Fall Makeup Tutorial With Adel Amor Cosmetics

You may have thought Bluff City Lights disappeared for a little but we have actually been really busy gathering content and working together. After our Joseph event we spend the month of October working on our clothing sale that we hosted. We had a great turn out with that and it did take up a lot of our time so we weren’t able to do our monthly post. December is here and we have lots of great things for you! Alex, our girl of City Chic Living owns her own cosmetic line, Adel Amor Cosmetics, and she gifted us products that are perfect for our complexion.

Below you can watch the video of cosmetics founder, Alex, applying my makeup! She breaks the application process into three steps:
Step 1: Evening the skin tone with foundation, concealer and powder.
Step 2: Adding color back into the face with contour and blush.
Step 3: Eyes. 

You can watch Megan’s makeup tutorial here which is great for ivory skin tones!
Below are the products that were used on me and in order.

Skin Transforming Foundation in sweet almond
Mineral Powder Foundation in sand
Illuminating Pen 
Classy Gal Contour Palette
Baked Blush in nectar
Eyeshadow Palette in just plum love
Gel Liner
Lip Liner in nude
Lip Stick in hanky panky
Lip Gloss in #76

Live votre rêve!

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