5 Easy Holiday Gifts


american greeting wrapping paperThanksgiving hasn’t arrived yet and I feel like Halloween was yesterday and here I am wrapping gifts.
It’s sad when the Holidays become stressful because they shouldn’t be that way. I often hear friends and family stressed about all the holiday gifts they need to buy for people and how much to spend and what to buy. Another stressful thing is having to buy for someone you don’t know, like for a work party or secret gift exchange. I am sharing 5 of my go-to holiday gifts. A gift to a person should be something a person wouldn’t buy for themselves, that is something I always keep in mind when thinking of no-brainer holiday gifts that I know the person won’t want to return.

  1. Colossal Cable Knit Throw || I received this blanket as a gift only two weeks ago and I have already received two compliments on it! I have mine thrown over our couch, could be thrown over a bench or chair also. Not only does it add a nice layer to my couch but brings in this awesome texture. This blanket comes in a handful of colors too!
  2. Designer Candles || They aren’t just any candle. They smell amazing, last a very long time, and are so sleek they can be used as decor for your house. I got my first designer candle at my baby shower and it was such a great surprise. I loved receiving something that I would never buy myself and ever since then candles have been added to my list of gifts.
  3. Coffee Table Books || Now that I am finally in the decorating process of my home I am loving coffee table books. I use them stacked on my sofa table with a plant on top, to decorate our bookshelves framing our TV, my office, my closet, and how cute would this book and this book look on a bar cart? Needless to say, coffee table books can go anywhere. Last year I bought this book for myself and my sister-in-law and it happened to be one of the most sold items on my gift guide list.
  4. Brightening Face Masks || These are great stocking stuffers but also the perfect little gift. There are so many masks out there and everyone can use a little TLC, especially during the dry winter months. You can never have too many sheet masks and this is a great variety pack.
  5. Air Plants || House plants are the perfect gift. Every house should have something green and alive in it. It brightens the room and literally makes a room livelier. I know not everyone has a green thumb which is why I’m suggesting air plants. These things are so easy to take care of; once a week soak in water for 20 minutes then set the plant upside down on a towel to dry. If you forget to water just soak longer during that watering session.

american greeting wrapping paperamerican greeting wrapping paperLive votre rêve!

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