thanking mother nature

before i got married i was reading every wedding magazine out there. multiple times i read to look at mother nature for inspiration when choosing a color palette. i’m taking that advice to my wardrobe. i’ll be using these images below, take with this app on the iPhone 5, to inspire my next outfits. 
this adorable tree frog was found along side the morning dew on an elephant ear plant. 
color palette: green, gray, maroon, brown and cream.
a hot afternoon for this bumble bee to pollinate this lantana bloom.
color palette: red, pink, orange, yellow, green and black

lady bugs are everywhere but i was curious what details i could capture.
color palette: red, white, black, tan and gray.
i absolutely love these images and i am very impressed with the details that were captured with an iPhone. i was hoping to be able to capture the details in my outfits using this app too, but, i’m not the one taking the picture and who has the time to explain an iPhone app? 
stay tuned to see my next look shot with my iPhone, hopefully it will be posted tomorrow. you will see that close up images turn out great, even if the user is new to the app. in order to get a great head to toe shot there needs to be a little touch, focus and expose. oh well, on the hunt for a photographer in this great midsouth city, Memphis.