New Year || New Ways

The year 2022 is almost wrapped up! This is a time when everyone wants to make little changes in their lives. Wether it be personally, like setting fitness goals, or making your home a little calmer with kids plates and cups that match the aesthetic to your home. I’ve rounded up a 9 items that can help you find new ways in the new year.

I personally have all nine of these items. All were purchased in 2022, my most recent items being 2 and 7. 2023 meal prep here I come!

new year inspo guide

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My Favorite Amazon Purchases of 2021

Here are my favorite items I have purchased this past year from Amazon. There were a ton of items I ordered but had to return because the material was so bad but some were very impressive! I’m always on the hunt for new items so please share with me your favorite Amazon purchases!

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2021 Holiday Gift Guides

Welcome to my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide. I am always behind on gift guides because I am not an early shopper and I honestly don’t get into the holiday spirit until closer to Thanksgiving. I don’t even decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I know most of you are well into your shopping and I should have had all these prepared for you guys but it’s better late than never.

I’ll be adding my different categories to this post so make sure you come back and check out the updates. You can always view my 2020 Gift Guide, 2019 Gift Guide, or these Top 5 Easy Gifts!

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What I Want || Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

It’s that time of year when influencers go crazy announcing items on sale. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale really is a great sale and the perfect time to buy fall items that you need. If you are in need for a bootie, a jacket, a good pair of jeans, this is the perfect time for that. It’s also a great time to stock up on basics or larger purchases you have been wanting like home accessories and luggage Something you want to be careful about is buying only because it’s on sale. I admit I have done that in the past and one of the items I never even wore! It kills me. I got sucked in because items were selling out so fast and I wanted to get it before my whole wish list was all gone.

I’m in the middle of a move. I am doing some major cleaning out and I am trying to get rid of stuff in my closet so I don’t really want to add more stuff. I know fall will come and I will wish I had a new sweater, updated jeans and new shoes so tomorrow I will do a little bit of shopping but I’m going to be very pracitcal. Speaking of tomorrow, tomorrow the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open up to the public! Earlier this week only those who were cardholders had early access to the sale. Some things are picked over and sold out but there will be so many returns made there is a very good chance what you want will be back in stock at some point before the sale is over.

Below you can find my my top picks for the sale!
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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

A few things I want to say about these items. I only have my eye on boy things because that’s all I have but this headband popped up and if I had a girl I would own ever color of this for her! Since I don’t, I’ll just have to buy one for my niece. I also want to tell you guys about this stroller, it’s expensive and it is really nice. When it comes to strollers you really do get what you pay for. I actually purchased the Thule double stroller last year during the anniversary sale becuaes it was such a good deal. When you are going to be running and pushing your kids you want the stroller to be as light as possible and to maneuver well. This is a great deal! These Nike sneakers are so easy to put on. Myles can sometimes do it on his own which is very helpful!

Happy Shopping!

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What I Want || Summer 2019

Another season, another “What I Want” post. Just thinking about summer makes me squeal with excitement. Technically it isn’t until mid-June but I like to officially start things Memorial weekend which happens to be this weekend! Memorial Day kind of snuck up on me but I’m not mad about it! I have my eye on a few things for this summer. Some fun thins for me and a few things for the boys.

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Let’s start with things for the boys. It has been one year since having two children and I still do not have a double stroller! I have a double jogging stroller which I love but I have to take the wheels off to fit it in my trunk (it’s super easy to take them off but just an extra step). When Noah was first born Myles was only 21 months and wasn’t interested in sitting, EVER. So I got him a board to ride on and he loved that, it worked great for the zoo and trip around the mall and I used my jogging stroller for runs and long walks around the neighborhood. This summer we have a beach vacation and a trip to Disney on our calendars and I’m going to need a double stroller. I have heard great things about this Joovy stroller from my friend with twins and the reviews seem great! If you are in the market for a single light weight stroller I highly recommend this one. It folds up so tiny it can fit under the seat in front of you on a flight! I took it to Disney when I was pregnant with Noah and just had Myles and it was so easy to maneuver and lift.

