he gave me nothing haha. Apparently the bright lights, jumbo-tron and people surrounding us, plus a rattle here or there was all he needed. I decided to wear it again to lunch today. I was meeting Lindsey and it was during his nap time so I was prepared for lunch to be a little less than enjoyable. Myles doesn’t like to miss anything and he is quite nosey so I knew he wouldn’t fall asleep during lunch. That’s why I wore this sweater again, thinking he would be tired and restless and I would hold him all of lunch and he would have my sweater to look at. I was wrong again but he was a super good boy, he stayed in his car seat for half the lunch and then in my lap but didn’t fuss at all, he really liked the zipper on my diaper bag! Do you moms dress for your kids? I also know not to wear a necklace or earring that dangle because he will grab them :/
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sweater | Anthropolgie 
jeans | R13 “X Over Waxed Jeans” from 20twelve
shoes | Sam Edelman (similar)
coat | Adam Lippes from Target (worn here)
bracelet | Vita Fede ‘Titan Crystal Cuff’
Live votre rêve!


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