Embellished Denim and ruffled Sleeves

These embellished jeans make me so happy! They are the perfect touch of sparkle without begin overkill. I also love the ruffles on my cardigan which I wore here over the summer. I am mixing two trends together, ruffle sleeves and embellished denim. This works well together because the rest of my outfit is classic. The more trends you have the simpler your accessories should be. 
I did an Instagram poll on these jeans asking if I should keep them or return them. The reason I was contemplating that was because they are a petite size. Since my legs are shorter than average I sometimes can where petite size pants but other times they are too short. These jeans hit me at the perfect spot, a couple inches above my ankle. These jeans are also not maternity which means there is no way I was going to get the to button and I actually couldn’t get them to zip either. So I probably should have returned them for those reasons but that’s only happening because I’m pregnant and after I have this baby I’ll be able to wear these jeans zipped, buttoned and just the way I want!
The Breakdown:
In person, some of the jewels on these jeans have a blue tint to them. That inspired me to where my periwinkle ruffle sleeved cardigan. I blogged about this cardigan before but I love re-wearing things and I was able to style it in a very different way. Do you like the cardigan better with these embellished jeans in this post or do you like it styled better with flats in this post. I love this whole look but I’m also looking forward to wearing these jeans post baby with a white tee and sneakers, which would be a totally cute mom-of-two outfit!

Live votre rêve!
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