How I Choose Clothes To Be Nursing-Friendly

nursing-friendly outfits

While I was pregnant with my third child I was seeing a lot of first-time moms on social media talk about nursing-friendly outfits. I would use their link to swipe up and really look into the item of clothing, usually trying to figure out how it was nursing-friendly. Now, a lot of clothes were nursing-friendly but some just didn’t seem to cut it. My baby is now 8 months old and I am finally getting around to sharing what really makes an outfit nursing-friendly.

I am very comfortable nursing out in public because a baby needs to eat and this is a natural thing to do. I also have never used a nursing shield or cover. Actually, maybe a handful of times, but really, not many. I sometimes think using a nursing cover can draw more attention so I chose to use mine when my babies were really small and I needed to guide them more, my outfit just wasn’t cooperating, or if I’m with my husband because he is usually more uncomfortable than me!

nursing-friendly outfits

A few things to consider if you are easily trying to nurse your baby and don’t want to fully undress.
|| buttoned tops/dresses: dresses are the hardest to be nursing-friendly because you may have to lift up the whole dress or take the whole thing down and that is not going to work in public! I love to find things tops that have a few buttons at the top to open and easily nurse your baby.
|| zipper outfits: this includes the outfit I am wearing as well as hoodies. One of the first times I nursed my firstborn in public was after a hike with friends. We were out to lunch and I had on a nursing sports bra, a muscle tank, and a zip-up jacket. I easily slid my tank to the side, unclicked my strap, and used my jacket to go over the baby’s head in case the waiter was to walk by. It was perfect.
|| v-neck shirts: I didn’t learn this trick until my second. I always lifted my shirts up from the bottom to nurse but after talking to a friend who was nursing her second, she mentioned out all her v-neck shirts were stretched out from nursing. This really is super easy, pull down your shirt, unclip your bran and no one will even know what is going on.
|| muscle tanks: similar to the v-neck, with a muscle tank you can pull your shirt to the side to access your boob. This type of shirt might be the ultimate go-to.nursing-friendly outfits

golden goose rhinestone sneakers

The Breakdown:
When I saw this zipped up I knew this would be a great nursing-friendly option. I am still getting used to Utah spring where the weather changes more than I could imagine. Since the humidity is so low here it gets really cool outside when the sun goes down or behind a cloud so I thought this long sleeve short option was nice. I love flip flops but it’s much easier to chase kids in sneakers so I have been wearing them a lot more! By the way, this romper is soooooo soft. When I first put it on, I actually said “oh, wow!”, plus it’s under $100!

romper || Chaser
bag || Bottega Veneta 
shoes || Golden Goose
earrings || Revolve (40% off!)

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My Birth Story || Elijah Michael

covid birth storyMy third baby is a boy! We decided not to find out the gender during this pregnancy and it was really exciting. Even though we all had a very strong feeling we were having a boy it was still fun to not actually know! I’m still wrapping my head around having three children, and even more so around the fact that I have three boys! I could not be more excited about the adventures they will bring me on. The love I have for these three boys is more than I can explain. I never feared how I could love another child because I knew I could and it is truly the most amazing feeling, your heart truly opens up and grows.

So, what is little Elijah Michael’s birth story? Nothing too abnormal, he came in quickly and smoothly just like any mother would prefer. Except we are still in a pandemic and my husband could not make it in time for the birth! That was quite the hiccup. Let’s start from the beginning.

On August 15th I was nesting more than I ever had before. It had come to my realization the day before that I was not ready to have this baby. Physically I was ready but as far as mentally, not one bit, I had no newborn size diapers, no place for the baby to sleep, all of the clothes weres till in the basement in a bin, along with everything else baby related.  I had some serious work to do. I had the car seat installed in the car so that was one thing I had done. But on August 15th, I had the babysitter come over and help me since I couldn’t be going up and down the steps all day and carrying large loads of stuff. She helped with the larger items and I then sorted and organized. Throughout the day I kept saying, “I feel so pregnant”. I am never one to complain but it was just a feeling I hadn’t been having. Along with feeling huge, I had shooting pain down my left inner thigh, known as Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction, to the point I couldn’t walk. When that shooting pain started to feel better, I developed pain in my lower back, known as Sciatica. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. In between organizing/nesting I would lay down and just not do anything, I didn’t feel sleepy, I just felt like my body was out of my control.

birth story Covid
I love to take pictures right before I leave for the hospital measuring my belly to see how big I am. I did it with all my kids.

