Holiday Gift Guide 2020

When November hit I didn’t realize how fast Thanksgiving would arrive and that the holidays would be in full force! I also found out we are headed back to Utah so I’m packing up our things and slowly putting together some gift guides and Black Friday Deals! I already shared my Small Business Saturday pics where you can find great options online by Black-owned businesses.

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I love opening stockings and I love buying for stocking. It’s fun to find little gifts to put inside. When I think about any gift for men, I think of my husband, brother, and brother-in-law, because the three of them could not be more different, other than that they all love to golf. You can’t go wrong with a cool masculine keychain or a black beanie. This year I’m into this survival kit. My husband is not one with nature and I feel like he totally needs this survival kit in his car!

For the girls, I chose all things that I would enjoy having or already have! These low cut Stance footie socks are my favorite. I have 2 pair but definitely need more. I recently ordered this micellar cleansing water from a clean beauty site and liked it much more than I expected, the smell is perfect, and as I mentioned it has all clean and natural ingredients! Any time I wear underwear that is slightly uncomfortable I throw it away, there is no point in keeping it in the back of my drawer. These undies have never given me an issue! You also can’t go wrong with clear lipgloss, hair clips, or cute sunnies that are under $15!

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Kids love toys. I know when buying for a child it can be so hard when you have no idea what to get. I am lost when it comes to what girls would like but at least I can choose things I would have liked as a young girl. I once bought my nephew these really cool robot pajamas and he was soooo disappointed when he opened them, even though they were followed by a toy! So, the first lesson is, don’t buy young boys clothes unless they are asking for it.

Somehow Myles got really into Bakugan. I’m not sure how but I took him to Target once over the summer and knew all about them, pretty sure my husband introduced the show to him. But they are these little plastic balls that open up to creatures. If the person you are buying for likes to sit and play with small toys, they’ll love Bakugan. Noah has been obsessed with Monster Jam since I took him last winter. He had a Monster Jam themed birthday and my mom got him this Monster Dirt Arena and it was a big hit. It’s filled with kinetic sand (you can buy a refill here) so it isn’t as messy as regular sand. For Christmas, I want to get him this monster truck ramp so they can do tricks with the trucks. We are always creating ramps in our house!

I’m not a tablet person but I did buy 2 of these Fire tablets for my older 2 boys. We have an iPad that they like to use and watch YouTube videos on and I really don’t like that. I think the tablet is better becuase there can be more educational and less advanced. But I have a little more research to do before they open them! I was gifted the Osmo for the iPad we have and I’m so excited about it! We got the Genius Starter Kit for ages 3-5 and you can buy it for the iPad or the Fire tablet. Osmo offers different kits for different ages so there is an option for everyone! (Currently, the Osmo kits are on sale at Amazon!)
Black Friday holiday gift guide

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There are so many Black Friday deals out there I can’t even keep track! I’m sharing a few of my favorite items that are on sale for Black Friday but also, the whole website is on sale!!

Verishope is offering 25% off Men’s & Women’s Full-priced Fashion + 15% Off Home + Beauty. I’ve never shopped from this site before but I’m very familiar with the brands they carry and love the mama necklace.

Parachute is offering 20% off everything! Over the summer I upgraded our towels to the bath sheets and my husband commented on how much he loved them and he never comments on things like that! They are large and soft and a perfect gift for the guy you don’t know what to buy for. They’ll thank you later!

Bloomingdales is offering an additional 10% off sitewide. You can find clothes for everyone, home decor, and gadgets. Last year my husband gifted me this wine preservation system. I didn’t get to use it because I got pregnant but I’m looking forward to using it this winter when I want only one glass of wine and don’t want the whole bottle to go bad. You can get 15% off this item with code THANKS

Alo Yoga is one of my favorites! They are offering up to 70% off sitewide, no code necessary! My absolute favorite sweatshirt is marked down and is something I promise you will wear on repeat this winter.

