How My Style Has Changed Since Moving To Utah

marc fisherh hiking bootsBefore I knew where my husband was going to be traded I waited to clean out my closet. Many items I thought if we go to Utah I’ll keep, if we go to Los Angeles I’ll keep. The main thing that I did decide to keep because I knew we were headed to Utah were my Adidas hiking shoes that I got probably more than 5 years ago. I actually thought they were running shoes when I got them but they have a lot of tread on the bottoms and are meant for hiking! They are my go to shoes to wear when it’s warm.

The other things I decided to keep were my ski jacket, snow pants and all my other big winter coats. I didn’t have too many but I knew I would need them. One coat includes a North Face black puffer jacket that my friend found at a concert hall he used to work at! It even has a cigarette burn in the arm. Why I still own this coat is beyond me- actually, it’s because it’s a perfectly good coat that does its job. I finally replaced it with this black puffer jacket.marc fisherh hiking bootsmarc fisherh hiking boots

The fundamentals of my style are the same. I am a jeans and top girl through and through. Jeans and a sweater in the winter, jeans and a t-shirt in the spring and fall and jeans shorts and a top in the summer. I rarely wear skirts and usually wear dresses only on special occasions. I am trying to wear dresses and skirts more and moving to Utah will help that a little because I am all about hiking boots! I especially love how they look with a sweater dress or in my case a sweatshirt dress.
marc fisherh hiking bootsmarc fisherh hiking bootsI have two pair of Marc Fisher hiking boots. They are chic and you really can hike in them! They aren’t too heavy, have great traction and are just really cute. I have these cream ones, I think the color is so unique and a pair of black ones with fur. You can get 20% off your Marc Fisher purchase now until January 20th with the code LTDFALL430.

dress | Chaser
jacket | Joie
boots | Marc Fisher LTD
socks | similar
bag | Parisa Wang 
earrings | Kendra Scott

Live votre reve!


How I Choose My Outfits For Memphis Grizzlies Games

One of the most requested blog posts I get from you guys is how I choose my outfits for Memphis Grizzlies games. I’m glad I am finally writing this post because that is one of the reason I began to blog in the first place. So many of you wanted to know what I was going to wear to a game and all the details. Now here is my breakdown of what goes through my head. It has changed a bit over the years thanks to Myles and Noah but lets start from the beginning.

I start with the day of the week. If it’s a game during the week I choose to dress down more than if it’s a Friday or Saturday game. Weekend games I like to wear heels since there is a good chance we will be going out to eat afterward. When I say dress down, I’m not wearing sweats and UGGs. I will occasionally wear a sneaker and typically stick to booties, flats or a heel that’s less than 2 inches. If I do wear a casual pant it is a jogger that is in suede or faux leather, sometimes cotton and if that’s the case I up my shoe game and save that outfit for the weekend.

Speaking of weekend, I wear heels on weekend games because it is Friday and Saturday night after all! I choose these games to wear a little more makeup and wear my more fashionable outfits. These games seem to have more in attendance and overall feel more lively. I also dress up more when the game is nationally televised, at least I used to. My husband is usually dressed up more for these games since he has to do media after which is televised. He makes me want to step up my fashion game, haha. Just make sure not to wear the opponents colors!

You may be wondering if I ever wear spirit wear to Memphis Grizzlies games. The answer is yes. I usually save my Grizz attire for playoffs and add a few extra stylish pieces to dress my outfit up.   

A little recap on my game day look thoughts:
// Day of the week
// Nationally televised or not
// Who the other team is

Last year I talked about how I feel at the beginning of the season and you can read that post here. Also, Myles makes a cameo and he is just so cute!!

The Breakdown:
This outfit makes me very comfortable. The boot is chic and has a small heel making it easy to walk in while giving my outfit a semi dressed up feel. My t-shirt and jacket are the same brand which I don’t usually do but I like the message the shirt says and the jacket is comfortable and cool. Of course any outfit with these jeans is a favorites because I love them! Are you tired of seeing them here, here, here and here!?

jacket | Zadig & Voltaire ‘Kavy Embellished Jacket
shirt | Zadig & Voltaire ‘Give Us Hope Tee
jeans | L’Agence ‘Highline High Rise Skinny Jeans’ (similar for less)
shoes | Marc Fisher ‘Yale Chelsea Boot’ (designer version, for less version)
earrings | Gorjana ‘Irina Lucite Hoop
necklace | Gorjana ‘Chloe Choker
bag | Christian Louboutin ‘Red Quilted Sweet Charity’ (also worn here)

Live votre rêve!