My mom came up that evening after I told her how I had been feeling. I needed multiple people on call since my husband was in Orlando, in the NBA bubble, just about to start the first round of the playoffs. My mom and I were on the couch feeling the baby move. We were wondering what body parts were what and who this little baby was going to be. When it was time to say goodnight I told my mom, “I just hope this baby doesn’t come too early. I feel a lot of pressure”. This was probably around 11 pm and I had a really strong feeling something big was about to happen. I headed off to my bedroom and looked at my body, I felt that the baby had dropped and was really low. I took a photo and sent it to my husband telling him that “this giant baby was putting so much pressure on my pelvic floor”. That was my way of telling myself I was starting to have contractions. I talked to Michael on the phone that night and didn’t tell him anything other than the pressure I was feeling because I didn’t want him to stress and be up all night if I was only having false labor pains.

At 1:30 am I realized I had been up ever 20 minutes or so to go to the bathroom when I wasn’t really having to go. That has been a sign for me in the past of being in labor. I texted Michael, assuming he was sleeping but thought he could be up also, to see what time he had to be up in the morning for practice. I was trying to create a game plan. He didn’t respond and I kept trying to go back to bed. A little after 2 am I just got up and started writing down my contractions, how far apart they were, and how long they lasted. I went to our basement to grab our exercise ball for me to bounce on and I started packing my back. The contractions were 4 minutes apart and averaging 40 seconds long. It was time to wake up my mom and get the show on the road. I told her I thought I was in labor and she told me she was going to go back to bed, lol! I was like oh no you don’t! I knew I was in labor but I didn’t want to alarm her too much.

The hospital is less than 15 minutes from our house which is really nice. We arrived a little before 4 am and I tell you what, laboring with a mask on is not easy! By the time we got to the labor and delivery room I was checked and I was already 5 cm dilated. I couldn’t believe it. I still hadn’t talked to my husband yet who was sleeping, he was not ready to be on call since I was 11 days early. I called my father-in-law, who answered right away, to start the process of getting the plane ready. I was able to get my epidural right away, which still took a little bit of time, I got it around 5 am. I was checked again and now measuring 7-8 cm! Things were moving fast and I was no longer feeling confident that Michael was going to make it in time.

The epidural kicked in after 2 contractions so I was finally able to get some rest. I slept for about an hour before I was checked again. Right before I was checked my water broke. It sounded just like a water balloon popping, it was the weirdest sound and feeling! Things usually progress quicker after your water breaks and I was already at 8 cm and still hadn’t talked to Michael yet. Here I am, 8 cm dilated and so close to pushing and he was still asleep with not a clue what was going on.

covid labor and delivery
This is the photo I sent Michael when I still couldn’t get a hold of him. I had my epidural and was 8 cm at this point.

I ended up calling one of the Utah Jazz trainers since I know they are on call in the night for their players and he answered and was able to call Michael’s hotel room which woke him up. Needless to say, Michael was very shocked! I kept laughing because the whole situation was so unreal. While he worked on getting to Columbus, I worked on staying calm and relaxing. The baby’s heart rate had started to drop a little bit and it turns out I was no 10 cm and I needed to start pushing. Michael still had 2 hours before his flight, so I knew there was no point in trying to wait, it was go time.

I FaceTimed Michael and handed the phone over to my mom. I pushed for 3 contractions, each contraction I did three pushes, except the last one I pushed a lot more and the baby came out! At 8:18 am Elijah Michael Conley was born, weighing 7 lb 5 oz and measuring 19 1/2 in long. Michael said I pushed for 12 minutes which isn’t long at all! There were these handlebars that were under my legs that I was able to hold onto to help push and get my body into the correct position that were very helpful. I was pushing so hard and relying on the handlebars so much that my biceps were sore the next morning!! I was very grateful I worked out during my pregnancy. I loved hearing Michael’s voice and seeing him on the screen during labor, it was very encouraging. Michael announced to me the baby was a boy and they put him on my chest and I just fell in love again. I absolutely love being a mom and opening my heart to my children.