Victoria Emerson is having BOGO FREE until the 27th and 11/28-12/1: 50% off sitewide. Their bracelets are so charming.

Madewell is offering up to 50% off best sellers & 30% off (almost) everything else from 11/26-11/29 and on 11/30 you can get 40% off your purchase.

McGee & Co. is offering 20% off sitewide through 11/30 with code SOVERYTHANKFUL They have the best home accessories and I can always find a place for something from this site. I am going to buy these hand towels to drape over our master sinks.

Frontgate is offering 25% off sitewide, up to 40% on some items. With all the organizing happening with more time at home, there is no better time than now to gift this ultra-chic step stool. I have the white one in my closet and wish I had got this gold option! I also think this is a great time to add some holiday decor to your home!

Navy Hair Care is offering 35% Off Sitewide + Free Priority Shipping On Orders Over $50. I used my friend’s texture spray and it did wonders to my flat hair, I have been a fan of this product ever since!

Elemis is offering 30% off plus a free gift if you spend over $125 with code SURPRISE. I have talked about their Rose Cleansing Balm before and it is just that good. It goes on so smoothly and makes your skin feel extra soft.

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What I Want || Summer 2019

Another season, another “What I Want” post. Just thinking about summer makes me squeal with excitement. Technically it isn’t until mid-June but I like to officially start things Memorial weekend which happens to be this weekend! Memorial Day kind of snuck up on me but I’m not mad about it! I have my eye on a few things for this summer. Some fun thins for me and a few things for the boys.

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Let’s start with things for the boys. It has been one year since having two children and I still do not have a double stroller! I have a double jogging stroller which I love but I have to take the wheels off to fit it in my trunk (it’s super easy to take them off but just an extra step). When Noah was first born Myles was only 21 months and wasn’t interested in sitting, EVER. So I got him a board to ride on and he loved that, it worked great for the zoo and trip around the mall and I used my jogging stroller for runs and long walks around the neighborhood. This summer we have a beach vacation and a trip to Disney on our calendars and I’m going to need a double stroller. I have heard great things about this Joovy stroller from my friend with twins and the reviews seem great! If you are in the market for a single light weight stroller I highly recommend this one. It folds up so tiny it can fit under the seat in front of you on a flight! I took it to Disney when I was pregnant with Noah and just had Myles and it was so easy to maneuver and lift.

A couple fun summer toys for the kids is this bubble machine that works really well. We have an electric machine that blows the bubble out from the side which is ok but this one blows them up and is much for fun for the kids. Don’t forget to buy a lot of extra bubbles! Some how I stumbled upon this teeter totter and I think it is a great idea. It doens’t seem to take up much space and is perfect to have in the grass. Another thing to have in the grass in this pop up playard. I actually bought it when Myles was a baby but never used it. Now with two kids and a pool I need this! If I need to run inside or take Myles to go potty I can leave Noah in the playard for a minute.

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Now lets talk about what I want for myself. Trends are fun to try but somtimes become a little too trendy. The past couple of years I have had the hardest time finding a pair of sandals or wedges because I feel like everyone is wearing the same style. I finally found a pair of sandals that I want to purchase. These sandals are neutral and will go with everything and have a small platform without being too over the top, plus they are under $100!  Another example is shells and all the jewelry it’s on which I still like and so does everyone else. Something with shells I haven’t seen is a headband and I love this one! We all know neon is trending and its bright hue can be a little intimidating, these neon pink hoops a perfect introduction to the neon trend.

In the summer I enjoy layering dainty jewelry like these bracelets. I also love this coin necklace which is a little longer than my current necklaces and will go with my summer tops that have a lower neckline. The reason I want this light pink shirt is because the print is a cross between tie-dye and animal- both trendy and I have a pair of light pink pants that I think will match perfectly.

As far as summer beauty goes I don’t do much. I don’t do much with my hair or my skin. I like to wear a light tinted moisturizer with SPF. In the summer I rarely blowout my hair due to the humidity and hot weather. Styling my hair curly can be unpredictable. I need a good product to tame frizz and moisturize and I’ve heard good things about this one!

