The Body Products I Used This Pregnancy

Mary Conley maternity Pregnancy safe skincare is one of the first topics of conversation when you find out you’re pregnant. As we know, what we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on our bodies. Our bodies need a lot of TLC during pregnancy, not just our faces. We all worry about stretch marks, loss of elasticity, and moisture loss and there are definitely ways to help with those areas of concern. I wanted to share some pregnancy-safe body products I have enjoyed using to help with stretch marks and what I used to help with restless legs at night!

Mary Conley maternityDuring my first and second pregnancies, I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. It was easy to find at any store and I knew the brand. I had thought about using the fancier brands just because but knew that was silly- even though those products smell really nice! I’m still primarily using Palmer’s but I have also been using a couple of other products mixed into my routine.

When I travel I don’t like to take the lotions in case they spill/explode on the flight. I like to pack the butters and balms when I travel. During this pregnancy, I was introduced to Bamboobies. Bamboobies is also sold around most stores, like Target, and is easy to find. I prefer the texture of Bamboobies Belly Balm over Palmer’s Tummy Butter so I opted for Bamboobies for the few travels I had this summer. The Bamboobies Belly Balm is a bit lighter and easier to get out of the container. The Palmer’s Tummy Butter is harder and I felt like you needed a lot more heat to get it to rub into the skin. I also don’t love the cocoa smell of Palmer’s but it has never made me nauseous. This leads me to my next product.

Mary Conley maternityOk, so this next one is a splurge and I was introduced to it from The Skinny Confidential. It is Elemis Japanese Camellia Body Oil Blend. Camellia oil is great for the body, hair, and skin, whether you are pregnant or not. This has such a wonderful scent that isn’t too strong. Throughout my pregnancy, I would use one pump of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion with a handful of drops of Elemis Camellia Body Oil. The smell of the oil takes out the cocoa smell from the lotion and just feels so much better. I love that I can use Elemis Body Oil after I have the baby also. It’s a treat to be able to apply it after I shower which is definitely something everyone deserves!

Mary Conley maternityLastly, I want to quickly mention 8 Sheep Organics. I had often talked on social media about how I had really bad restless leg syndrome (RLS) and was wearing a variety of compression socks that was helping a little. Someone had suggested I try 8 Sheep Organics, a product to help reduce leg cramps and help with RLS. It also relieves lower back pain and joint pain, calms your mind and body, and moisturizes your skin. I felt like a combination of this product and the compression socks were game-changers for me. I have to say, I never got a Charlie horse this pregnancy!

I’d love to hear what your pregnancy skin remedies are!

Live votre rêve!

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