Babymoon: A Blog Shoot Or Maternity Shoot

Over the weekend I took my mom and son to Florida for a little getaway. It was Easter weekend which was a great excuse to travel but I like to consider this trip as my babymoon. I never had a babymoon for Myles and didn’t think I would get one with baby #2. Having a child is extremely life changing and I think a babymoon is one of the best things a couple can do. Obviously, I wasn’t with my husband because he couldn’t get off work which we were both really sad about. By the time he is able to get some time off work I won’t be able to travel because I’ll be too far along in my pregnancy. Luckily, my mom was off on Friday so she was able to come with me!
Traveling with a toddler is exhausting. Traveling while in the third trimester with a toddler is extremely exhausting and you should think twice before doing it alone (saving that topic for another post). I even thought about stay another day or two with just Myles and I since my mom had to get back to work on Monday but I knew I wouldn’t have the energy. Getting a beach chair, towels, toys, multiples cups of water throughout the day, all our meals and snacks. That is a lot of walking around and back-and-forths. Myles is a great walker but he also likes to be held so to do all of those things while possible carrying him was too much to think about. 
The reason I titled this post “A Blog Shoot Or Maternity Shoot” is because I considered my taking photos in this outfit a blog shoot. This skirt was very popular on my instastories, I was on a pretty beach, so it was fitting to snap a few more photos for my blog to share the details with you guys. After I was done shooting, Myles and I were playing near the water (make sure you scroll down to see the sweetest picture of him) and there was a mom taking photos of her children and told me it was so beautiful that I was documenting my pregnancy. I had never thought of any of my blog shoots while being pregnant as “documenting” but she has a good point. I love that I have documented so much of my pregnancies and that I can go back and find them on my blog!
The Breakdown:
This skirt arrived right before I left on my trip and was perfect timing. This short trip was very casual and I didn’t need to pack anything other than a couple swim suits, a cover-up, pajamas, and one or two causal outfits. The place we stayed had a few different restaurants on the property so there was no need to get dressed up and drive somewhere. They also played kid movies every night near the pool! Needless to say, we stayed in our suits from the moment we came down for breakfast and changed just before dinner so that after the movie we could all go straight to bed. 
Does this shoot feel like a maternity shoot to you guys?
shirt | Madewell ‘Knot Front Tee’ 
skirt | Free People ‘Way Of The Wind Print Maxi Skirt’ (in blue)
bracelet | Jenny Byrd ‘Lizzie Cuff’ (on SALE!)
earrings | J. Crew ‘Tortoiseshell Drop-Hoop Earrings’ 
chain ring | Gorjana
cuff ring | Vita Fede 
Live votre rêve!
While I was taking pictures, Myles was being as cute as could be playing with this sand truck! He was so cold and exhausted but did not want to go up to the room to shower. 
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