My All Time Best Haircut At Richard And Co Salon + A Discount Code!

If you know me personally you know that I have been cutting my own hair since I was in grade school. My mom had cut my hair before but after I started requesting angles and layers it became too much. Since my hair is naturally curly I knew I could get away with cutting my own hair since no one would be able to tell if I made a little mistake. The first time I got my hair professinally cut was in Los Angeles in 2011. I went to a nice salon in LA and assumed they really knew there stuff out here and I was right, I loved it! Now I sill can count the number of professional haircuts on two hands and I have had to touch up my cut when I got home more times than not. With that said, I started to give up professional haircuts and I was back to my sheers in my bathroom cutting away until I discovered Richard & Co Salon!!! 
Above is my beautiful, freshly cut and blown out hair. Below is my wild curls with dead ends.
 All hair cuts begin with a wash and a head massage. At Richard and Co Salon the same person who cuts your hair will wash your hair. Aarin was my stylist and we had so much to talk about, I felt like I was getting my hair done by my good friend. 

After blowdrying my hair with a round brush Aarin flat ironed it to make sure my hair was straight at my roots and around my hairline. Throughout the drying and styling process Aaring kept asking me how I normally styled my hair which I really appreciated. She wanted to make sure I was happy and loved my hair. 
Taahhhh daaahhhh!
Richard & Co Salon will be giving 15% off of any two Oribe hair products through August if you mention this blog post on Living LeReve.
The Breakdown:
All Oribe products were used on my hair and all of them can be purchased at Richard & Co Salon. Something new I learned about Oribe is that all of their products have the same sent which is great so when I am using multiple different products I won’t have multiple different scents on my head. Below I have listed the products that were used in order. 
Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil (used only on the ends)
If you live in Memphis make sure to stop in Richard & Co Salon, located in Collierville, to pick your Oribe products. Don’t forget to mention Living LeReve for 15% off!
Live votre rêve!

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