A Cold Shoulder Style For A Chilly Day

Our days have been chilly but they’ve been beautiful which makes for fun fall dressing! I brought out my sweater been over the weekend and I am looking forward to wearing my chunky knits for years past and putting a new styling twist to them to update the look. The best way for me to update my old sweaters is by wearing looser fitting jeans. I am in love with this pair that I wore here which will instantly update my sweater to 2017/2018. 
I’ve talked about shirt length in pant height in previous posts. Here is a good example of almost what not to do. Sweater and shirt length are getting shorter but luckily pants are getting a higher rise. You don’t want the button on your pants and belt loops to show in your outfit. If you have a shorter top where a high rise pant like I did here. If you are wearing a body suit it doens’t matter the height of your pants and you’ll of course see your belt loops and buttons which is ok, you can see that here. Also, if you choose to tuck in your shirt, partially or all the way, you will once again of course see your buttons and belt loops. Here is an example of a long top and low rise jeans. 
I really wasn’t sure how this outfit would look because of the zipper on the pants and the boots. I always wore this pants with a pump or simple shoe that was cut low and didn’t have embellishments like button or zippers. 
The Breakdown:
To be honest, I needed some encouragement from my photographer for this outfit. I had planned on wearing these cross over jeans but I accidentally grabbed the wrong pair of pants! Both are black, coated and skinny around the ankle. The pair I’m wearing have the gold zipper at the ankle and I wasn’t sure I’d like it with the boots. Kim gave me the “OK” and I’m very happy with how it turned out. My shoes have a gold sheen to them so I knew I wanted to have gold accents like the hardware on my purse and jewelry. 
I’m glad I was able to wear this sweater before it got too cold and I needed to add a jacket. The detail on the shoulder is nice to show off. If you have a cold shoulder sweater and it’s too chilly to wear alone add a scarf so you can still see the shoulder detail. Or better yet, throw on a furry vest for added warmth and texture!

sweater | Rag & Bone (white version)
jeans | Mother Denim (similar)
shoes | Saint Laurent ‘Babies Jacquard Ankle Boots’ (similar)
bag | Gucci (similar)

Live votre rêve!



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