A Stop In Central Park With My Ombre Bomber

What a fun filled weekend! I was in New York City for 5 days and 4 nights which is the longest I have ever been there. It’s necessary to wear the most comfortable shoes walking around the city and I made the right choice with these sneakers that I also wore here and here.  
One of my best friends moved to the city last year but she was out of town last weekend! I was so sad, I had so much free time walking around and enjoying everything, I so wished I could have hung out with her. I did have plenty of company in NYC and had such a great time, even when it was 45 and raining Myles and I till ventured out on the streets. 
 So in love with my Mother’s Day gift, my new and updated “diaper bag”!
The Breakdown:
I got this jacket on sale at Anthropologie for under $60. You know how after the holidays everything gets marked down and eventually an additional mark down on top of that? Well, that’s how I got this jacket and I love it. It’s furry so I can wear it during the cooler months but the peachy color allows it to pass in the Spring too. I found the new version of it and I have it tagged below as well as some similar options. Some streets in the city are windy and cool in the shade and others are sunny and hot. Layers were a must and a black t-shirt is classic. I love the hem on these jeans because they show a little bit of my ankle. Hems on jeans are so cool these days but most of them are too long for me and I  have to show more foot. I always like to show a good amount of skin between the hem of my jeans and my shoe. Myles was on board with me all day (he did so great going with the flow) so I needed some baby necessities but I didn’t want my large diaper bag. This bookbag is very lightweight and it was my Mother’s Day gift so I wanted to wear it all day everyday. 
jacket | Paper Crown “Pastel Ombre Bomber
shirt | Perrin from Marshalls
jeans | Frame Denim “Cropped Slit Hem
bag | Burberry “The Medium Framed Heads Backpack
sunglasses | Shauns California “Hoy” in black leather and granite
Live votre rêve!

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