2022 Holiday Gift Guides

Gift guides for 2022 are here! I have been sharing snip bits of them here and there on social media with all of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales that just happened but I have edited them so they are just sale items but great gift items!

I want to add a link to my previous gift guide which is always a great way to get more ideas. You can check out my 2021 gift guide here.

Hover over the image and click to be directed to the product link.

I really should do a kids gift guide my age instead of gender because kids are kids and not many of my picks are gender neutral. I have fuse beads on the girls guide but my 4 year old son loves making them! He does them every day at school and I’m getting him a shark set to do at home because I used to love making them as a kid also. I did see something called AquaBeads which is similar to fuse beads but you use water instead of heat to adhere them!

If your kid has Crocs or the Target version they will love jibittz! All ages, trust me. My nephew in middle school wants them for his crocs down to my youngest who wants to be like the big kids. They have so many to choose from! Magnetic beads are another fun gift idea for boys and girls. My 1o year old nephews really like to play with them!

Something about this black velvet bow gives me all the sweet holiday feelings, I just love it! I have the Summer Fridays lip butter balm and its so good, a perfect little gift for any one and a great stocking stuffer! The wine tags are a splurge but so chic if you enjoy wine! The  paint by number just takes me back to my childhood and this is the adult version, not that many of us have time but maybe we should give ourselves 30 min a day to clear our heads and paint by number!

Pretty sure my husband doesn’t read my blog so I can share that I am definitely getting him the Joy of Basketball book, not sure he’ll read it but will be great on his nightstand or office. The pickle ball set is a great family gift! My sister got it for her husband for Father’s Day last year and we all use it so much, very easy to put together, take down, and store.

These salt and pepper grinders are amazing! I went a cheaper route for our Ohio home and it’s not nearly as good. I love the sleek design, very color options to choose from and they are easy to fill! This wine chiller is really neat because it doubles as a vase, also a great hostess gift! The blender is very chic and I’ve heard some amazing things about this counter pizza oven!

This tech savvy gift guide is most of my on Christmas list. The blow up big screen would be so much fun in the summer! I am going to order that for our Ohio house, can’t wait to use it!

The onesie workout piece is super affordable. I have it and it comes with some padding and I wear it to do yoga, pilates and lagree in. When it’s warmer I will definitely style it for every day like I did here. The vitamin case I just added after seeing my friend pull out here vitamin “folder”. I don’t take any supplements but for those that do I can totally see needing to stay organized.

Recently I invested in a cardigan jacket and it has been my go to travel item. I pack it no matter what trip. It’s so soft and can be used as a blanket on the plane or dressed up as a jacket for dinner. I also thought the water bottle was really cool. I like to travel with one so I can fill it up myself and always have water and think it’s so clever it can collapse.

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Products To Style 2B Curly Hair

The curls in my hair have definitely changed as I have gotten older and have gone through pregnancies. I would love if I could have my curls from middle school and high school! I do my best with what I have and get asked often what products I use so here in this post you can find products to style 2B curly hair. These products are for my type of hair. I learned about hair types after I had children since we all have very different curl patters. My hair is 2B and used to be a 2C.

After I wash and condition my hair I squeeze out as much water as I can then I put in this leave-in conditioner. I put my head upside down and scrunch the conditioner in. This step is what separated your curls and gives them definition. Next, I use my hair towel and wrap it up to dry a bit. After my hair is wrapped for maybe 5 minutes or so I take it out and apply the products.

For the pictures in this post I used this gel. I could pass on the blueberry scent but the gel is great. I keep my head upside down and scrunch this into my hair. Flip my head over and make sure I have product everywhere I need it. You want to make sure you aren’t using too much product or too heavy of a product for your hair type. What I use in my hair is different than what I put in my sons hair, which is different then what my other sons hair needs. If there are pieces of curls that aren’t curling like you want them to you can wrap them around your finger and hold it for a while to help the curl gets its shape.2b curly hair styleDiffusing your hair is key. When I don’t diffuse my hair the top ends up with barely any curls (pretty sure that’s due to years of curling and blow drying my hair, or pregnancy!). I love to let my hair air dry but for bouncier curls it is very important to use a diffuser to dry your hair, this helps give it more body and minimize frizz. I don’t use the diffuser to dry my hair 100% but enough that my curls are defined and I think they’ll stay in place. I let the rest air dry.

My curls behaved this day but when my hair seems a little too straight on top or it’s my second day curls I will use a curling wand to enhance my curls. Pick a size that is close to your natural curl. I use my T3 styling wand and curl the top pieces on my head some any other that seem a little straggly.

Last I spray Ouai Wave Spray and a little hairspray to tame flyaways. 

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DIY || Neutral Halloween Skulls

DIY neutral halloween skulls
Last fall was my first time spending it in Ohio due to the pandemic. For the past 10 years, I have spent the fall season in Memphis so I had no decor for our house. I love decorating the house for the holidays and now that my kids are old enough to enjoy it I have even more fun! A couple of years ago I shared a DIY post on colorful skulls that my friend had created. She did all of the work but it was too cool not to create a DIY blog post.

