Red Mules & A Detailed Leather Jacket In NYC

I feel like I was just visiting the Big Apple but it’s already been more than two weeks. My husbands team was playing the New York Knicks and one of my best friends lives in the city. This seemed like a great opportunity to have a little me time, girl time and husband time. I always say I want to try and go to dinner and/or a movie once a month with my husband, not once a week, once a month. We can’t even do that. Both of our schedules are inconsistent and events pop up with little notice which makes it difficult for us to schedule a sitter and make a date happen. Having this little giveaway gave us no excuses to enjoy each others company. We had dinner with my girlfriend and her fiance and got to chill in the hotel room. It wasn’t for long because I actually hate sitting inside hotel rooms, there is too much to do in other cities and sites to explore. 
I’ve never done a blog shoot in another city. I mean I have but not with a professional photographer. I usually bring my camera and make my friends or family take my pictures which turns out fine but I always feel silly! One of the things I love about the blogging industry is that we can all relate and want to help each other out. I contacted a Columbus blogger who has spent some time in NYC about a photographer, she then contacted her blogger friend who lives in NYC who recommended Lauren and that is who I used!
I didn’t do my normal bits of shopping or hit up the regular stores I like to visit. I did check out Century 21 for the first time, and, oh my gosh, you can spend hours in that store. It is multiple floors packed with clothing of all styles. It’s really similar to Nordstrom Rack or Last Call by Neiman Marcus. The hotel we stayed at was walking distance from the Oculus and Westfield Shopping Center. I would cut through there when it was raining! There was a Sam Edelman shop at Westfield and that’s where I found these shoes and jacket! I’ve always liked Sam Edelman shoes but never looked at their clothes!

The Breakdown:

When I planned the trip to NYC I knew I was going to find red booties. I have been wanting a pair since the fall and the options are endless in NYC. Turns out I couldn’t find the perfect pair. It could have been the pants I was trying the shoes on with or because I didn’t go to any major departments store. I did leave the city with these fabulous red mules that I love even more than any red bootie! This outfit was planned around these shoes. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do a solid black look and let my shoes pop but I had only brought these jeans on my trip! I had to make the rest of the outfit work with what I had in my suitcase! 
jacket | Sam Edelman ‘Don’t Say No Grommet Leather Jacket’ 
shirt | Vince from Century 21 (similar)
jeans | l’Agence ‘Highline High Rise Skinny’ (black version) (similar for less)
shoes | Sam Edelman ‘Oran Stiletto Mule’ 
bag | Gucci ‘GG Marmont Mini Quilted Bag’ 


Live votre rêve!
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