What do you want for summer?

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Gift Guide || Valentine’s Day

I’ve always enjoyed dressing up for holidays and adding some festive elements to my every day life and home. Check out my Valentine’s gift guide below. You can look at last years ideas here. This year for Valentine’s Day we will be celebrating with the kids at home and I’m hoping to do some baking and a craft or two!

valentine's gift guide

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My Top Baby Products

It took me a couple months to put this baby product post together because I kept adding items. I originally was going to talk about the top baby products I use and love but I’ve since discovered a couple new things while shopping my friends’ baby registries and I think are worth talking about. I also have a couple products I absolutely love for my toddler so I had to add them in too.

top baby products 2018

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swings// The Rock n Play (1) was a gift from my old neighbor. I didn’t register for it but her kids loved it and she thought it was a great thing for a parent with a newborn to have and she was right! It’s one of the easier things to transfer your newborn to from your arms because it is is cushioned and angled so the baby feels cuddled. There is also a vibrating button for that slight movement that babies love. This is great for the first few months but once the baby can roll over they’ve outgrown it. The mamaRoo (13) seems like a great idea and is sleek and modern but I will say it is so-so. Neither of my kids cared for it too much. The older they are the more they seemed to like it. Noah enjoys sitting in his mamaRoo while watching Myles play with his toys. As far as when they are younger, it would buy me some time but not like the old fashioned swing (15) does. There aren’t that many swings out there that go forward and back, most seem to go side to side or up and around. Myles liked the swing a lot and Noah LOVES it! We put ours on our porch and we would swing for ever while we were out swimming or having dinner. He does prefer a swing with longer arms because there is greater movement so keep that in mind.

sleeping// When we first bring our babies home from the hospital we have them sleep in the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper (8). I don’t attach it to the bed but that is an option. This bed is easy to move around and doesn’t take up too much space. It also had pockets which I love to store extra onesies, burp clothes, swaddles, pajamas and anything else that may get ruined during the night! Since I mentioned swaddles, if you are more in to swaddling with a blanket make sure to get these “silk soft” ones, they aren’t all as soft! When Noah came along I debated about buying a DocATot (20) I had gone back and forth debating if I needed it or not. I ended up not buying it for myself but received it as a gift right after he was born. We used the DocATot a lot the first few months Noah was born. We went on our family vacation and I brought it and placed it on our bed for him to sleep in and on another trip I had him in little room on the floor. It’s a great bed that is cozy, super easy to transfer around and it actually fits in the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper! Another semi sleeper thing is the Bobby Newborn Lounger (11), so I guess it’s called a lounger. First off, this thing is really soft. I didn’t now Bobby made any other pillow other than the Bobby feeding pillow and a friend got this for me after she came to visit Myles, she noticed I didn’t have anywhere for him to hang and chill with us. This pillow is great for when they are completely immobile, I would put it on the counter while I got my meal ready, stick it on the table while I ate, leave it on the couch or have it on the bed. It’s great and inexpensive.

nursing// I love my Breast Friend Nursing Pillow (9)! I used it a lot more with my first baby, perhaps because I was a beginner and less experienced. It has pocket which I love, you can store your nipple cream, a pacifier, even your watter bottle. It also is very firm and I feel like it provides more support than the traditional Boppy nursing pillow. While I was looking at the Bobby online I came across this feeding pillow by a brand I have never heard of but this looks kinda cool. If you like gadgets and don’t want to squish a pillow under your arm they’ve made one just for you! If you are away from you baby and you need to pump you must have a hands free nursing bra (10)! I’m all about multi-tasking and getting things done in a timely manor. If I had to hold the bottles while I pumped that would seem like a huge waste of 30 minutes. This hands free bra allows you to put your makeup on, work on your computer, feed your toddler, whatever you need to do. You are tied down to a 6 foot radius due to the pump chords but you’ll be surprised how much you can accomplish while pumping hands free. If you have questions on nursing bras you can check out this post here.

