What I Miss About Memphis

Miss About MemphisWhen people asked how I was transitioning to Salt Lake City my answer was always positive because that was the truth. Moving here has been pretty easy, the people here are so kind, there is so much to do for families and kids, lots of fun outdoors activities to do and the Jazz organization is wonderful. Of course, I miss Memphis and fight back tears when I think that we have moved away but I hadn’t put much thought into what I really miss about Memphis until recently. In fact, I really didn’t know until after living here for a good amount of time.Miss About Memphis
I have had plenty of time to live my everyday life here in Utah which I am thoroughly enjoying. But I did get homesick this week for the first time. Living in Memphis was really similar to my life in Ohio. There are a lot of the same restaurants, the climate is similar and the views are similar. The people were different in that southern hospitality way and the accents. I miss the accents, haha. I never got used to that. So what I miss about Memphis is kind of what I miss about the midwest/midsouth in general but there are a few specifics.
Miss About Memphis
Right now I am really missing our neighborhood. We lived in a beautiful flat neighborhood that had the perfect 1.5 mile loop that I could run with the kids and dog. Myles would ride his bike or run with me and I would push Noah in our stroller with Rio running free. There was a pond with a fountain that we could see from our family room and on warm days we would walk over to it so Myles could throw little pebbles into it. Our house sat on over two acres so we had a lot of land to run around on. Our driveway was also long and flat which was great for the boys to ride their bikes around on without going too far.Miss About Memphis
The hills are fun and interesting but limits where I can go with the kids on foot. The boys have been riding their bikes in our house as of now. I will have to load them up in my car and drive them to a flat area. Our neighborhood here is really nice and I have met a few of our neighbors and they are really nice but it just isn’t the same as it was in Memphis. We even like our neighborhood in Memphis better than our neighborhood in Ohio where we plan to spend the rest of our lives so that says a lot about how great it was. We hit the jackpot with our Memphis neighborhood and neighbors!
Miss About MemphisOne thing I don’t miss about Memphis was how far the drive was to the area. It was a good 35 minutes for us to get downtown from Collierville, the city we lived in. Here in Salt Lake City, we can get to the arena in 11 minutes max!

Now, this thing I miss about Memphis sounds silly buuuuut it’s Panera! That is more of a midwest thing that I miss but still. Not much is familiar here to me and it feels good to go somewhere that reminds me of back home. Going to Target has helped with that and going to Smiths since it is basically Kroger.
Miss About MemphisOther things I miss about Memphis:
– the soul feeling that is exuberated throughout downtown
Beale Street – love seeing the energy
– the humid earthy smell
– all the local boutiques I loved shopping at and the sweet owners
– the nurserys I’d go to for my anual flowers
– the bloggers/photographers I worked with
– the hotels and other small businesses I worked with
– everyone that was a part of the Memphis Grizzlies organization
– the security guards at the FedEx forum that worked my seat section and the family room
– valet parking at the arena
– my car – didn’t bring my car out here because it’s such a far drive. I have a new car that I drive out here and I miss mine
Pure Barre – Pure Barre had just opened when I moved to Memphis which was perfect because I had started doing it in Columbus right after I graduated
– The Nutrition Hub – love a good protein smoothie after I workout, especially when I’m on the go and don’t have time to eat a meal with protien
– too many restaurants to name
– our babysitter Anne
– all the music history- Graceland, Rock n’ Soul Museum, Stax Music Academy, Sun Studios and more
– knowing it was drivable from Ohio and we had family close by
Memphis Fashion Week
– styling for Click Magazine

Miss About MemphisMiss About MemphisMiss About Memphis
Miss About Memphis
This list is longer than I thought but all of the things listed are things I really miss. It was home, I was very happy there. I loved my friends, my job, the organizations I was involved in. I was homesick in Memphis from leaving Ohio but I knew I’d always go back so this situation is a little different.

Live votre rêve!Miss About Memphis


A Day In The Life Of Being Traded || Part 2: House Hunting

There has been another step to being traded and that is house hunting! If you missed Part 1 of this series where I discussed the emotional aspect of being traded and shared my personal feelings, you can read that here. My emotions about the trade have settled down and I have mentally grasped the fact I will be moving from Memphis. Now I have that anxious feeling of finding a house that I can turn into our home.

Last week I was in Salt Lake City and I really enjoyed myself.  I was there to get a feel for my new town and to find a house for us to live in! I know this isn’t our permanent house but as long as I am living in Utah (or anywhere for that matter) I want to feel comfortable in the house and I want it to feel like a home. I want a great neighborhood, friendly and kind neighbors, Target, a grocery store and a Homegoods/Marshalls not too far away and a few more things on my list. I’m trying not to be too picky but our home in Memphis was just perfect. When I say I want to pick up the whole neighborhood and move it, I’m not kidding.

There are about 3 different neighborhoods we are hoping to find a house in. We did find a few houses that we really like and could work for us but we aren’t 100% sold. We want to see if anything else pops up. When I am looking at houses I am always thinking of the kids and our dog. If there are too many stairs or steps in the house or if there isn’t much grass in the backyard then it is not a house for us. Finding a good yard as been more challenging than I thought. Since most of the houses are in the mountains, the yards have retaining walls and are staggered which isn’t ideal for a dog to run and play or young kids for that matter.

Something new I learned about Salt Lake City is that the air quality can be poor. Mainly in the winter (January to be exact) when there are no storms to move the polluted air out and it settles in the valley between the mountains. A lot of people think dry dessert when they think of Utah and I always thought mountains. I’m not sure if I thought about dry or humid air and I definitely didn’t think about the air quality. I often think of LA with poor air quality and how you can see the smog when you fly into LAX. I’ll have to see if my throat and chest feel different during these times.

I’ll be back to discuss the actual moving process once we do find a house. Hope we find something soon!

The Breakdown:
I love that this dress looks like separates. Everytime I wear it people ask me where my skirt is from. It has been perfect for summer and can see it easily transition to fall. This white handbag is larger than it looks and can hold everything I need. I wear this dress all the time, often to the park, the zoo and out and about to the mall and stores. It’s easy to throw on and looks adorable with sneakers or sandals. This was my frist time wearing heels with it and I love how it turned out.

dress | Zara
bag | Cult Gaia ‘Astraea Tote’ (in black)
shoes | Alexander Wang (similar here)
earrings | Deepa by Deepa Gurnani ‘Kaiax Earrings
necklace | from Rowe Boutique
ring | Aurelie Biedermann 

Live votre rêve!