When October 2020 came around I followed that blog post and did my own version of DIY neutral Halloween skulls that matched the decor of our house and I am absolutely obsessed. Below I’ll give you the steps to create this neutral Halloween decor and the materials I used. It is the same as the colorful skulls, just slightly different materials. I’m glad I am able to share this in September because this gives you plenty of time to get crafty before October!
DIY neutral halloween skulls

What You Need
|| skulls
|| spray paint
|| painter’s tape
|| glue gun/tacky glue
|| clear tacky glue
|| Sharpie
|| paintbrush
|| sand or glitter
|| rhinestones/pearls
|| twine
|| pebbles
|| scissors

What You Do
Buy the cheapest skulls you can find, the ones I used are $5 each from Target. Spray paint your skulls the color of your choice. Since I was going for colors to match my house I went with a soft white called Clamshell and a light taupe called Sand Dollar, both in a matte finish. You can use a matte, high-gloss, or metallic finish. I also saw these mini skulls that could easily be spray painted and added to a bowl or jar.

diy halloween skullsAfter the spray paint dries (you’ll need to spray 2-3 coats depending on what color your skulls are and what color you are spray painting it) use painter’s tape to tape off your design, this is where you will use the paintbrush to paint on the clear tacky glue. You could also use a paper towel to spread the glue. Make sure the tape is pressed down well so you have a clean line.

diy neutral halloween skull decor
Paint the glue in the section you want to put the sand or glitter on. I used sand because I didn’t want too much bling added to my skulls and I couldn’t find anything at the craft store that I liked. While the glue is still wet dump large amounts of glitter or sand on the glue. You may want to do this over a paper plate or paper so you can reuse the glitter/sand. I applied the glue and rolled my skull in the sandbox since we had one.

DIY neutral halloween skullsWhile the glitter and glue are drying, take your glue gun or tacky glue and apply your pearls, rope, or string in whichever design you prefer. It was difficult to come up with designs for my skulls and was just applying items as I thought of them. So you can always do the glitter/sand later, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of other items you plan on applying. I never figured out what to do with the leather string I bought but I did a couple of things with the twine, I braided it for a headband and swirled it in one of the skull’s eyes. The felt eyebrows were a last-minute idea, I just saw the felt from something else and thought I could make it work. You can look around your house and in your craft boxes for materials, you can make anything work.

Below you can see how I styled my skulls. I put a few on the shelves that flank our TV and a couple on our entry table. I had no idea how to pair them at first but I grouped them by their materials. The group on the shelf all have pearls and the two on the table both have sand on them. These were so fun to create and I will definitely be doing these again with my boys!

diy neutral halloween skullsdiy neutral halloween skullsIf you decide to try this DIY neutral Halloween skull project please tag me @marylereve so I can check it out! I’d also love to see what materials you used!

Happy DIY-ing!

diy neutral halloween decordiy neutral halloween skull

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Transitional Date Night Outfit || Summer to Fall

Mary_lereve_revolve_camila_coelhoIt is still hot and I am hanging on to summer as long as I can. I still love all my sun dresses but there is something about updating your wardrobe as the season changes. This two-piece set is the perfect transitional date night outfit for summer to fall. This outfit is extremely lightweight and flowy, just like a good summer outfit should be. To bring in the fall aspect to a transitional date night outfit I chose to add long sleeves.

I love how this outfit turned out, the rope sandals and flowing light weight fabric screams summer and the tan color and long sleeves says it’s almost fall!

Mary lereve date night revolve

Mary levee date night revolve
What date night outfits are you looking to wear?

top || Camila Coelho Collection 
shorts || Camila Coelho Collection
shoes || Staud
earrings | Jenny Bird
rings on middle finger || Kendra Scott (thick and thin)
bag || Louis Vuitton  (similar here and for less here)Mary lereve date night
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3 Minute Summer Makeup Look

Mary lereve summer beauty routineI recently shared my everyday summer beauty look on Instagram with my reel but I wanted to give it a permanent spot here on the blog where it is easier to find. This look takes me only 3 minutes to do and makes a huge difference, leaving me feeling very put together. In the summer I rarely wear makeup and when I do it is this simple, thanks to having a summer tan! If I have an event or shoot to do I’ll wear more but that doesn’t happy often.

Skip the tinted moisturizer when I’m tan and after applying vitamin C, moisturizer and SPF, I apply:

|| Fenty Beauty concealer in 240
|| Benefit Gimme Brow Gel in 5
|| Merit blush in terracotta (also used on my lips)
|| Urban Decay Naked palette, color naked all over, virgin on the inner corners, and sin on the brow bone
|| Ilia limitless lash lengthening mascara!

Keep things simple so I can enjoy more time outside!