highchairs// I listed two because we have one in our Columbus house and one in our Memphis house. I’m not sure why I registered for 2 different ones, I guess I couldn’t make up my mind but I love both for different reasons. The Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair (7) has wheels but is unique because it is on a pedestal. Some highchair legs with wheels seem really wide and look like they’d take up too much space. This highchair has a home in a nook in our kitchen and a wheel it to the island or kitchen table to eat or even to the stove so he can watch me cook. I love how easy it is to maneuver. The one thing I don’t love is to take the tray off you have to pull the underneath handle towards you and over to the left, once you get the hang of it it’s easy. The OXO Tot Highchair (16) happens to match out Columbus kitchen perfectly, I love that it isn’t an eye sore. My favorite thing about this highchair is that it grows with the child. Even though Myles turned 2 over the summer we didn’t change the seat height. He did learn to climb the steps and sit in his seat on his own which is wonderful. When I am getting a meal or a snack ready and I can say “go get in your chair” and he’ll climb right in. The con about this highchair is that the there is not a removable tray within the tray so you have to wash the whole tray after each meal. Also since it is while some foods stain it but nothing a little soap and water couldn’t fix. A highchair that is not on my list that I just discovered on my brothers baby registry is the Baby Bjorn Highchair. The reason it’s on their registry is because it easily folds up to be put away. If you live in a small space you may want to consider highchairs that fold.

transportation// I first saw the Doona Convertible Infant Car Seat (18) when I met my friend in Miami for a little trip. She had it for her daughter and I was curious what this little stroller was. The Doona is actually a carseat/stroller in one, the wheels are built in to the base. I think this stroller is fabulous for those who live in a big city or travel a lot. If I lived in the city I would love knowing I could walk around then safely get in a cab with my baby by switching the stroller to the carseat form. I have the Peg Perego Booklet Travel System (17). I did a little research and this is great quality, very easy to use and looks sleek. Since I’m familiar with the brand I bought the Peg Perego Convertible Car Seat when Myles outgrew the infant seat. I couldn’t decide on what double stroller to get and what I’ve learned is the only time I need one is to go on walks to runs and I use this one that I got during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. What I did do is purchase was this board (19) that attaches to my stroller (17). It comes with handle extensions which allows more room for the parents feet, otherwise you’d kick the board when walking. We use this all the time! Myles does have a lot of endurance and loves to run around so he is usually pretty good at the zoo and the mall but occasionally will hop on the board. For traveling with a toddler I recommend the GB Pockit Stroller (6). I was looking for something really lightweight and compact and this one happens to be the most compact on the market. You can even push it down the aisle of an airplane and store it above in the overhead compartment.

When it comes to transporting while you are on your feet you must have a carrier. I have the Moby Wrap which I like for the first few weeks. Although, I’ve actually never tried using it when the baby is older because I go to my LilleBaby carrier (14). It’s pretty heavy duty but has great back support, a pocket for your phone and keys and lots of straps for support shade. When I was on vacation and wanted to take walks on the beach I borrowed my sisters carrier which is more lightweight and breathable.

miscellaneous// My Fawn Diaper bag (4) has really held up. I wanted something sleek and lightweight since I knew the bag would way a ton after filling it with all baby necessities. It can be worn with one strap or on your back with 2 straps and has plenty of pockets. The best thing is how easily you can clean it, I have completely turned mine inside out to clean out spilled milk.

Looks like the basic changing pad got an upgrade. This Peanut Changer (2) seems to be what’s on everyones registry today. It was out when I had Noah but I didn’t even look to buy anything new because I already had everything. I’m not sure if I’m sold on it or not. I’d like to hear what others think about it. It would be very easy to wipe up after messy diaper changes but I also wondering if any liquid would puddle in the middle and make the baby messier than they need to be?