A couple fun summer toys for the kids is this bubble machine that works really well. We have an electric machine that blows the bubble out from the side which is ok but this one blows them up and is much for fun for the kids. Don’t forget to buy a lot of extra bubbles! Some how I stumbled upon this teeter totter and I think it is a great idea. It doens’t seem to take up much space and is perfect to have in the grass. Another thing to have in the grass in this pop up playard. I actually bought it when Myles was a baby but never used it. Now with two kids and a pool I need this! If I need to run inside or take Myles to go potty I can leave Noah in the playard for a minute.

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Now lets talk about what I want for myself. Trends are fun to try but somtimes become a little too trendy. The past couple of years I have had the hardest time finding a pair of sandals or wedges because I feel like everyone is wearing the same style. I finally found a pair of sandals that I want to purchase. These sandals are neutral and will go with everything and have a small platform without being too over the top, plus they are under $100!  Another example is shells and all the jewelry it’s on which I still like and so does everyone else. Something with shells I haven’t seen is a headband and I love this one! We all know neon is trending and its bright hue can be a little intimidating, these neon pink hoops a perfect introduction to the neon trend.

In the summer I enjoy layering dainty jewelry like these bracelets. I also love this coin necklace which is a little longer than my current necklaces and will go with my summer tops that have a lower neckline. The reason I want this light pink shirt is because the print is a cross between tie-dye and animal- both trendy and I have a pair of light pink pants that I think will match perfectly.

As far as summer beauty goes I don’t do much. I don’t do much with my hair or my skin. I like to wear a light tinted moisturizer with SPF. In the summer I rarely blowout my hair due to the humidity and hot weather. Styling my hair curly can be unpredictable. I need a good product to tame frizz and moisturize and I’ve heard good things about this one!

What do you want for summer?

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A Family Valentine’s At Home

champagne please sweatshirt
Like all holidays in my life I never know if my husband will be around or not. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate that romantic love but mine may be on the road but I do have a lot of love for my boys and I am always with them so here is to celebrating Valentine’s at home with your little ones. Now that Myles is getting older it is fun to teach him about holidays and what they mean.

Crafts are something I love to do and I want my children to do them as well. I don’t have time to do crafts like I used to and now I am encouraging Myles to paint and color and to be creative. A couple years ago I made an adorable “LOVE” sign and a photo of Myles makes the “o”. I need to make something with a photo of Noah this year and I’m not sure what! I looked on pinterest and didn’t find any ideas for Valentine’s art so I’m going ot have to get creative but I did this site with a few great crafts my Myles, I think I’ll have him try the pencil eraser one!

 I also love baking and Myles loves to help me do that. He is always in charge of mixing the batter. When I bake with the boys I make sure to make something somewhat healthy so we can enjoy eating it together. I saw this recipe for yogurt hearts and now I want to try and mix things up and try my own recipe. Of course my version is getting closer and closer to being very unhealthy so maybe I’ll have to limit Myles to just one heart. Back to my recipe, I’m thinking of mixing vanilla greek yogurt and a little bit of powder sugar and adding a blended strawberry or two for color, after mixing that completely I’ll swirl in a little bit of melted white chocolate, pour into heart icecube molds and pop in the freezer. This sounds so good to me and I have no idea if it will work… I think I’ll be heading to Target to buy some ingredients and practice this recipe. Any bakers out there have any tips??
valentines at home

champagne please sweatshirt
family friendly valentines
How sweet is Myles sharing his strawberries with me?champagne please sweatshirtAfter a romantic holiday with my kiddos I may just have to have a glass of champagne or maybe just sparking apple juice. Whatever it is I choose to drink I’ll put it in a champagne flute! Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

The Breakdown:
I am not that type of person who gets done up at home with her children. My children are too messy and I get food or spit up on me multiple times a day. Even though it is Valentine’s Day I am keeping it simple at home with the boys. I will have to save a nicer outfit for a postponed V-day date with my husband.

sweatshirt // Target ‘Champagne Graphic Sweatshirt
leggings // VS Pink ‘Essential Legging
watch // Rolex
earrings // Kendra Scott 

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