We Are Having A ….

That’s right, we are having a boy! Of course I didn’t care what we were having, I just wanted another baby and I’m so happy to be pregnant. I didn’t want to find out with Myles but my husband couldn’t handle the unknown so we found out. With this baby, I again didn’t want to find out. Actually, it’s not that I didn’t want to, it’s so exciting, I just didn’t care to know. I was going to be equally happy and do everything the same one way or the other.
I actually didn’t find out the gender of our baby during our anatomy ultrasound at 18 weeks. My husband did! I really didn’t care to know and I loved the secret and the mystery of feeling my little baby moving around. I also can’t lie to people and when people would ask me what I was having and if I knew than I would tell them and I guess I didn’t want other people to know. The reason I felt that was because so many people wanted me to have a girl. I understand it’s fun to have one of each but I didn’t want those people to be disappointed in my baby if it were a boy. I don’t have children to try and have a specific gender. I have children because I want to have a family with my husband. No one had ill intentions when mentioning they hoped I was having a girl or wished it was a girl but how awkward would it be when I say “well, it’s a boy”. It just felt right not knowing so I closed my eyes when the ultrasound tech had to measure the baby’s legs just in case I saw something I wasn’t supposed to. The tech would tell me to open my eyes and we looked at the baby some more and then we were done. I had no idea Michael knew the gender, I didn’t hear him or the ultrasound tech say a peep!
I’m sure a lot of you think I am crazy for letting my husband find out first. He is the best secret keeper and has an amazing poker face. He even talked a little bit about it and I couldn’t figure it out. One night the three of us were having dinner and it felt right to know what our dinner would be like in the future so I had him tell me. He brought out the ultrasound photo and it said “it’s a boy!”. I of course cried tears of joy because I cry at everything. Poor Myles was so confused on what was going on because I kept hugging him, crying, and laughing. When it came time to tell my family there was a lot of laughter (and happy tears from me) because my sister has three boys and now I’ll have two boys and that is a lot of grandsons for my parents.
I feel a bit bad that Myles is 19 months and this is his first time painting. I should have had him doing this all winter long. I would like to get a little table and a paint safe area for him!

Myles is so proud of his artwork. He puts his hands together every time he sees it and gets the biggest smile. I see a lot of painting in our future!

Live votre rêve!



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  1. I have three boys. I'm telling you, boys are the absolute best. I love them so much. They're Mama's boys! Mine are two years apart and they have a wonderful bbon with each other. Congrats!