Once the baby is 6 weeks old or so I start to use my Angelcare Baby Bath (3). It can fit in our kitchen sink but when the baby’s legs get long I move it to the bathtub so there is more room to kick and play. This tub has holes throughout so the baby is sitting in the water and is elevated so they can see what’s going on. Once your baby starts really moving you need to watch that they don’t roll out- you should never take your eyes off your baby in the tub!

You should have a humidifier to your registry. I did not and ended up at the store with a congested baby right before bedtime. I love this humidifier because it’s sleek and clean and you can adjust the direction of the mist by rotating the top part. You should definitely register for all the medical baby stuff because the last thing you want to do when your baby is sick is go to the store.

I hope you found this guide helpful. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments section below!

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What I Want || Anthropologie Sale

There is so much hype about the Nordstrom Sale and it’s early access. Well, I don’t have early access and last time everything I wanted sold out by the time I had access to it. I will be checking the sales out though because there are some great deals and it’s a great excuse to shop! We all love sales and I was in Anthropologie the other day and bought a few things from their sale section and wanted a lot more. I looked online and there are even more adorable items so I decided to put my top Anthropologie sale items together for you!

I purchased this hat (2) and I love it but since it was on sale I feel like there is something wrong with it that i’m unaware of. I also saw this kimono (1) but didn’t realize how cute it was until seeing it on the model online, now I want to go back and get it. I feel like it would be a great breezy item to toss on over a bathing suit. I also got these hair clips (3) and this beautiful dress (4). This dress may not be the most flattering but the tiedye is subtle and that material is really nice, plus it has pockets! This tan bag comes in black and has a removable clutch, the black one I saw in person and thought about getting but I actually like this tan one better and might order it online. Speaking of bags, are you guys over the rattan bag trend? I currently don’t own one bag because every other person has one but I do think they are great for summer and a cross body, like this one (10), allows you to be hands free. I saw this fun dress (11) in the store too but they only had a large. I might have to order it online because I love how it looks on the model and feel I should own it. I also treated myself to this keychain (12) because I don’t have a keychain at the moment and its kinda fun to dress up your keys.

Anthropologie Sale
anthropologie sale items
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One Pieces

Memorial weekend had be in the mood to do a little swimsuit shopping. I am a bikini girl at heart but 2 weeks post baby has me still feeling a certain way about my midsection so I’m opting for one pieces at the moment. Next up will be high waisted bottoms and hopefully before swimsuit season is over I’ll be back in my bikinis! 
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While searching online for the perfect one piece I noticed there are sooo many swim sales going on right now!
PacSun: Buy one, get one 50% off swim
American Eagle: 25-60% off all swim
Nordstrom: Anniversary Sale
Target: Free shipping & free returns on swim
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Splurge vs Save: Floral Dress For Spring

You don’t have to spend a lot to be stylish. My blog has always been about mixing high and low fashion. If I am wearing a splurge items I always find a similar item that is affordable. I add a variety of price points in the shopping widget at the bottom of my posts to give you a variety to shop from. This is my first time doing a splurge vs. save post and I would love your feedback. Let me know if I should do more of these! 
I chose to start off with this fitted floral dress because I bought two already for spring and I think they are a great easy go to piece that can be dressed up or down. I posted my version of this look on the blog last week (read it here) which was a mix of high and low and here I present it to you by separating the high and the low pieces. 
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Top 10 Rain Jackets For Spring

We are all happy spring is here but that means rain is here too. I have never owned a proper rain jacket because the only time I was in the rain was to go from point A to point B. Now that I’m an active mother, I like to play in the rain with my son. Standing in the rain for long periods of time requires a rain jacket! Trust me, I’ve tried other jackets and the water will go right through. A few things I require for myself in the rain jacket department are water proof (duh!), a hood and pockets. I wouldn’t mind if the jackets matched my rain boots either!
Below you can find my top 10 rain jackets. Some are super chic and some are as simple and practical as they come. What do you guys look for in a rain jacket?
top 10 rain jackets for spring
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