DIY || Neutral Halloween Skulls

DIY neutral halloween skulls
Last fall was my first time spending it in Ohio due to the pandemic. For the past 10 years, I have spent the fall season in Memphis so I had no decor for our house. I love decorating the house for the holidays and now that my kids are old enough to enjoy it I have even more fun! A couple of years ago I shared a DIY post on colorful skulls that my friend had created. She did all of the work but it was too cool not to create a DIY blog post.

When October 2020 came around I followed that blog post and did my own version of DIY neutral Halloween skulls that matched the decor of our house and I am absolutely obsessed. Below I’ll give you the steps to create this neutral Halloween decor and the materials I used. It is the same as the colorful skulls, just slightly different materials. I’m glad I am able to share this in September because this gives you plenty of time to get crafty before October!
DIY neutral halloween skulls

What You Need
|| skulls
|| spray paint
|| painter’s tape
|| glue gun/tacky glue
|| clear tacky glue
|| Sharpie
|| paintbrush
|| sand or glitter
|| rhinestones/pearls
|| twine
|| pebbles
|| scissors

What You Do
Buy the cheapest skulls you can find, the ones I used are $5 each from Target. Spray paint your skulls the color of your choice. Since I was going for colors to match my house I went with a soft white called Clamshell and a light taupe called Sand Dollar, both in a matte finish. You can use a matte, high-gloss, or metallic finish. I also saw these mini skulls that could easily be spray painted and added to a bowl or jar.

diy halloween skullsAfter the spray paint dries (you’ll need to spray 2-3 coats depending on what color your skulls are and what color you are spray painting it) use painter’s tape to tape off your design, this is where you will use the paintbrush to paint on the clear tacky glue. You could also use a paper towel to spread the glue. Make sure the tape is pressed down well so you have a clean line.

diy neutral halloween skull decor
Paint the glue in the section you want to put the sand or glitter on. I used sand because I didn’t want too much bling added to my skulls and I couldn’t find anything at the craft store that I liked. While the glue is still wet dump large amounts of glitter or sand on the glue. You may want to do this over a paper plate or paper so you can reuse the glitter/sand. I applied the glue and rolled my skull in the sandbox since we had one.

DIY neutral halloween skullsWhile the glitter and glue are drying, take your glue gun or tacky glue and apply your pearls, rope, or string in whichever design you prefer. It was difficult to come up with designs for my skulls and was just applying items as I thought of them. So you can always do the glitter/sand later, as long as it doesn’t get in the way of other items you plan on applying. I never figured out what to do with the leather string I bought but I did a couple of things with the twine, I braided it for a headband and swirled it in one of the skull’s eyes. The felt eyebrows were a last-minute idea, I just saw the felt from something else and thought I could make it work. You can look around your house and in your craft boxes for materials, you can make anything work.

Below you can see how I styled my skulls. I put a few on the shelves that flank our TV and a couple on our entry table. I had no idea how to pair them at first but I grouped them by their materials. The group on the shelf all have pearls and the two on the table both have sand on them. These were so fun to create and I will definitely be doing these again with my boys!

diy neutral halloween skullsdiy neutral halloween skullsIf you decide to try this DIY neutral Halloween skull project please tag me @marylereve so I can check it out! I’d also love to see what materials you used!

Happy DIY-ing!

diy neutral halloween decordiy neutral halloween skull

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DIY || Colorful Halloween Skulls

 diy colorfull halloween decorThis post is brought to you by my good friend Cristina of Lemon Events. She is the most creative person I know when it comes to decor and events and I had to share her DIY colorful Halloween skull decor! If you follower her on Instagram then you’ve seen these cheerful, edgy, fun and funky skulls, if you don’t follow her then click here and make sure you do! I sat down with her over the weekend to get a better glimpse of her pretty skulls (did you know skulls could be pretty? Me neither.) and get the step by step process because I just had to share. Halloween doesn’t have to be dark and scary and full of black and orange.

These skulls can be done using craft items you already have in your home. Each skull is unique and the best part about them is you can’t go wrong, be creative with your colors and textures. Cristina used leftover spray paint from previous projects as well as sparkles, jewels, feathers, glue, and other fun decorations.
colorfull halloween decor diy
colorfull halloween decor diyWhat You Need
spray paint
painters tape
glue gun
clear tacky glue
black Sharpie

What You Do
Spray paint your skull the color of your choice. You can use a matte, high-gloss or metallic finish.
colorfull halloween decor diy
After the paint dries use painters tape to tape off your design, this is where you will use the paintbrush to paint on the clear tacky glue. You could also use a paper towel to spread the glue. Make sure the tape is pressed down well so you have a clean line.