Michael arrived earlier that afternoon. It was my first time seeing him in over 6 weeks and it was the best ever. We got to chill in my hospital bed, just the three of us and soak up all the newborn feelings. We headed home the next morning giving us a couple of hours as a family of 5. The older boys were so excited to meet the baby and see their daddy. It was quite the day!


My Top Baby Products

It took me a couple months to put this baby product post together because I kept adding items. I originally was going to talk about the top baby products I use and love but I’ve since discovered a couple new things while shopping my friends’ baby registries and I think are worth talking about. I also have a couple products I absolutely love for my toddler so I had to add them in too.

top baby products 2018

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20

swings// The Rock n Play (1) was a gift from my old neighbor. I didn’t register for it but her kids loved it and she thought it was a great thing for a parent with a newborn to have and she was right! It’s one of the easier things to transfer your newborn to from your arms because it is is cushioned and angled so the baby feels cuddled. There is also a vibrating button for that slight movement that babies love. This is great for the first few months but once the baby can roll over they’ve outgrown it. The mamaRoo (13) seems like a great idea and is sleek and modern but I will say it is so-so. Neither of my kids cared for it too much. The older they are the more they seemed to like it. Noah enjoys sitting in his mamaRoo while watching Myles play with his toys. As far as when they are younger, it would buy me some time but not like the old fashioned swing (15) does. There aren’t that many swings out there that go forward and back, most seem to go side to side or up and around. Myles liked the swing a lot and Noah LOVES it! We put ours on our porch and we would swing for ever while we were out swimming or having dinner. He does prefer a swing with longer arms because there is greater movement so keep that in mind.

sleeping// When we first bring our babies home from the hospital we have them sleep in the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper (8). I don’t attach it to the bed but that is an option. This bed is easy to move around and doesn’t take up too much space. It also had pockets which I love to store extra onesies, burp clothes, swaddles, pajamas and anything else that may get ruined during the night! Since I mentioned swaddles, if you are more in to swaddling with a blanket make sure to get these “silk soft” ones, they aren’t all as soft! When Noah came along I debated about buying a DocATot (20) I had gone back and forth debating if I needed it or not. I ended up not buying it for myself but received it as a gift right after he was born. We used the DocATot a lot the first few months Noah was born. We went on our family vacation and I brought it and placed it on our bed for him to sleep in and on another trip I had him in little room on the floor. It’s a great bed that is cozy, super easy to transfer around and it actually fits in the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper! Another semi sleeper thing is the Bobby Newborn Lounger (11), so I guess it’s called a lounger. First off, this thing is really soft. I didn’t now Bobby made any other pillow other than the Bobby feeding pillow and a friend got this for me after she came to visit Myles, she noticed I didn’t have anywhere for him to hang and chill with us. This pillow is great for when they are completely immobile, I would put it on the counter while I got my meal ready, stick it on the table while I ate, leave it on the couch or have it on the bed. It’s great and inexpensive.

nursing// I love my Breast Friend Nursing Pillow (9)! I used it a lot more with my first baby, perhaps because I was a beginner and less experienced. It has pocket which I love, you can store your nipple cream, a pacifier, even your watter bottle. It also is very firm and I feel like it provides more support than the traditional Boppy nursing pillow. While I was looking at the Bobby online I came across this feeding pillow by a brand I have never heard of but this looks kinda cool. If you like gadgets and don’t want to squish a pillow under your arm they’ve made one just for you! If you are away from you baby and you need to pump you must have a hands free nursing bra (10)! I’m all about multi-tasking and getting things done in a timely manor. If I had to hold the bottles while I pumped that would seem like a huge waste of 30 minutes. This hands free bra allows you to put your makeup on, work on your computer, feed your toddler, whatever you need to do. You are tied down to a 6 foot radius due to the pump chords but you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish while pumping hands free. If you have questions on nursing bras you can check out this post here.

