Tips On How To Style Your Christmas Dress Up Or Down

I love dressing for a theme. I love dressing for holidays. I love dressing up. Thinking of the perfect look to match the location of the party or dinner is something I always look forward too. Knowing when you want to dress up but not be too over dressed can take some trial and error. Below I have some tips on how you can style your holiday outfit to be dressed up even more or dressed down to be more casual, I have given examples with the dress I am wearing. 
This dress is our staple and I’m going to list the other items and suggestions that can change the look. If you are trying to figure out what to wear to a Christmas party or dinner, pick out your dress first and these tips will help you style the rest. I would have dressed this look up if I were going to a formal dinner or an evening Christmas party and I would dress this look down if I were going to a casual family dinner or holiday kid friendly day time party. 
– To take this dress to a fancier level I would wear a heel instead of a bootie. A bootie is my go to when I’m not exactly sure how dressed up I should be. Booties blend in with heels or flats. Heels always seem dressier so if you know the evening is cocktail attire wear heels. Since it is winter you could wear tights with this looks as well. I can picture this dress with black tights (or even printed!) and some high heeled mules to be on trend but a classic black pump would work too.
– If you are going for a more casual look wear flats for sure, that can be a flat boot or actual flats. I’d wear light OTK suede boots (the suede keeps the look winter-y) and throw on an oversized denim jacket
-Evening looks mean clutches and handhelds. To go along with the dress, the tights and black heels I’d carry something handheld like the yellow one I have in these pictures or you could use a more traditional clutch or smaller cross body (like this one that I adore!). This dress isn’t very formal even though we are dressing it up so stay away from satin and glitter bags. Your bag is a good place to bring in texture, think along the lines of suede and velvet
– Attending a casual party, maybe your kids will be there? Carry a larger bag, it feels more casual and you are able to toss in a few things for your kiddos in case of emergency. 
This soft green mixed with the shades of red and pink in my dress are a great way to modernize your typical Christmas colors. 
The Breakdown:
When I went to 20twelve looking for something to wear to a Christmas party and I knew I wanted something in the red family without screaming Santa red. This dress is just perfect and has that boho vibe that I love so much with the bell sleeves and print. There was a number of ways I could have styled this dress. I first thought about where I was going which helps you choose how dressed up or down you need to be, then I thought about which type of style I wanted this dress to go, classic, feminine, edgy, etc. I chose to stay true to my style with the boho vibes and I styled this look for an occasion where you need to be dressed up but it isn’t too fancy!
dress | Alexis ‘Elizavetta Dress’ in red floral fan (here in lilac)
bracelet | Aurelie BiedermannAlcazar’ 
bangle | Aurelie Biedermann ‘Lily of the Valley Bangle’ in turquoise 
earrings | Aurelie Biedermann ‘Lily of the Valley Turquoise Earrings’ 
ring | Aurelie Biedermann ‘Lily of the Valley Turquoise Ring’ 
bag | Simon Miller ‘Bonsai 20 Bag’ 
shoes | Target ‘Dania Velvet Booties’ 
All items (except shoes) are sold at 20twleve.

Live votre rêve!

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