To Transition Or Not To Transition (To A Toddler Bed)

I used to spend a lot of time cuddled up on the couch. Sometimes I would watch a movie with my husband or enjoy my hot coffee and watch morning television. Now I’m always on the go but not only am I physically on the go, I am mentally always on the go. Constantly figuring out if I’m parenting to right way. I know I am doing my best but are there tips and tricks I’m missing? I often wonder what an expert would say. 
One of the issues I am going through is figuring out if I should transition Myles to a toddler bed. I am questioning this only because Myles, not once, but twice, has gotten out of his crib. He even sleeps in a sleep sac and has found away to throw his little 16 month body out of the crib. I haven’t seen him do this but I imagine it has to hurt him a little. He has never been one to play in his crib and that may be a good thing but if we wakes up at the crack of dawn I would prefer he play in his crib than scream his head off for me to come get him or climb out when I don’t get to him in time. 
When he was younger I would let him cry it out. I got him sleeping through the night by 13 weeks of age. I had a couple friends recommend this book to me and I stayed true to it and it worked! Teething and growth spurts gave us some bumps here and there but otherwise I was happy and rested and so was Myles. Once he got hold enough to walk he’d wake up and throw any stuffed animals out of his crib and start jumping holding the railing (I’d watch on the monitor) if I knew he needed more sleep, basically if this was happening before 7am, I would let him cry until he fell back asleep. I would fall back asleep for another hour myself, wake up and make my coffee and little Myles would still be asleep, confirming he needed more rest. 
A lot of parents can’t let their baby cry and it does make me sad. What also makes me sad is when he is tired and fussy and I am tired and grumpy and we are both in tears by 9:00 am and I end up feeling guilty for my lack of patience. With that said I have no problem crying it out. Myles isn’t mad at me when he wakes up after the crying and he is well rested and is (was) safe. He was safe until a month ago. It was 6:45 am and Myles woke up and I said to myself I’ll get him at 7:00am if he is still crying. Well within 5 minutes his muffled crying sounded like it was outside out door. I jumped out of bed so fast and ran upstairs and he was standing near the top of the stairs. He didn’t seem hurt, his cry was a cry of anger over the fact that I wasn’t getting him which I was grateful to hear but I was terrified at the fact he got out of his crib. I had hear a little thump but I hear that sometimes from him because when he jumps in his crib it occasionally makes that noise. I held onto my sweet little boy in the rocking chair and let him fall asleep on me for the next hour wracking my brain on what to do next. 
Fifteen months old at the time I just felt there was no way he could be in a toddler bed where he will be able to get in and out of his crib anytime he wants. My first idea was to take off his bumper which I thought was a really good idea. In the mornings, the bumper would be pushed down so I knew he was standing on it to give him some extra height on his attempts to get out. This worked for a few weeks. Until one night, 1:00 am in the morning he was crying but he does sometimes cry out if he wakes up and rolls over in the night so I went right back to bed. Hours later I heard my husband whisper to me “be careful, Myles is in our bed”. I acknowledged it and went back to bed. Come morning time I got the scoop on what happened and at 1 o’ clock in the morning Myles got out of his crib. How does one have the energy in the middle of the night to do such a thing. I can barely get myself out of bed to use the restroom if I need to. We were both scared now and it was back to the drawing board. 
I was googling like crazy to see what other parents were doing and some parents did put there little ones in a toddler bed even though they were under 1 1/2 years of age and the child did great. I don’t see my child doing great in that situation. What I did read was that one parent took the bottom of the crib off so the mattress is on the floor but inside the crib. That sounded like the only option at this time and that’s what I’ve done. I had to squish the bumper back around the mattress because there was a little bit of space and I didn’t want Myles hand to get stuck anywhere. The issue with this is that the mattress is so low it is difficult for me to put him in the crib. Unfortunately, I rock him to sleep before putting him to bed which I know one shouldn’t do so he stirs quite a bit when he finally makes it to the mattress. I actually think this is a win-win situation because Myles cannot escape allowing him to cry it out giving him more rest in the long run and he wakes up slightly before falling back asleep in bed which will help him fall asleep on his own in the near future. 
So far everything has been great. This morning I hear Myles at 6:15 am and was not about to get him. We didn’t get home from the Grizzlies game until 9:15 pm, although he did fall asleep in the car I know he needed more sleep. I got up at 8:00 am and around 9:35 am I heard his first little cry and I was more than happy to grab him and cuddle him. I have to say he has been a delight this morning!
The Breakdown:
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One thought on “To Transition Or Not To Transition (To A Toddler Bed)

  1. I think you are doing the right thing by keeping him in a crib. My 2nd and 3rd sons are 20 months apart and we decided to put our 2nd son in a bed to train him before baby #3 came along. Big mistake. All kinds of getting out of bed and coming into our room etc. I put him back in a crib and bought another one. Had 2 boys in cribs for quite awhile. I would say buy a crib tent and you need to put Myles in bed while he is very sleepy but awake. His last memory can't be of you holding him because that's what his little mind is trained to see. Good luck!