2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Gift guides for 2022 are here! I have been sharing snip bits of them here and there on social media with all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that just happened but I have edited them so they are just sale items but great gift items!

I want to add a link to my previous gift guide which is always a great way to get more ideas. You can check out my 2021 gift guide here.

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I really should do a kids gift guide my age instead of gender because kids are kids and not many of my picks are gender neutral. I have fuse beads on the girls guide but my 4 year old son loves making them! He does them every day at school and I’m getting him a shark set to do at home because I used to love making them as a kid also. I did see something called AquaBeads which is similar to fuse beads but you use water instead of heat to adhere them!

If your kid has Crocs or the Target version they will love jibittz! All ages, trust me. My nephew in middle school wants them for his crocs down to my youngest who wants to be like the big kids. They have so many to choose from! Magnetic beads are another fun gift idea for boys and girls. My 1o year old nephews really like to play with them!

Something about this black velvet bow gives me all the sweet holiday feelings, I just love it! I have the Summer Fridays lip butter balm and its so good, a perfect little gift for any one and a great stocking stuffer! The wine tags are a splurge but so chic if you enjoy wine! The  paint by number just takes me back to my childhood and this is the adult version, not that many of us have time but maybe we should give ourselves 30 min a day to clear our heads and paint by number!

Pretty sure my husband doesn’t read my blog so I can share that I am definitely getting him the Joy of Basketball book, not sure he’ll read it but will be great on his nightstand or office. The pickle ball set is a great family gift! My sister got it for her husband for Father’s Day last year and we all use it so much, very easy to put together, take down, and store.

These salt and pepper grinders are amazing! I went a cheaper route for our Ohio home and it’s not nearly as good. I love the sleek design, very color options to choose from and they are easy to fill! This wine chiller is really neat because it doubles as a vase, also a great hostess gift! The blender is very chic and I’ve heard some amazing things about this counter pizza oven!

This tech savvy gift guide is most of my on Christmas list. The blow up big screen would be so much fun in the summer! I am going to order that for our Ohio house, can’t wait to use it!

The onesie workout piece is super affordable. I have it and it comes with some padding and I wear it to do yoga, pilates and lagree in. When it’s warmer I will definitely style it for every day like I did here. The vitamin case I just added after seeing my friend pull out here vitamin “folder”. I don’t take any supplements but for those that do I can totally see needing to stay organized.

Recently I invested in a cardigan coat and it has been my go to travel item and it’s currently 40% off! I pack it no matter what trip. It’s so soft and can be used as a blanket on the plane or dressed up as a jacket for dinner. I also thought the water bottle was really cool. I like to travel with one so I can fill it up myself and always have water and think it’s so clever it can collapse.

Oh, to be a homebody. I have always loved staying at home. When I was in high school I’d always chose to stay home instead of go out to eat with my family. So this gift guide was so easy to make, I have the sweatshirt and love the colors, cut, and oversized fit. Blankets and slippers are a must for a homebody, a tea kettle to sip on tea on all day, a cute match holder so you can enjoy your favorite candle, the shower steamers are very cool too! And please check out that Lego orchid set!

Live votre rêve!

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