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Summer Trends || Under $40

|| statement sunnies ||

|| waves ||

|| bright colors ||

|| hair clips ||

|| puff sleeve ||

|| cut out details ||

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Style Recap || What I Wore in Cabo 2022

nba players in caboPlanning my outfits for our trip to Cabo for All-Star break was probably the most planned out and organized I had been in a long time. I decided to do a style recap on what I wore to Cabo so all the outfit inspiration can easily be found.

Most of the time when we go on vacation I am in such a state of relaxation I just know I am not going to dress up. I don’t wear make up daily so I surely won’t plan on wearing it on vacation. Wearing heels is definitely out of the question on a tropical trip for me, I want to be at the beach, wearing sandals and sundresses with a fresh kiss from the sun on my skin.

This was always my train of thought until I started planning for this trip. This was our first trip as a couple in 6 years that I wasn’t nursing or pregnant. I feel like I am completely myself and was actually looking forward to spicing things up. I wore tinted moisturizer during the day, did my brows, and added my nude lip. Having my hair braided helped a ton because my hair was done every day, all day, I didn’t have to worry about the beach blown curls being out of control. I felt like me, I felt like a wife, I felt confident. 

Below you can find everything I wore on our trip and some links to other content I curated while prepping for our vacation.

ettika sunny day bracelet set

hat- Amazon | coverup- Amazon | swimsuit- Beach Riot | sandals- Jimmy Choo | necklace- Aurate | bracelets- Ettika

nike golf outfit

Polo- LuluLemon | skirt- Nike | shoes- Nike | sports bra- Aerie

what to wear in Cabodress- Lovers & Friends | earrings- Ettika | necklace- Aurate | shoes- Cecelia New York 

Head scarf- Louis Vuitton | coverup- Amazon | sunglasses- Amazon | swimsuit- Onia | earrings- Amazon | anklet- Revolve

what to wear to CaboAnthropologie dress

dress- Anthropologie | bag- Chanel | sandals- Stella McCartney (Target version)| rings- Ettika | earrings- Revolve | necklace- Aurate

aerie swimsuit in caboSwimsuit- Aerie | necklace- Aurate

dress- L Space | necklace- Shopbop | sandals- Havhaianas | anklet- Revolve | earrings- Ettika | anklet- Revolve

cabo dolce and gabbana dressdress- Dolce & Gabbana | shoes- Giuseppe Zanotti (similar) | bag- Stalvey

sweatshirt- Alice & Olivia (similar) | shorts- Levi’s | bracelets- Ettika | anklet- Revolve | shoes- Jimmy Choo | sunglasses- Amazon

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5 Spring Trends for 2022

neon blazerSpring is here and so are the trendy trends! A lot of these trends are from decades past and it’s fun to revisit them. I am finding out myself how to style these trends that I wore when I was a child and make it more mature and fit for today! Below are 5 spring trends that are great for spring and summer.

checkered print

sheered fabrics

bright colors

tiered dresses

strappy sandals

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Sephora Spring Beauty Insider Sale || What to Order 2022


What I Packed For Cabo || All Star Break 2022

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One Month In To The New Year + What I’m Focusing On

We just wrapped up the first month of the year 2022 and I am finally settling into the New Year. I am ready to accept it and focus on what I want out of this year. I didn’t really have any plans for the holidays but I ended up having amazing visitors that I enjoyed giving all of my attention to, leaving little to zero time to acknowledge the New Year and figure out what I’m focusing on.

Here we are, the Christmas decorations are taken down, and put away in an organized manner. I got these new ornament organizers and I am really happy with them. I was able to throw away the original boxes the ornaments came in, saving on much-needed space in our storage room.

This past week I have had some time to focus on life, get schedules organized, and breathe. I am really trying to focus on myself and mainly just be aware of myself; what I’m eating, what I’m doing, how I’m thinking. I’ve started working out consistently again but my body is not looking like I feel it should. I quickly remember that a few times a week when we drive through Java Jo’s on the way to school I have been finishing the boys’ double chocolate muffins and sometimes Eli’s plain bagel with cream cheese as I enjoy my decaf flat white.

That mindless eating really needs to stop for me. It doesn’t make me feel good one bit! I eat healthy meals but my snacking and sweet tooth is out of control.

I guess you could say that’s my New Year’s resolution… mindful eating.

I would love to know what your New Year’s resolution is! Also, tips or mindful eating? If you’ve got any please leave them in the comments section!

The Breakdown:
I was fully inspired by an influencer I follow with this outfit. I wish I had saved the image or remembered her name so I could show you how much better she pulled it off than me! Sometimes when I find outfit inspiration from others I feel really good in what I’m wearing, other times I should have just left it to that individual. That’s the fun thing about fashion though, just try it. People tell me all the time, “I could never pull that off” or “only you could wear heels with sweats”. If you love the way something looks just try it with confidence and no one will know if you aren’t feeling it.

blazer || Anine Bing
tank || Citizens of Humanity
jeans || Abercrombie
boots || Marc Fisher (similar)
belt || Gucci
bag || Louis Vuitton
necklace || from Intermix

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