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The Cap Campaign For Positivity

When I wear my MEM hat I am proudly sticking up for our planet with The Cap Campaign – The Ivory Closet’s Campaign for Positivity. The Ivory Closet recently launched its own Positivity Campaign and wearing this hat signifies each bloggers own individual campaign that we are passionate about. 
 Of course I had to include a Bluff City Lights photo. I know what Collins, Megan and Alex are campaigning for but there are many more bloggers in the Memphis area that are a part of the Campaign for Positivity and I can’t wait to read their blog post about positivity. The Ivory Closet has set up an instagram account @ICCampaign which will feature all the bloggers, you will be able to find links to their campaigns too!
 How are we to move onward and upward if our planet is moving backwards and downwards. Ever since I was in middle school learning about global warming I have had a very strong feeling on recycling. It is to the point that my friends and family are uncomfortable to throw a can or bottle in the trashcan around me because they know I will dig it out and put it in the recycling bin. If I see something recyclable on top of the trash I will be sure to put it where it belongs, I won’t go digging deep and if it’s covered in food I’ll let it go. It really isn’t hard to recycle and if enough people on this planet can recycle a little bit here and there I will feel much better about the future of our Earth and the future of my grandchildren (Myles’ generation should be safe, the next generation is who I am worried about). From now on, if each and everyone of you could recycle one item a day we would be moving in the right direction!
Positivity and negativity are contagious. You may have never realized it but how often does a friendship fade away because you coudln’t be around that person because they were always negative, or not like your work environment. I honestly love all of the people in my life because each and everyone has a positive impact on me even if its only providing a smile. I am asking you to join The Ivory Closet’s Campaign for Positivity by clicking here!
The Breakdown:
The focus of my outfit is on my hat for the #theICcampaign and of course I wanted to match and support the Ivory Closet. So I made sure to wear my Lola slimming jeans sold exclusively at The Ivory Closet a basic white v-neck and nude pumps. I also added this fun fringe bag becuase I love it! I wore this bag for the frist time when I was 36 weeks pregnant. My husband got it for me for my birthday!
top | Rag and Bone
jeans | Lola “Camille BLC Jeans
shoes | Schutz
hat | The Ivory Closet
bag | Chloe
Live votre rêve!
photography by Mary Kate Steele


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