Mother’s Day Gift Idea With Eclectic Eye

As Mother’s Day approaches I have been thinking how much I truly appreciate my mom. I have always thought she was the best and I knew she worked so hard to raise my brother, sister and I. Being a mom for the first time has opened my eyes tremendously towards how hard she actually worked. Now that I have experienced what it is like to care for my own child, nursing him, putting him down for his naps, loving him, and teaching him about the world, working 24 hours a day to keep him healthy, happy and alive, I have a whole new outlook on Mother’s Day and my relationship with my mom. 
I’m wearing Salt “Striker” unisex sunglasses in rose gold.
My siblings and I always group text during any holidays for our parents. We brainstorm ideas, figure who is getting what and often send pictures so we are all on the same page. Mother’s Day is just a few short days away so I decided to stop in Eclectic Eye over the weekend to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for my mom. She got her first pair of nice sunglasses a few years ago for her birthday and loves them so much. Sunglasses can be a hard thing to take care of, they can get scratched easily and lost if you aren’t careful. My mom is extra careful when it comes to her sunglasses and I just know a new pair will make her very happy! 
I’m wearing Krewe “Orleans” in rose gold.
I am wearing Ray-Ban “Shooter” sunglasses.
 My mom and I look very similar and we have very similar body types so it has always been very easy for me to go shopping for her. Even though I was trying sunglasses on me it was to see if they would look good on my mom. Since I was trying on glasses and sunglasses I decided to have a little bit of fun with Myles and let him try some on. Maybe someday he will go into Eclectic Eye to buy me a Mother’s Day gift!
Myles is trying on Sons + Daughters “Harry” glasses in blue/neon yellow.
Myles is wearing Ray-Ban “Aviator Juniors” .
I love coordinating with Myles, even my husband for that matter! I’m not into perfectly matching but I do love looking similar. So I think when Myles is a little older I am going to have to get these little Ray-Bans!
Adding fresh flowers are the perfect addition to a Mother’s Day gift!
The Breakdown:
I loved going to Eclectic Eye with Myles and have a mother/son day while Mother’s Day shopping for my mom. Anytime I have Myles with me I need to be comfortable. I love the ruffles on my shirt and the little pinstripes. I thought Myles khaki pants matched the stripes in my shirt just well enough!  To bring the tan out a little more I wore these new slide sandals. For someone who needs a little more support in their shoes I found these ones that look really comfortable! Myles is wearing H&M chinos,  a Zara t-shirt and Jordan Retro 3’s. I’ve tagged most of the items in this shoot and some similar things  below. 

Thank you Eclectic Eye for having Myles and I in for some Mother’s Day Shopping! You guys are so nice and have such a unique selection of glasses and sunglasses! My favorite sunglass brands from Eclectic Eye are Krewe and Salt

Live votre rêve!


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