highchairs// I listed two because we have one in our Columbus house and one in our Memphis house. I’m not sure why I registered for 2 different ones, I guess I couldn’t make up my mind but I love both for different reasons. The Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair (7) has wheels but is unique because it is on a pedestal. Some highchair legs with wheels seem really wide and look like they’d take up too much space. This highchair has a home in a nook in our kitchen and a wheel it to the island or kitchen table to eat or even to the stove so he can watch me cook. I love how easy it is to maneuver. The one thing I don’t love is to take the tray off you have to pull the underneath handle towards you and over to the left, once you get the hang of it it’s easy. The OXO Tot Highchair (16) happens to match out Columbus kitchen perfectly, I love that it isn’t an eye sore. My favorite thing about this highchair is that it grows with the child. Even though Myles turned 2 over the summer we didn’t change the seat height. He did learn to climb the steps and sit in his seat on his own which is wonderful. When I am getting a meal or a snack ready and I can say “go get in your chair” and he’ll climb right in. The con about this highchair is that the there is not a removable tray within the tray so you have to wash the whole tray after each meal. Also since it is while some foods stain it but nothing a little soap and water couldn’t fix. A highchair that is not on my list that I just discovered on my brothers baby registry is the Baby Bjorn Highchair. The reason it’s on their registry is because it easily folds up to be put away. If you live in a small space you may want to consider highchairs that fold.

transportation// I first saw the Doona Convertible Infant Car Seat (18) when I met my friend in Miami for a little trip. She had it for her daughter and I was curious what this little stroller was. The Doona is actually a carseat/stroller in one, the wheels are built in to the base. I think this stroller is fabulous for those who live in a big city or travel a lot. If I lived in the city I would love knowing I could walk around then safely get in a cab with my baby by switching the stroller to the carseat form. I have the Peg Perego Booklet Travel System (17). I did a little research and this is great quality, very easy to use and looks sleek. Since I’m familiar with the brand I bought the Peg Perego Convertible Car Seat when Myles outgrew the infant seat. I couldn’t decide on what double stroller to get and what I’ve learned is the only time I need one is to go on walks to runs and I use this one that I got during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. What I did do is purchase was this board (19) that attaches to my stroller (17). It comes with handle extensions which allows more room for the parents feet, otherwise you’d kick the board when walking. We use this all the time! Myles does have a lot of endurance and loves to run around so he is usually pretty good at the zoo and the mall but occasionally will hop on the board. For traveling with a toddler I recommend the GB Pockit Stroller (6). I was looking for something really lightweight and compact and this one happens to be the most compact on the market. You can even push it down the aisle of an airplane and store it above in the overhead compartment.

When it comes to transporting while you are on your feet you must have a carrier. I have the Moby Wrap which I like for the first few weeks. Although, I’ve actually never tried using it when the baby is older because I go to my LilleBaby carrier (14). It’s pretty heavy duty but has great back support, a pocket for your phone and keys and lots of straps for support shade. When I was on vacation and wanted to take walks on the beach I borrowed my sisters carrier which is more lightweight and breathable.

miscellaneous// My Fawn Diaper bag (4) has really held up. I wanted something sleek and lightweight since I knew the bag would way a ton after filling it with all baby necessities. It can be worn with one strap or on your back with 2 straps and has plenty of pockets. The best thing is how easily you can clean it, I have completely turned mine inside out to clean out spilled milk.

Looks like the basic changing pad got an upgrade. This Peanut Changer (2) seems to be what’s on everyones registry today. It was out when I had Noah but I didn’t even look to buy anything new because I already had everything. I’m not sure if I’m sold on it or not. I’d like to hear what others think about it. It would be very easy to wipe up after messy diaper changes but I also wondering if any liquid would puddle in the middle and make the baby messier than they need to be?

