Summer Dress With A Sporty Twist

sporty summer dress
A while back I had asked you guys what you thought my style was and I was surprised by how many people said sporty. I shouldn’t have been surprised. When I see photos of me dressed up I often have on sneakers or joggers. I love adding a sporty twist to my outfits, perhaps it’s because of all the time I spend in arenas!

This summer I will continue my sporty style with summer dresses. I’ll wear my midi dresses with low tops and above the knee dresses with hightops. When it is really hot outside I can’t stand to wear sneakers, my feet need to breath! Of course I have my fair share of sandals that I adore but sneakers are somtimes the practical choice for walking around a lot, playing with my kids and giving off that sporty vibe.

sporty summer dress
Shop sneakers:

sporty summer dressp448 metallic sneakerssporty summer dress fend belt bag sporty summer dress sporty summer dresssporty summer dress sporty summer dress

The Breakdown:
The last time I wore this dress was 13 months ago to Memphis Fashion Week and I was 36 weeks pregnant with Noah. I love to wear fitted dresses during pregnancy to show off my bump. When you are past the 7 month mark and your belly is large, looser fitting clothes can swallow you all up. Since the last time I wore this dress I 40 pounds heavier I had no idea how it would fit. I actually never thought I’d wear it again because it is a very thin material and my body did not shrink back the way it did pre-pregnancy. Nothing a little Spanx can’t fix. I’m so glad I held on to this dress, I love the color and how easily it can be dressed up or down or even sporty.

dress | Enza Costa ‘Rib Tank Dress’ (very similar, in black)
shoes | P448 ‘John Metallic Sneakers
belt bag | Fendi ‘Leather Pouch Belt Bag
bracelet | BaubleBar ‘Mallorca Sea Shell Bracelet
ring and earrings | Rowe Boutique

Live votre rêve!


Graphic Tee + Fendi Pleated Skirt

fendi pleated skirt
The second night of Memphis Fashion Week took place at Crosstown Concourse and was the LRK Featured Desinger Runways Show presented by Looney Ricks Kiss. This year we saw spring/summer collections from Tanganika by Tangie, Demi Blvck, This Is Sloane, TIENA, and Jodi Brewer Couture, with accessories from Tilton Street. It’s amazing to see these garments go down the runway, I love to know the backstory to their designs and to see how detailed and collection is. You really get to see how much work these designers put into their work.fendi pleated skirt
fendi pleated skirt fendi pleated skirt
During the show I was able to sit with our out of town influencers that were visiting as well as a handful of local bloggers. I love that our community in Memphis is so close and we get the opportunity to support local while having fun. Along with the amazing looks down the runway there were amazing looks in all the seats! Intermission was just as entertaining because there were freeze models and the people watching!anne merrill bloggermemphis fashion week fendi pleated skirt valas bag
fendi pleated skirt bloggerfendi pleated skirt The Breakdown:

My outfit for the show was probably my favorite outfit of the week. It was feminine and edgy at the same time. My skirt, jacket and shoes were from outfits I wore during All-Star Weekend in Charlotte (shoes worn here, jacket and skirt worn here). The graphic tee I wore I bought knowing Myles would like to see it (he recently started to love horses and unicorns are starting to become of interest too!) but it has become closet staple and happens to go with everything.

shirt | Mother ’The Boxy Goodie Goodie Supina’ (also here)
skirt | Fendi (similar for less)
shoes | Yeezy Season 7 ‘PVC Pumps’ in hospital blue
jacket | Alexander McQueen ‘Leather Peplum Moto Jacket’ (similar for way less)
bag | Valas ‘Clara Tote Bag
jewelry | The Faint of Heart (similar)

Live votre rêve!


How I Feel About Fake Beauty

fendi dressThe thought of hair extensions, microblading and eyelash extensions does not sound intriguing to me. I love my long hair and I’m proud of it, I enjoy filling in my brows with my favorite brow powder duo and I love to see the difference a couple coats of my favorite mascara can do to my lashes. After saying that, you would think I would want to make my life easier and get microblading so I don’t have to spend the extra 2 minutes doing my brows but I don’t. To me there is something about being natural and feeling a little extra only on occasion.fendi dressfendi dressfendi dress

fendi dressThe great thing about beauty is that it is all personal preference. The most important thing about beauty products is that they make you feel the most beautiful and confident you can be. If you want eyelashes that touch your eyebrows on an everyday basis because you feel better about yourself than you should do that. If you want thick dark eyebrows even when you are swimming or working out you should get microblading. If you clip in hair extensions everyday because you want longer or thicker hair then you should continue to do so. It’s just not for me. If I didn’t have eyebrows due to Alopecia or sparse eyelashes due to an accident or something I would probably get a more permanent beauty solution like microblading or eyelash extensions. I would get hair extensions for a shoot or something that required a really different look but I’m proud of how long I’ve grown my hair.

I’m a little worried about our future when it comes to technology and lately I have started to worry a little about the future when it comes to beauty. When I was younger I would hear people be described by their long brown hair or thick eyelashes. Today, every other girl has thick eyelashes and everyone has long hair. I feel like we are losing what makes us beautiful which is what we were naturally given, we all look unique. I don’t have a daughter but if I did I wouldn’t feel right with anything fake on me and then tell my daughter she doesn’t need the extensions. When she replies back that I have them I would feel like a hypocrite. That situation doesn’t even exist in my life right now but I am trying to stay true to who I am now and in the future.

What is your favorite fake beauty treatment? I love to hear about it and everyone who gets them has fun with what they have. Another reason I can’t get them is because of the maintenance. There is no way I’d be able to keep up with filling in my eyelashes, I would look rediculous!

Balenciaga louboutinfendi dressfendi dress

The breakdown:

This dress is so stunning, the large pocket detailing really caught my eye. This dress was a splurge to wear for an event with my husband so I am determined to wear it as many times as possible. I’ll be wearing with wedges and sneakers this summer. Since this dress and shoes waere out of my price range I wanted to be sure to find affordabe options for you guys to shop. Make sure you scroll below to see similar options!

dress | Fendi ‘Cotton Shirt Dress with Logo Belt’ (similar for less)
shoes | Christian Louboutin ’So Kate Craquelé Leather Ankle Boots’ (similar for less)
earrings | Deepa by Deepa Gurnani ‘Kaiax Earrings
bag | Balenciaga ‘BB Round Embroidered Bag

Live votre rêve!