Professional Teeth Whitening At Home With Smile Brilliant

When I was approached by Smile Brilliant to review their teeth whitening product it was a no-brainer. I was pre-dentistry in college and I worked in the front desk of a dentist office in my summers and during the school year I worked at Ohio States College of Dentistry (my favorite being when I worked in the endodontics department). Needless to say, the appearance of teeth are very important to me and they always have been. I also drink coffee every morning and maybe even a cup in the afternoon and a red glass of wine always sounds delicious.
It never interested me to get my teeth professionally whitened. Partially because of the money and partially because of time. Who wants their dentist appointment to be longer than it needs to be?? The cool part about Smile Brilliant is that it is exactly what you would get at a professional dentist’s office but you do it all at home, including making your molds which was actually a little scary. 
A little about how Smile Brilliant works.
Within a few short days of ordering your product you will receive a box. Inside includes everything you will need to create you molds, a pre-labeled mailing envelope to send in your molds, whitening gel and, my favorite, desensitizing gel.  
The most nerve wracking part of this teeth whitening process was making my molds. I felt like if I messed up it was over, no chance I’d be able to whiten me teeth. Smile Brilliant does provide three sets of impression material to create your molds. You only need two, one for the top and one for the bottom, but they provide one extra in case you make a mistake. Thankful they did provide that extra because I messed up on my first tray! You mix two products together, a base and a catalyst, then spread it in the trays. You have to do it relatively fast or the product will harden and you won’t be able to bite down into the mold. The directions are very clear and I read them over and over but I wasn’t fast enough and when I tried to bite into my mold there was zero impression. I nailed the next two 🙂
I placed my molds into the pre-labeled mailing envelope and in no time I had my custom fitted whitening trays. They fit! I was so scared they weren’t going to fit because I had maybe done a bad job but there was nothing to worry about, my trays fit perfectly.
I chose to whiten my teeth in the evening. They say you can wear them up to three hours but that sounded like a terrible idea, even with the desensitizing gel. In the past I have used Crest strips but would wear a strip once a month for 20-30 minutes because my teeth are so sensitive. With my professional home whitening kit I started slow. The first night I wore my top for 45 minutes and the bottom for 20 minutes. My bottom teeth seem to be more sensitive than my top. I always wore the desensitizing gel for the whole period the recommend which is 30 minutes. The next morning my teeth felt fine so I  left my trays in a little longer that evening. 
Throughout my experience my teeth never hurt. I could tell I was whitening them but never felt pain. I did have some issues with my gums a little. I’m not sure if I had too much gel that squeezed up or what but I had to take a couple days off. What I found worked best for me was to whiten for three days and take a one or two day rest then whiten for three days and repeat. 
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My teeth were pretty white to begin with, white enough that the Smile Brilliant rep thought my before photo was my after photo! If you check out their website you can see tremendous results. I love my results even though they weren’t dramatic and I am really happy to have tried Smile Brilliant. 
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Live votre rêve!


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  1. Just ordered my Smile Brilliant kit today! I've been wanting to try something like this for awhile, thanks for sharing your experience and for the discount! @realtordee