Once the baby is 6 weeks old or so I start to use my Angelcare Baby Bath (3). It can fit in our kitchen sink but when the baby’s legs get long I move it to the bathtub so there is more room to kick and play. This tub has holes throughout so the baby is sitting in the water and is elevated so they can see what’s going on. Once your baby starts really moving you need to watch that they don’t roll out- you should never take your eyes off your baby in the tub!

You should have a humidifier to your registry. I did not and ended up at the store with a congested baby right before bedtime. I love this humidifier because it’s sleek and clean and you can adjust the direction of the mist by rotating the top part. You should definitely register for all the medical baby stuff because the last thing you want to do when your baby is sick is go to the store.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below!

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Noah’s Neutral Nursery Reveal

neutral nursery reveal
I have been wanting to share a little more interior design with you guys and I am exctied to be starting with Noah’s nursery reveal! Most nursery reveals happen before the baby is born or right after. Noah is almost 4 months old and I’m just completeing his nursery. It actually isn’t 100% complete, I need to find some art work to go above his crib and above teh changing table. His crib was just delivered on Saturday which is what I had been waiting for. I wasn’t too worried about its late delivery because Noah is still sleeping in his co-sleeper in my room, actually he has moved to the closet which is close enough so I can get him when he needs to eat but far enough away that I don’t hear every little sound he makes.neutral nursery reveal
I really wanted the nursery to have a neautral feel with little bits of boy. Something soft and relaxing that I enjoy being in as well. I didn’t make Noah’s room a full on nursery because I am hoping that in the next year or two Noah will share a room with Myles. Before Noah’s room was his room it was our guest room. I decided to keep the king size bed and nightstands and I added a changing table to the dresser. When designing all of my guest rooms I had children in mind. I wanted to be able to add a crib to any room and make it work as a nursery. I had this chair so guests can sit and put on their shoes but it is now it’s where I will be able to sit with Noah to feed him and read books. If I feel like he needs to be rocked before his nap I can hop over to Myles’s room.
pottery barn kids birch shelf nursery
neutral nursery reveal
My favorite part of the room is probably the changing table. I loved this dresser and its soft wood tones and adding a changing pad with a cute printed cover made it the perfect changing station. I added this adorable giraffe basket and filled it with diapers, wipes, Resinol, blankets, q-tips and a rattle,  all the necessities while changing a diaper. The elephant on the chaning table and the griaffe on the shelf are from this wallpaper company I am obsessed with. Myles actually loves to play with them!
neutral nursery reveal neutral nursery
I am a strong beliver in having a bed or a place comfortable to lay in the nursery if room allows. There are a few nights when our babies need us so it’s convenient to hop right in the bed and bring them in with you.
neutral nursery reveal

Other than finding artwork for the walls, the final thing I need to do is find a sheet for the Newton crib mattress. This mattress is almost too cute to cover, I love the light gray color (it also comes in white, blue and pink) and the adorable cloud print. This mattress is breathable and washable! You can see in the photos the zipper that goes around the mattress, the outer lining zips right off and can go in the washing machine. Newton also offers free shipping and returns as well as a 100 day trial!

As much as I love walking into a fully decorated room I enjoy waiting to find the perfect pieces. I will patiently wait till I find the right wall decor for this room! I hope you enjoyed seeing Noah’s nursery.

bed | CB2 ‘Cecilia Bed’ (similar here)
nightstands | Crate and Barrel ‘Barnes Nightstand’ (similar here)
lamps | World Market ’Slate Blue Colorblock Tera Table Lamp
dresser | Restoration Hardware ‘Martens 6-Drawer Dresser
changing pad cover | Restoration Hardware ‘Mali Print Organic Cotton Cover’ in blue diamond
giraffe basket | Pottery Barn Kids ‘Giraffe Shaped Wicker Basket
swaddles | Aden + Anais ’Silky Soft Swaddling Blankets’ (matching bibs!)
mirror | Serena & Lily ‘Teak Ladder Mirror
chandelier | Control Brand ‘Invisible Chandelier
side chair | Arhaus ‘Taraz Chair
area rug | Pottery Barn ‘Kailee Printed Rug’ in porceline blue
crib | Pottery Barn Kids ‘Reese Crib’ (on SALE)
mattress | Newton Baby, Inc. ’Newton Crib Mattress
shelf | Pottery Barn Kids ‘Birch Shelf
book | Beatrix Potter ‘Complete Tales
piggy bank | Tiffany & Co ‘Piggy Bank
floor lamp | Serena & Lily ‘Brighton Floor Lamp

