How To Transition Your Outfit By Substituting One Piece

Is it July? If you dropped me off in Memphis and I had no sense of time I’d swear it was the middle of the summer. I didn’t spend my summer in Memphis, I was in Columbus, but I’m pretty sure this is what it felt like. I am not complaining either, I love the heat. The humidity on the other hand could die down a little. Mainly because no matter how early I get up to run I feel like I am going to pass out one mile in. I also want to take Myles to a park and its too hot!

This weather rant explains my outfit. It’s the end of September so I am excited to wear booties but not about to wear jeans. Jean shorts I can handle. Hopefully you guys aren’t tired of seeing bodysuits. I must admit I’m a little over it. Or maybe I’m over certain people wearing the exact same style outfit, a variation of a bodysuit, jeans and heels. I did wear this bodysuit with jeans and heels out while I was in LA which is kinda cliche and I was annoyed with myself because half of the female population seems to wear this look. 
Have you guys been to Railgarten? I took these photos there but they weren’t open yet. This was my first time even seeing the place and it looks so fun. 
I put my own Memphis spin on this outfit. 
The Breakdown:
I’m trying this new thing wear I substitute one part of my outfit to make my whole look be more transitional and less summer or fall. The summer version of this would have been the bodysuit, shorts with black slides. I substituted the summer style shoes for the fall style booties. You could look at this a different way also. If it were actually fall and in the middle of October (or just not 90 degrees) I’d be wearing this whole look but with cropped distressed skinny jeans. With that version I’d be swapping out my skinny jeans for cutoffs. Swapping one part of your summer outfit and adding a fall piece is the easiest way to transition your summer wardrobe. I have a few outfits that I plan on posting and blogging about where I am substituting one piece to transition the whole outfit and I can’t wait to share with you! 
bodysuit | Fleur du Mal ‘Square Neck Bodysuit’  (on SALE!) (similar for less)
shorts | Rag & Bone ‘Cut Off Shorts’ (similar for less)
jacket | Blank NYC (similar)
shoes | Vince Camuto ‘Francia Bootie’ 
belt | Emporio Armani -borrowed from my husband
bag | Gucci ‘Marmont Mini Bag’ 
earrings | Aurelie Biedermann (similar)
Live votre rêve!

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