CycleBar x Bluff City Lights

Not only did it feel good to hang out with my girls of Bluff City Lights but it felt great to get an amazing workout in at CycleBar in Germantown! I had done one spinning class a few years ago and other than that riding indoors was very foreign to me. I love my Trek bike and cycling through country roads and pretty bike paths. I’m not much of an indoor cardio person so I was hesitant that I would enjoy this class. I will tell you it was not what I expected!
I was warmly greeted by a few energetic cycle instructors, shown where the lockers and shoes are and I even got a complimentary water bottle that you will definitely need at every class. CycleBar is an extremely enthusiastic cardio class. The music is loud, the teacher is moving all about while instructing, class goers are randomly shouting out with excitement and the lights brighten and dim. They say every class is a party and it truly felt like a party, a healthy party! 
A first workout class for anyone is confusing no matter what the workout is since you haven’t quite learned the lingo or technique. This experience was no different. They showed me the bike and how to adjust it, they actually fitted me. I was 36 weeks pregnant at the time, my belly was quite large and my knees kept hitting it so we moved the seat here and the handlebars there and everything worked out just right. On each bike you can see how fast you are pedaling and what your resistance is. Those two numbers are very important and the 2 different numbers the instructor shouts out is in reference to those numbers on your bike. You always want to be within the range the instructor gives. I always went to the lower range because I didn’t want to put myself into labor!
Something that was really exciting was this weighted bar we worked with. I saw the bar on my bike but the class was going on and on and I thought maybe the bar was for a different type of class. I was wrong and we got to use it! It is a light weight bar but so efficient! My shoulders were burning so bad from lifting it. That bar put the icing on the cake. The class is an incredible cardio class, I felt like a burned a million calories, your core is engaged the whole time, you sit and stand and your thighs are on fire, then you add this bar to get an upper body workout in. What’s not to love?
 The class is an incredible cardio class, I felt like a burned a million calories, your core is engaged the whole time, you sit and stand and your thighs are on fire, then you add this bar to get an upper body workout in. What’s not to love?
Thank you CycleBar Germantown for having us!


The Breakdown:
I love all the crop styles that my BCL girls are rocking, can you imagine if I tried to do that right now?! LOL. Wearing cute and matching workout gear will always help give you that boost to get to the gym and when I’m getting my picture taken that gives me all the more reason to match. I had recently ordered a few things from Nike and I went with all blush colored items so that they would all match! You do sweat a lot in this class so wearing a crop top would absolutely feel freeing! Maybe I’ll give that a try in a few months!
top | Nike ’Tailwind Running Tank
tights | Nike ‘Epic Lux Running Tights’ in particle rose/thunder blue
shoes | Nike ‘Free TR 7’ (on sale here)
jacket | Nike ’Tech Fleece Destroyer Jacket’ in atmosphere gray

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A Smooth Belly Thanks To Palmer’s Cocoa Butter

When I got pregnant for the first time I was really worried about stretch marks. When I got pregnant the second time I was still worried about stretch marks. I know they are a beautiful thing as they reflect the amazing transition our body has gone through but I still worried. I made sure to lather up morning and evening with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter stretch mark products. I used these products during pregnancy number one, and now with pregnancy number two. The three-product line addresses pregnancy stretch mark risk factors including – collagen and elastin breakdown, loss of elasticity, and moisture loss.

Since my second pregnancy, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter has enhanced their line of stretch mark products with a unique blend of natural ingredients, oils, and plant extracts. The formula is Mineral Oil-Free, Hypoallergenic, Phenoxyethanol- Free, Paraben/Phthalate-free,  Allergen free, Dye-free, Suitable for Sensitive skin and Dermatologist Approved. Palmer’s stretch mark fighting ingredients put skin in peak stretch mark fighting mode which is what every pregnant woman wants! These ingredients include Collagen, Elastin, Cocoa/Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Argan Oil, and Lutein.