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The 101 On Nursing Bras || From Sleep To Sexy

 cosabella lace nursing braFiguring out where to start shopping when you find out you are pregnant can be daunting. There is a lot of stuff a baby needs but there are actually quite a few things a mom needs too. One of those things is a good bra. There are many different styles of nursing bras and I’m here to help you figure out when to wear which style. Our bodies go through a lot of changes and we need to acknowledge it. There is a subtle change in our breasts when we first find out we are pregnant and once the baby comes there are a lot of changes.

I am so happy to be writing this post for you guys. I was lucky to have my very knowledgeable sister help me during this process and I learned a few things myself along the way too. Here is the 101 on nursing bras, what’s out there, and why you should have it.Sexy nursing bras from cosabella

Let’s start with the sleep bras. I choose to sleep in these bras because they are seamless and very lightweight. I have three of them that I rotate. Since I wear nursing pads the bra itself doesn’t get that dirty but it’s always nice to have an extra one on hand.  You can wear these out of the house but there really isn’t much support at all so I recommend these only for sleeping or lounging around the house.

If you are an active mother you will need a nursing sports bra. I am always rushing to feed my baby after a workout and taking off a sweaty sports bra is not easy. Sometimes I do nurse in a regular sports bra, I do this by lifting the bottom part up and over the breast the baby is feeding on. Sometimes the elastic is really tight squishing my boob and I heard this can interrupt the milk flow and cause mastitis. When I do nurse in a regular sports bra I always hold the bra up so it isn’t putting pressure the breast the baby is nursing on. Working out in a supportive nursing sports bra is much more convenient. I have 2 medium support ones that are perfect for weight training, yoga, and barre workouts. These are the ones I have and I absolutely love them. While looking at nursing bras online I found this yoga sports bra which seems similar to the ones I already have but a little more support. For running you’ll want a very supportive sports bra and I honestly haven’t found one I love yet. I am interested in trying this one and this one.

You’ll want an everyday nursing bra too. This nursing bra from Target resembles my regular bras the most.
The bra is pretty low cut which is perfect for clothing with a lower neckline. I also love this style for every day. They are very comfortable and if a little lace shows it looks cuter than your other bras. I’m a fan of Rosie Pope’s products too and want to try her nursing bras.

cosabella nursing bracosabella lingerie

A fun nursing bra option is an all lace bra. When I’m not nursing I like to wear lace bralettes. I think they are adorable under t-shirts and anything low cut. Any time I wear something that may show the side of my bra I opt for a lace bralette because it’s ok if it shows. While I’m nursing I still want a cute and somewhat sexy bra to wear. I did a little research and found that Cosabella, a luxury Italian lingerie brand, makes nursing bras. When I was pregnant with Myles I order 2 of their Never Say Never nursing bras and was thrilled when they arrived. These bras are extremely comfortable and look great under everything. I love to wear mine under sheer t-shirts so you can see the lace or anything that has a low-cut armhole, these bras are perfect for that. Cosabella sent me a couple more bras when I was pregnant with Noah and one of them is their racer back Never Say Never bra. I didn’t know they had a racer back version and it has become my go-to. It is fun and bright and more importantly makes me feel sexy again. Your body goes through a lot of changes after you have a baby and motherhood is quite demanding. When I wear my Cosabella bras I feel like I am doing something for myself and I have a little more confidence. The Never Say Never bras are padded so I can wear them without nursing pads. The padding is not removable which is great because it won’t get folded up or come out in the wash. I love how my Cosabella bras make me feel and although they are a splurge it is worth it!

Cosabella also has two other nursing bras that I haven’t tried. The Talco nursing bra which has a deep V and looks perfect for that everyday basic bra and the Trenta nursing bra which has a v neck but also some lace.

sexy nursing braThank you Cosabella for these fabulous bras!

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