Paint the glue in the section you want to put glitter on. While the glue is still wet dump large amounts of glitter on the glue. You may want to do this over a paper plate or paper so you can reuse the glitter.
*If you are adding studs like the pink skull then make sure you use your hot glue gun and add the studs before applying the tacky glue and glitter. Spread the glue

colorfull halloween decor diyWhile the glitter and glue are drying, take your glue gun and add the headpiece. Cristina used decorative trim and added a stud to the front and back of the trim. Once the hot glue is dry and the glue and glitter are dry to the touch you can remove the painter’s tape. Now you have an extremely cool and colorful Halloween skull.
colorfull halloween decor diy

Below are a few other skulls that Cristina decorated. I love them all and each one I saw was my favorite. They are all created the same way: paint, tape, glue, glitter, accessories. Except for the pink one, she added the studs before adding the glittler.

Which skull is your favorite? If you decide to try this DIY Halloween decor project please share with us your colorful Halloween skulls and tag @lemonevents and @livinglereve so we can check it out!

Happy DIY-ing!

colorfull halloween decor diy  colorfull halloween skull decor diyLive votre rêve!

DIY colorful Halloween decor


How To Add Hem Destruction To Your Jeans

diy hem destruction

A couple years ago I ordered a pair of denim that ended up being in my top 5 pairs of favorite jeans. They had slight distressing, were high waisted and the hem was destructed in the perfect way to show off my fall booties. Today I’m neither tucking my jeans into my boots or cuffing them and hem deconstruction is they way I like to go. Therefore, I decided to do some DIY destructing on my older jeans.

The first pair I worked on were my maternity jeans because I wasn’t sure how it would turn out and I didn’t want to mess up my better denim. I loved it so much and had so many questions I decided to destruct the hem on another pair of jeans. This time I chose a pair of basic skinny jeans to show you how to add hem hem destruction

You’ll need:

  • a pair of jeans, skinny or straight
  • scissors
  • seam ripper
  • razor blade/box opener
  • cardboard

Optional items:

  • ruler
  • pen
  • tweezers

diy hem destruction

Start by cutting the hem off the jeans. Cut just above the stitch line. Keep in mind the side seam of your jeans is going to be the bottom so cut where you want that to hit on your ankle. I let my side seams as is and cut just the front and back. 2-3 inches above your hem make your first cut with the razor or you can take your ruler and measure exactly and mark it with the pen. Put your jeans on the cardboard before you make any cuts to prevent your counters from getting scratched. Do that on the front and back of each pant leg. I eyeballed it because it doesn’t have to be perfect.

You can sketch the area you want to be cut and fringed before starting. I also eyeballed this since it doesn’t have to be perfect. Use your razor blade to start putting slices in the jeans, start at the bottom and make your way to the first mark you made. Don’t forget to make sure your jeans are on the cardboard. Make sure your slices are straight  across, if you go at an angle you will cut the white threading of your jeans and you wont have as much fringe. You will lose some and that is ok.

diy hem destruction

diy hem destruction

After sliceing the front and the back of your jeans start ripping the slices. This will help start the fraying process. Open up all the holes as much as possible. Next you can use your fingers or tweezers to start pulling the white strings across, some will be lost and some will be cut and end up on one side. You may need to use your seam ripper to start the removing process but you should have quite a few loose threads from the step before when you opened the holes. For the white pieces of thread that have not been cut you can cut or rip them anywhere but do that at the end to save time. Once enough pieces of white thread are removed you can pick off chunks of the blue threading and discard.

diy hem destruction

Once you are finished toss your jeans into the wash to straighten out the white fringe! You now have the perfect pair of denim with hem deconstruction.


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My Top Sephora Makeup Buys || Plus Makeup Application Steps

The Sephora VIB Sale is here for two more days so take advantage of this discount! I recently went to Sephora to stock up on my winter shades of makeup. That’s always a sad time for me and my bronze glow has disappeared and my face makeup is now two shades lighter. But honestly, buying new products is always fun.

I did a live video a couple weeks ago of my photo ready makeup routine and I had a lot of questions on the products so in this post you can find what I use and the order I put it on. These products can be found at Sephora so hurry and purchase before the VIB sale ends on 11/15/17.
THE STEPS– After washing my face I prepped my skin using my fingers with Laura Mercier Foundation Primer – Oil Free. While that sets in I prime my eyelids with Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer Potion. I apply this over my eyelids up to my eyebrows and right under my lower lashes, anywhere that I’ll be applying eyeshadow.