A few great things about Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula:
– Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks
– Over 98% of women saw improved skin elasticity
– Over 98% of women saw a reduction in the appearance, size, and severity of stretch marks
– Over 98% of women saw an improvement in skin texture and tone
Three of Palmer’s products are a massage lotion, a massage cream, and tummy butter. The lotion is lightweight and non-greasy and it can be used all over the body. The cream is a bit thicker than the lotion and is a cream concentrate formula and is ideal for tummy, hips, thighs, and bust. All four of those areas are very important to moisturize during pregnancy! You may think only your tummy gets big but the other areas do too and are prone to stretch marks. I use the lotion and cream equally and I love to pack the tummy butter when I travel because I don’t have to worry about it spilling. The tummy butter is an intensive treatment moisturizer, it is a much thicker product than the other two and has a calming relaxing scent that is ideal for nighttime.

The Breakdown //

There are a lot of things my mind and body go through during pregnancy and my child’s health is always at the top of my list. It’s very important to look at the ingredients on any products you use and the foods you eat. Palmer’s Stretch Mark products are perfect for me because it helps keep my tummy smooth during and after pregnancy, helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, improves skin elasticity, and is a product I trust.

robe | Rosie Pope (robe, nursing nightgown set)
sweater | H&M ‘Knit Sweater

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Sponsored by Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, all opinions are my own.


Chic Shopping At The Tanger Outlets

I’ve always been a bargain hunter. I’ve grown up a bankers daughter and was taught to save at a very young age. Finding a good deal makes me feel so good inside. When I first moved to Memphis I couldn’t believe there were no outlet stores to shop at. Eight years later the Tanger Outlets are within 45 minutes from me and have some of my favorite stores. 
The Spring TangerStyle period started on March 8th and goes till April 15th in which the stores will be showcasing their latest trends and style. I was lucky enough to attend their VIP Party to kick things off. I got to enjoy bubbly (sparkling water that is!), snacks and cupcakes while shopping with my other blogger friends. 
There was a little competition during the evening. We were given a $150 gift card to put together an outfit using pieces from any store of our choice. We then hung them up and a few Tanger staff members voted on the winner. I’m competitive so I made sure to find shoes, jewelry and a bag for my outfit. Sadly to say I didn’t even make it in the top three!! So sad, but the other outfits were great also. 
I wanted to share details on my outfit that was under $150 from head to toe (I did use a few 25% off coupons to help me stay within the budget!
jacket | H&M ‘Faux Suede Biker Jacket’ 
pants | Maurices ‘Cinch Bottom Joggers’ 
shoes | Express
necklaces | Express
earrings | Express ‘Large Tube Hoop Earrings’ 
I forgot to mention I won a Converse gift card too!
The Breakdown:
When figuring out what to wear to the event I opted for a relaxed look. I knew I’d be walking around the mall so I needed shoes I could walk in and a jacket because it was chilly out. I also wanted to feel stylish, it was a fashion blogger event after all! I opted for booties, maternity jeans, a fringe sweater and I tossed on my black coat. I chose to wear green booties because it matched the greenery in my bag! 
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Bluff City Lights x Eva Salon + A Giveaway!

At the end of 2017 the girls and I of Bluff City Lights were ready to start 2018 with fresh locks. We teamed up with Eva Salon Boutique, located on South Cooper in Memphis, where the owner April took off our split ends, gave us some volume and updated (some of) our color. 
Whenever I first sit in the salon chair I feel like hair dresses are always like “what in the world am I going to do with this!?” Since I love to trim my own hair and cut a little here and there, whenever I do show up to a salon for a professional cut I know they have there work cut out for them. 
This has to be everyone’s favorite part of getting their hair done. I mean I could have my head massaged and warm water rinsed through my hair all day. It is so relaxing. When I shower at home I try and massage my scalp but it just isn’t the same. 
Below are the brand of products that were used on my hair. I had never heard of Davines but it smelled great without being too strong and I love the way my hair felt.

Here is the finished product! Shiny, fresh and bouncy! A couple days later Bluff City Lights tried to meet at the salon while Megan was getting her color touched up and Alex was getting her hair styled. We missed Collins but she did get her hair done and you can see her pictures and read about her experience on her blog Collins Closests.  Make sure to read Alex and Megan’s blog too!
(I was sucking in my 12 week bump here!)
 These hair shots are actually how I styled my hair after April cut it. It’s a little different than how she styled it but I love both ways and I couldn’t be happier with how my hair turned out!

