Memphis Grizzlies Home Opener – It’s Game Day

Another NBA season is upon us. People always ask me if I look forward to the season or not. I honesty do look forward to it because my husband gets to do what he loves plus we have a schedule to our lives. I do hate that my other half is away traveling a lot of the next six plus months but it is nice knowing what we’ll be doing on a specific date four months from now. Summers are preferable for sure but always sporadic. One day Michael will be in Vegas, the next NYC and he rarely has more than a two week notice. Pros and cons to both for sure.
I have fallen in love with Memphis. Columbus will always be my home but I enjoy going “home” to Memphis too.
Myles was with me for this shoot and I shot 4 looks that day. This was my third look and he was such a champ staying in his stroller. The second I took him out he was EVERYWHERE!
I was a gymnast growing up and I cheered in high school. I had to go back in time to remember how to jump!
 Myles loves to “bang bang” on just about everything. He was loving these balls in front of the FedEx  Forum.
The Breakdown:
Dressing for a game. There are so many options and I pretty much cover the spectrum from super casual to very dressed up. I haven’t worn sweats to a game but jeans and sneakers like I’m wearing here are as casual as I get for a game. I don’t usually dress in Memphis Grizzlies colors unless it’s the playoffs but it is the first game of the season so I thought it was appropriate to wear blue and yellow. I also dress more on the casual side when I have Myles with me. He is so fast and everywhere, I’m not about to be chasing him in heels. Sneakers, booties or a block heel are my shoes of choice when I’m in mom mode at the game.
White jeans are probably not a good idea. Myles stands on me most of the game and I have little shoe prints on my pants. Not to mention food. Myles is becoming more and more independent and prefers to feed himself these days.
sweatshirt | Monrow ‘Crew Neck Sweatshirt
jeans | J Brand
shoes | Yeezy Boost (similar)
headband | H&M
Live votre reêve!


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