Blue Velvet Shoes + White Denim

My favorite trend that is happening right now is the boots worn with cropped denim. I still love my skinny jeans but this looser style is much more comfortable and is perfect for fall because you can wear warm socks with your shoes! Velvet is also very trendy now and I already talked about it here so I won’t go on and on about it except…. I do have to talk about these boots just a little. They are from Target! Don’t they look much more expensive? I saw them in the store and didn’t buy them but right away but when I got home I kept thinking about them so the second time around at Target I tossed them into my cart. 
Unfortunately I can’t find this shirt online but it’s also from Target. This top actually has velvet on it as well and a really cute flower print in fall colors of burgundy, navy and marigold. 
I can’t go anywhere without a jacet these days. If I do forget one I always regret not going back to get it. I am always cold and when the sun goes down it really feels like fall now. 
The Breakdown:
I love a challenge and I enjoying spending time putting in effort into the perfect outfit. When I was asked by a reader to put together white jean outfits for fall I happily obliged. You can read my first fall white jean outfit here. This time around I dressed up my white jeans with these gorgeous blue velvet boots. When I was looking to tag my shoes I was surprised by the amount of blue velvet shoes for sale! There were a handful of designer options that are over $900, I tagged them below. Seeing those fancy velvet shoes made me extra excited for my Target steel. I added a pink suede jacket becuase it has been getting very chilly at night!
top | Target
jeans | Mother Denim ‘The Insided Step Hem’ 
shoes | Target ‘Dania Cruhed Velvet Booties’ (designer and designer)
jacket | Blank NYC (similar)
Live votre rêve!

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