– I use a 2-3 pumps of Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in golden on the back of my hand and use a damp Beauty Blender Pro to apply the foundation all over my face down my jawline. Back to my eyes to let that set. I love the Urban Decay Naked palettes, I have three different palettes and I love all the colors in them. My shadow is always different but I like to have fun and take my time blending the colors. I always put the lightest shimmer color in my inner corner of my eyes to help brighten them up.

– I use Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer in medium under my eyes and dot it in a checkmark formation. I use the tip of my damp beauty blender to blend the concealer under my eyes, slightly down the side of my nose and out towards my hairline under my temple.

– Now it’s time to contour. Using this brush and my Bobbi Brown bronzing powder, I apply under my cheekbones, my jawline, my hairline around my forehead and I’ll carefully do the tip of my nose and a little under my bottom lip.

– Blush is applied next. I have a few that I like but have been into this rosy blush lately. I tip I learned over the summer is to apply blush to the apples of your cheek for a day time casual look and if you are going for a more formal look apply the makeup past the apples of your cheeks up to your hairline.

– I don’t do heavy contouring so my highlighting is subtle bits of shimmer where light would naturally hit. I use this brush and apply my powder highlighter my cheekbones to my temples and down the bridge of my nose.

– Either my brows or lashes come next, no specific order. I don’t always curl my lashes, usually because I forget but when I do I use this curler and curl them before I apply mascara. I always apply two coats of mascara, the second coat is only on the tips to add a little extra length.

– I brush my brows before coloring them in with this brush. The brush is two sided and I use the other side to apply the powder to my brows, I use the darker shade on the outer brow and the lighter shade on the inner brow. My brows are pretty long so I have to brush them up and down when I’m coloring them in. After the coloring is done I use a clear gel to hold them in place.

– The last thing I do is apply a finishing powder. I only do this when I’m know I’m going to be getting my picture taken. It helps absorb shine and sets the makeup. You only need a little bit and I use this brush to apply it.


1. primer | Laura Mercier ‘Foundation Primer – Oil Free
2. eye primer | Urban Decay ‘Eye Shadow Primer Potion
3. sponge | Beauty Blender ‘Beauty Blender Pro
4.  foundation | Too Faced ‘Born This Way Foundation’ in golden
5. eye shadow | Urban Decay ‘Naked 2 Palette
6. concealer | Bare Mineral ‘Bareskin Complete Coverage Serum Concealer’ in medium
7. brush | Sephora ‘PRO Contour’ in #79
8. brow brush | Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brush #14
9. brow powder | Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brow Powder Duo’ in dark brown
10. eyelash curler | Tweezerman ‘Prolash Eyelash Curler
11. contour | Bobbi Brown ‘Bronzer’ in natural
12. blush | Tarte ‘Amazonian Clay 24-hour Blush’ in paaarty
13. mascara | Marc Jacobs ‘Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara’ in black
14. brow gel | Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Brow Gel’ in clear
15. finishing powder | Make Up For Ever ‘Ultra HD Micro Pressed Finishing Powder
*not pictured but in my routine:
*contour brush | Sephora ‘PRO Contour’ in #79
*highlighter | Make Up Forever ‘Pro Light Fusion’ in golden pink
*highlighter brush | Make Up For Ever ‘Medium Highlighter Brush’ in #152
Please comment if you have any questions! Also here are the codes below for you to enter at check out for your Sephora discount.
Rouge Members: 20FORROUGE
VIB Members: 20forVIB
Everyone else: INSIDER15
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Ribbon Wall Hanging

