What Is Too White to Wear to a Wedding?

Misa ruffle dress wedding attire
When I first saw this white striped ruffle dress I thought it was a jumpsuit. The way the bottom ruffles and slits form make it look just like a jumpsuit. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on and it was a dress. The bow detailing on the sleeves is so darling and really made this dress standout. I got this dress days before I would be attending a rehearsal dinner and it got me thinking, is this dress too white to wear and what is too white to wear to a wedding?
too white to wear to a wedding too white to wear to a wedding
Bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and weddings are the three events that women have to be really thoughtful with what they wear. It’s always up to the bride to decide if you can wear white, cream, ivory, off-white, etc. to their big events. If you don’t know the bride don’t even think about wearing any shade of white. If you are friends with the bride or she is family ask if her she cares what you wear.

For my wedding, I wanted my mom and mother-in-law to wear cream with gold or silver undertones because they looked tied in with the bridal party and made pictures look great. If a wedding guest wore white I would have been like “what the heck?” but I would not have let it bother me because it really doesn’t matter. For my rehearsal I didn’t wear white myself and it didn’t bother me one bit if anyone else wore white.

One time I wore a cream lace dress to my friends bridal shower. I asked if she cared and she said she didn’t. She was the type of friend I knew wouldn’t mind but I wanted to ask anyways. I also attended a wedding where the bride walked down the aisle in a stunning red Vera Wang gown and the wedding guests were required to wear white or black!

You’re better safe than sorry and I’d stay aways from white, cream, ivory or off-white when attending anything wedding related unless you are given the OK from the bride! Beware, she may be offeneded by just you asking if you can wear white.
too white to wear to a wedding
too white to wear to a wedding too white to wear to a wedding too white to wear to a wedding

The Breakdown:
This dress is so much prettier on than hanging on the hanger. Once I had it on I felt like I had to have it. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go in it, but somewhere. I didn’t end up wearing this to the rehearsal dinner but I had my birthday and our anniversary in the same week and knew I’d wear it to something! I stuck with nude shoes to help elongate my legs and a simple earring. There is a lot going on with the strips and ruffles so the dress doesn’t need much. I thought I wanted to wear a necklace but none looked right, I think it was because the bow detailing on the sleeves. Sometimes you need to try a few things on until you get the right feeling.

Would you wear white to any wedding related events??

dress | Misa Los Angeles ‘Rosa Dress
shoes | Alexander Wang (similar)
earrings | from Rowe Boutique  (similar)
ring (on index finger) | GorjanaSkyler Cuff Ring

Live votre rêve!


Steppin’ Into 29 In Stripes

misa striped blouse
Yes, I am now 29 years old! Which I am totally okay with but knowing this is my last year in my 20’s is pretty hard to believe. I am very happy where I am in my life but one thing I wanted to do at some point (I’ll say before I turn 30 because it sounds right) is run a half marathon. I have no desire to run a full marathon because running for hours just doesn’t seem fun at all but I can handle a half.

With that said, I have signed up for the St. Jude half marathon in December as part of the Bloggin’ Miles for St. Jude!!! I am very nervous for the training to begin but I am excited to do it. I’ll talk more about this as the date comes closer but I’d love for any of you to donate to help me reach my goal, you can click on this link to do so!

misa striped blouse
mother denim step hem
misa striped blouse
I have to admit I sure do feel good when I get dressed up sans Myles. Never could I wear this outfit with Myles, white jeans would no longer be white and this shirt would end up being all twisted and most likely exposing more than it should. These earrings would be pulled and tugged as well. Note- this is not a baby proof outfit.
misa striped blouse
Photography by Lauryn Byrdy
The Breakdown:
My outfit is from Rowe Boutique located in the Short North in Columbus. It is my favorite place to shop when I’m in Ohio. I know there are a lot of other local boutiques here but I have yet to frequent them. This top is by a designer I’ve never worn, MLM Label and is super cute. I had to wear high wasted jeans and this pair was perfect. Since my shirt was more of a blouse and striped it seemed on the professional side so I added a watch. My statement earrings are currently on sale and under $20 and made this outfit a little more fun without being too loud, I also love these earrings. I would have preferred this look with a more simple shoe, perhaps these which I own or a pump but these strappy ones were all I had with me at the time. We are still unpacking into our new house and I have a lot my nice things are still at our condo. Well, I’m off to get back to Myles and hope he behaves today so I can have a happy and relaxing birthday!
*shirt | MLM Label “Salo Wrap Shirt
*jeans | Mother “The Insider Crop Step Fray Jeans
shoes | Stuart Weitzman (similar)
earrings | J. Crew “Beaded Rumba Earrings
*watch | Rumba “Soho Leather Lights Out Watch”
*bracelet | Jenny Bird “The Cuff”
*clutch | from Rowe
*all from Rowe Boutique