April has teamed up with Bluff City Lights to give one of our readers a $200 gift card to her salon, Eva Salon Boutique. With the new year in full swing it’s time to start refreshed! All you have to do is enter your email in the giveaway below and you will be added to our drawing! Good Luck!

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Local Memphis Holiday Gift Guide With Bluff City Lights

Earlier this month Bluff City Lights was busy picking out unique items from some of our favorite stores to put together a local gift guide. I have always been a big fan of shopping local and supporting these small business. Around the holidays my favorite stores get even more inventory to choose from.  I found some great stocking stuffers, gifts for your mom, friend or sister!
 My top three Memphis picks were Spruce, Indigo and Falling Into Place. Each of these three stores are very different, Spruce is home and accessories, as well as an interior , Indigo has a huge selection of clothing and accessories for all ages and Falling Into Place is a relative new store (two years old) that is home and lifestyle. 
First of all, I have too much fun with these girls! Now, I am going to share what items I picked from my three stores.
SPRUCE: a pillow and earrings. This gift is perfect for your mom, aunt or anyone who is interested in interiors. I love collecting pillows and mixing and matching prints. I also chose a pair of Brave earrings. Brave is a local jewelry line that is sold in Spruce. 
INDIGO: This has been my clothing store since day one of living in Memphis. They have such a wide variety of styles, I make sure to take all my friends and family here. During the holidays they stock extra gifts perfect for any girl. If I am going to give more than one item as a gift I love for it to be a theme. From Indigo I went the evening/bedtime route. First pick was this bath sponge which I had never seen, you can use it up to 15 washes! It smells amazing and leave a little coat of shimmer on your body. They also have smaller sponges that last 5 washes, have no shimmer but smell just as good! I chose this extremely soft plaid Bella Dahl nightgown which comes in separates as well and my all time favorite, Hanky Panky. Indigo always carries Hanky Panky underwear and since its the holidays they are selling this cute box of three. The reason I love these so much is because even though they are lace they are the most comfortable and are one size fits all, you can never have too much underwear and this is a gift any girl would be happy to get!
FALLING INTO PLACE: This store is so unique. It is filled with local gifts. I chose their signature candle because they are actually made by the store owner in the store. As a bonus, a portion of proceeds from each candle sold go to the International Child Art Foundation. I also picked out this beautiful Memphis art my local designer Whitney Winkler. The blue colors are very Memphis and there a bits of metallic accents which is very me! I plan on getting my pieces framed for my sons room. 
Make sure to visit the rest of our blogs for more details on our local gift guide. You can read Megan’s post here, she broke down all the stores by neighborhood. 
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You can shop our pajamas below. 



Taking Care of Myself This Holiday Season At Feathers Spa

Everyone is busy this time of year. It could be due to the holidays or just wrapping up another year. We prep for Thanksgiving and organize travel plans and then it’s right into December, buying gifts for our family and friends and baking cookies and fudge for schools and office parties. This month can often feel like a whirlwind and I made sure to take a day to relax and rejuvenate. I was able to spend the day at Feathers Spa at The Peabody in downtown Memphis the other day not only for a facial but for a massage too! 

After changing into my robe and enjoying a hot tea I was asked to smell a scent that would be used during my treatments. It wasn’t an easy choice, I loved the Earth but I chose the Oolong which was what I was in the mood for. The products are by Zents which is a natural and organic body care line and The Peabody is currently offering a promotion this holiday season, buy a $150 gift card for Feathers Spa at The Peabody and get a free gift from Zents valued at $65!

Getting a hand massage while the product penetrates. 
Zents lotions used for the massage. 
 These hot stones felt amazing.

I have teamed up with Feather Spa to give one of my readers a $150 Feathers Spa gift card! The giveaway ends Monday, December 18th at 1pm. This will give you all plenty of time to enter and for the winner to claim their gift. This gift card can be used for any treatment at the spa and you can check out their services here

Checking out my dewy skin after the facial! My face never feels cleaner than after a facial. I got the Peabody Signature Facial and the 1 Hour Relaxation Massage. 
Thank you to the Peabody for sponsoring this post. 
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