Dressed Up And Talking About Wedding Guest Attire

Four of my next five weekends starting in August will be dedicated to weddings. I say dedicated because they are all out of state. Sometimes getting ready for a wedding can be stressful because you have to pay for a sitter, may need to buy something new to wear. If you are in the wedding that is a whole other situation, financially speaking. If I plan ahead of time than I love attending weddings. To be invited is an honor, that these two people want you to be there are their most special day! 
I planned on wearing this outfit to a fancy outdoor wedding but realized it was a black tie dress code and this outfit isn’t fancy enough to be considered black tie. I decided to breakdown what type of outfit I would wear as well as what your guest could wear to a variety of weddings. 
Outdoor Wedding
You can have a little more fun when getting dressed for a weddings which doesn’t take place in a church. Of course you still need to be appropriate but not quite as conservative. The first thing you need to know is if the ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception will be taking place on grass. If any of those three things are happening on grass and you choose to wear a stiletto you will have a very difficult evening. You can still wear a shoe with height if that’s what you prefer, try a wedge or a block heel. Since the wedding is outdoors feel free to show your legs and shoulders and don’t forget to bring a jacket for the evening. 
Most men are scorching during outdoor weddings, they have shoes and socks, and a long sleeve shirt under a blazer. All of that isn’t necessary for an outdoor wedding (unless you are in the wedding). This is the chance for men to dress a little more comfortable. Chinos are more than appropriate (I recommend slim fit) with a summer blazer and a button up. You don’t need to wear a tie and you can leave the top one or two buttons open. You’ll be walking on uneven ground so you’ll want to wear comfortable shoes as well. 
Church Wedding
You need to be respectful. Don’t wear anything too short or too low. I suggest wearing a dress that coveres your shoulders as well or to bring a jacket or cardigan for the ceremony. 
Where your Sunday best. You should wear a tie with your suit and dark sock with your dress shoes. To add an element of style add a tie bar. Tie bars should be placed in the center of your chest. 
Black Tie Weddings
Floor length. Whatever color and style dress you choose to wear I recommend it be floor length. If someone says the wedding dress code “black tie” you need to dress up. Wear fun jewelry that has some sparkle to it too.
If you own a tux it’s time to wear it. If you own a bow tie, it’s time to wear it with your suit. Gentlemen, dark suits are best for a black tie wedding. It’s time to look sharp and clean cut, no sneakers. 
The Breakdown:
I had a hard time figuring out what top I should wear with this skirt. The skit was actually a little tighter than I had hoped for. I forgot, this actually wasn’t a skirt. They are pants! Yes, that is right. They are extra wide leg pants, culottes, gauchos, whatever you’d like to call them. I wanted to wear a crop top and still be appropriate so I made sure to show very minimal skin. Since I was dressing up I added large drop earrings, a top knot and fancy satin mules. 
Let me know if you have any specific wedding attire questions!
top | BCBG (old, similar here)
earrings | Kendra Scott “Sophee Textured Drop Earrings”
clutch | Edie Parker “Lara Ice Ends Box Clutch” in nude (look for less)

Live votre rêve!


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  1. I shot a wedding at this place in May of last year and the couple was thrilled! They had the ceremony out on the patio then came inside to a long-table format reception which was perfect. The cake table at DC wedding venues was backed by some stunning views.