How To Wear Neon In Your 30’s

how to wear neon in your 30’s
This post is how to wear neon in your 30’s but this could also be how to wear neon at any age. I was going to title in How to Wear Neon When Neon Isn’t Your Thing but that didn’t sound right. I like neon, I like trends and I like to try them out to see if the trend is for me. I bought a neon bodysuit to try but I didn’t like it, I bought a cute neon tie-dyed sweatshirt but didn’t like it and I tried a few other neon pieces of clothing and they all end up getting returned.
how to wear neon in your 30’s For me, I feel neon is for the younger crowd. I don’t feel like I am that old or that I look that old but I can tell you one this and it is that I don’t feel right wearing a lot of neon. Subtle hints of neon are more my thing like this sweater. I just love how the neon is there and it makes a statement without being too loud. Now that I know how to wear neon for myself I started looking online for other items that have only a little bit of neon and there is a lot out there. You can find neon on clothes to shoes and bags, from dresses to activewear and I put my favorites together below.


how to wear neon in your 30’show to wear neon in your 30’s

how to wear neon in your 30’s how to wear neon in your 30’s

how to wear neon in your 30’s
The Breakdown:
I am in love with this sweater. It’s the first bit of neon in my wardrobe and now I want more. I ordered these booties (currently 40% off) when I got this sweater and I feel like they go really well together. The shoes would look really cute with a casual dress too. I chose to wear my trusty boyfriend jeans because I wear them all the time and work with any top and any pair of shoes. I’m wearing a Rebecca Minkoff bag and I haven’t bought one of her bags in years (used to love this pink bag), I have been missing out though because this one is fantastic!

sweater | J.O.A
jeans | BDG Urban Outfitters
booties | Unravel Project
bag | Rebecca Minkoff
necklace | Urban Outfitters

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