Doing crafts is one of my favorite ways to spend my free time. Sometimes I see things that inspire me, occasionally Pinterest will inspire me but most of the time I create something in my head and have to figure out if I can actually create it. That is the hard part, can what I envision in my head actually come to life?
 A light bulb went off when I received a rug. After I unrolled it I was left with a giant cardboard tube, 59” tube to be exact. It looked like a very large paper towel roll, so keep in mind this project can be done on a smaller scale with a paper towel roll or a wrapping paper roll. I wanted to hang a bunch of ribbon or string from it, maybe I would tie knots throughout the ribbon, I wasn’t sure but knew I was going to have to play around. When I went to Michaels Art’s and Crafts Store I was looking for ribbon that matched the theme of my tree this year, a soft navy blue, a medium burgundy, ivory and a metallic color. Once I was there I found the perfect blue but no other colors. I did see a lot of ivory colored ribbon in a variety of widths and textures, so that was what I went with. Sometimes you have to let the selection chose the details for you. I had no idea how much I would need but I figured I would rather buy to much and return it than start my project and not have enough.
Homegoods is next store to Michaels so I decided to stop in there and see if anything inspired me. I found a number of the perfect ornament for this project and in 2 different sizes, even better! Now that I had my materials it was time to cross my fingers and hope this would work out. 
I set the cardboard tube on the floor and cut the thickest width ribbon at different lengths. I tied all of those to the tube. I did the same thing for the next size ribbon and so forth. Starting with the largest size allows you to add in the smaller size ribbon and fill in any gaps. 
I would periodically hold the wall hanging on the wall to see if it was going the direction I was hoping for. I knew I just needed to keep tying on ribbon, the more the merrier. 
It was looking a little odd during this phase. 
Overall I am so happy how it turned out. I need to find something to cover the ends up. I’m thinking of cutting circle out of the thickest ribbon and glue it on. Any ideas?
After all of the ribbon was tied on, I tied on the ornaments. Again tieing them at different lengths and spacing them evenly. I hadn’t thought about how I was going to hang this piece of the wall. After some brainstorming I decided to try and screw picture hooks to the back. It worked! Pictures hooks on the back and nails in the wall. Don’t forget to level.
cardboard tube | mine was 59 inches
ribbon | I used 70 yards for this project 
ornaments | 3 large, 9 small
picture hooks | I needed 2, a smaller project may only need 1 
table | Wisteria
trees | Target
reindeer | Homegoods
frames | Target
wall hanging | DIY
Happy Holidays!
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Red, White and Boom 2015

This years Red, White and Boom is only a few days away. It takes place on July 1st which is early compared to past years, I can’t believe how quickly it’s coming! Our building has one of the best views of Columbus’s firework show, the fireworks are shot off right across the river and we are at eye level! As I am getting ready to host my friends and family I decided to look back at last years photos for some inspiration. 
I used to buy a variety of beverages, cook a number of dishes and bake a ton of desserts. It was a lot of work and took up so much time. Two years ago Red, White and Boom took place a couple days before our wedding and all of our friends and family were in town. The thought of hosting a huge event was too much to handle so I found a catering company. I used Bleu & Fig and they were so helpful and everything was delicious. Last year I used Bleu & Fig again to help me out and everything was just as good. 
This year my husband is out of town so only my family and a handful of friends will be coming over to watch the firework show. I am reverting back to my old ways and making food, drinks and baking some yummy treats. I’m not sure if this is a good idea since I am 8 months pregnant (I get tired so quickly!) but I love hosting and prepping everything to be perfect.
 Picking out my outfit is usually the best part of hosting an event or attending an event. Last year this tank was gifted to me by Lavish, a boutique in Memphis which is sadly no longer in business. These flowers I cut from my garden, I love using flowers I have grown myself.
It is supposed to be in the mid 80’s this year so I don’t plan on wearing jeans, not that jeans will fit me right now anyways! I have no idea what I will be wearing this year, I have 3 days to decide! I will most likely wear a solid black or gray knit dress which is not has festive as I would like but my choices are limited. Anyone have a suggestion for my outfit??
 Here is some of the food spread provided by the catering company, Bleu & Fig
I usually provide too many drink options but I just want everyone to be happy and find something they like. Along with tubs of beer and wine there are mixers and all sorts of alcohol. I also like to make cute festive drinks and put them in pitchers. 
Looking forward to this years Red, White and Boom! Those of you in Columbus, do you attend Red, White and Boom?
Happy 4th of July!
top | Michael Stars
jeans | J Brand
shoes | Giuseppe Zanotti
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Last Year’s NYE at Home

Last year I hosted a New Year’s Eve party for our closets friends in Memphis. It was a somewhat last minute idea to host. On Christmas day I realized our original plans had changed and I thought we were all going to be left with nowhere to go. I made some phone calls, saved the cardboard boxes from our gifts and started to get creative. 
I was out of town for Christmas so by the time I was back in Memphis I only had 5 days to get everything done. I love crafts and wanted to make a banner, which turned into the perfect backdrop for photos!

