Faux Shearling And Over The Knee Boots

Shearling is a great texture to add to your wardrobe during the colder months. It is thick and warm and has a luxurious feel to it. I was at Target earlier this week to kill time with Myles and decided to take a look at the women’s clothing section and this jacket jumped out at me. I was so happy they had my size. I love the plum color and the faux shearling collar is actually removable which is great if you want to switch up your look and go for a more classic style. 

This is my first time owning this yellow color. I do have a light yellow tank top but for some reason I’m never drawn to yellow. Although this sweater has something to it and I just love it. Adding yellow is unexpected to say the least for this outfit. I originally had a short sleeve sweater that was the same color as my boots but I wasn’t feeling the monochromatic look that day.

Some of you may have seen on my Instastory the struggle I had to keep my jeans down in my boots. Well, I didn’t adjust them and they look normal and photographed just fine. I tried to keep my jeans down around my ankle but they kept sliding up and I pulled the boot up and you could see the denim line and it was driving me crazy. I received some great tips from my followers how how to keep your jeans down in your boots so I thought I should share them with you guys!

– safety pin one piece of elastic to both sides of your jeans to make them like a stirrup.
– tuck your jeans into your socks. I liked this suggestion the best except I had ankle socks on but next time I’ll give it a try!
– stuff your jeans down in your boots and pull your boots up first, then pull your pants up. I can see this one working, looking forward to trying this too.

The Breakdown:
I love shearling in the winter but it is very expensive. Burberry always has great shearling jackets that I envy in stores and catalogs. I also stumbled across this super cool two tone shearling jacket that I am really in love with but can’t fathom the price. The jacket I am wearing is faux all around but it feels great and looks great, the collar is removable also so you get a two-in-one jacket! How do you feel about this yellow sweater? I love how unexpected it is but now that I am thinking about it I think this golden yellow is considered a jewel tone which is a perfect color for fall and is a perfect match for my jewel tone jacket. Since I am wearing two colors on top I decided to keep my accessories neutral. I said that backwards, since my accessories are neutral (I picked them out first for this look) I could get away with wearing a bold color or multiple colors on top!
sweater | Harlyn ‘Chaud Pullover’  (for less)
jacket | Target  ‘A New Day Women’s Moto Jacket’ (similar)
jeans | Mother Denim ‘High Waisted Looker Ankle Fray’  
boots | Steve Madden ‘Slayer Over The Knee Boot’ 
bag | Stella McCartney ‘Falabella Foldover Bag’ 
earrings | Anthropologie ‘Firework Drop Earrings’ 
Live votre rêve!

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