I cut 12 small triangles and punched 2 holes at the top of each. I used a flat black spray paint that I already had from a previous project. Don’t forget to spray the back of your triangles, I didn’t think about needing to spray the back and after I strung the banner together I realized it looked unfinished so I had to take it apart and finish spray painting. 
I made thick block letters out of Elmer’s Glue and sprinkled the wet glue with glitter. Make sure you have some sort of paper underneath because it can get very messy, this way you can reuse the excess glitter by pouring it back in the bottle or over another letter. I love gold detailing for the New Year but any metallic color would work. I already had this tub of glitter laying around but any craft glitter works. I do not recommend using glitter that is already mixed in the glue because when it dries it is not as sparkly.
 I went to our local party store to add to the banner, I bought tissue paper balls, mini fans, lanterns and tassels. The more the merrier in this case. I framed the banner with balloons are each side and weighed them down with bottles of wine.

This sign was made the same way as the “Happy New Year” banner but the triangles are double the size. 
I hope this sign inspires you to get crafty with things you already have at home! I would love to see what you all have made! Happy New Year everyone 🙂

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pineapple sage

i am excited to share my diy pot, organic smoothie and my new herb!
i was at Target the other day browsing through the dollar section and they had pots with the top edge painted. i was going to buy some because they were so cute but i really didn’t need any pots, i had nothing to plant inside of them. until…. i purchased this pineapple sage! luckily, i had this basic terracotta pot in the garage from a previous plant and decided to attempt a quick diy project.
i taped off a diagonal line with painters tape. i was going to do a straight line but since the pot is angled it was too hard, this line was kind of hard too and still not perfect. it adds an extra touch of character. i also covered any part of the pot i didn’t want painted with old magazine pages, i was using spray paint after all and we all know how messy that can get!
taaa daaahhh!
 i love the way it turned out. i anxiously planted the pineapple sage the next morning (not giving the paint 24 hours to dry). the picture below is the following day after my plant had been watered. you can see beads of water that seeped through the terracotta. i think i was too excited to do this little project that i didn’t prime, i didn’t look up how to do this or what paint i was using. the spray paint used was from last springs diy project when i painted our patio furniture and assumed it would be just fine. the spray paint was for outdoors, good on wood, plastic and iron and rust free!
oh well. if you want to try this yourself check out Wit & Whistle,  she did a great job with hers!
organic pineapple sage strawberry banana smoothie
1 medium organic ripe banana
5 organic strawberries
1/3 cup organic 1% milk (i used Horizon, you may need more)
5 large pineapple sage leaves (i should have used more)
1 tbsp organic local honey
organic yogurt (optional)
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DIY fail

i like to think i am pretty good at DIY project and i actually am good at painting my own nails, so, when Aimee Song of Song of Style posted this incredible nail tutorial i had to try it immediately. please, please, please, check out her blog to see what an amazing job she did! unfortuneatly, my process and outcome were not as glamorous and it’s going to take more than a few tries to get it right.
i am happy to know i share a love for marble print with many people. we should all feel so lucky it’s becoming popular and we can pretty much find it on anything, even our nails! i don’t like to go to the nail salon because i’m never quite satisfied when i leave but i did contemplate going to get this marbling effect. turns out i can do this in my very own home, except that it’s very hard to do.
i did everything she said, i put on my base coat (and i did one coat of the white), did the vaseline, even taped which i really didn’t feel like doing (see more on that below)
my first drop of polish sank to the bottom but drop by drop it was looking like it was supposed to. i was getting really excited to use my toothpick to swirl the polish around. i mean, this was going to be the print on my nails. 
i slightly panicked when the polish stuck to the toothpick!! i know we were suppose to work fast and i thought i was. i was so disappointed. time for take 2 at a much faster pace. 
the second time around was much better. i dipped my nails twice becuase i didn’t have enough swirl. i still don’t have much swirl at all. it definitly doesn’t look like marble or any type of stone. i’d say it looks like some type of abstract art. 
i chose my colors to match my Adidas by Stella McCartney running top. 
i used Essie Blanc and Essie Bobbing for Baubles
remember how i didn’t feel like taping. well, after i finished my left hand i had a perfect luke warm bowl of water and thought i should try my right hand. it would only be a quick few drops and a very fast toothpick swirl and nail dunk. it was fast but look at the disaster! (that is what she meant when she said this could be a “bit messy”) it made me laugh. follow Aimee’s directions, no shortcuts!
has anyone else tried this? and if you did, any similar problems? i really hope i’m not the only one who struggled with this! for those of you who haven’t tried it… GOOD LUCK!!!
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