A Few Ways Adults Act Towards Children That Drive Me Crazy

There are quite a few things I do as a mother that my pre-child self always said I woudln’t do. There are also a few things I said I’d never do, I still don’t do them and it still drives me crazy when I witness it happening!
Before I go on my rant about what bothers me I want to say I am always thankful for whomever helps me with Myles. That is why I never bring up what is exploding in my head. If you nag and get on those around you that are helping care for your child they may eventually stop helping. I know you wouldn’t want that.
Baby talk. This is the worst!!! How can you expect a child to learn to speak correctly when the adult they are learning from isn’t saying the words properly? This is something that has always bothered me, there are a few words I say like “night night”, “let’s go night night”, “boo boo”, “poo poo” and words like that. Some examples that I can’t stand… “milky”, it’s milk, ask your child if they want milk or when adults say “did you get a wittle boo boo”, a little boo boo, now wittle!! Not only is it words that adults change, it’s the tone in their voice. When talking to a baby or young child adults seem to forget how to say the /r/ sound. I have friends who talk to their dogs that way and I know they are going to be in big trouble when they have children. When people talk to my son that way I let it go because they only have good intentions. I am so thankful my husband and I are both very anti baby talk!

Picking up a strangers child. Even if the adult doesn’t think they are a stranger, the child is not familiar with you and does not want to go to you right away. If my child is lost or sad and there is no one there for him I would love for a stranger to be attentive and help him. When I’m with my child and someone he doesn’t know says I want to hold you and tried to pick him up, the adult needs to respect his body language. You can get away with this with tiny babies but when kids start to walk and talk they become opinionated and if you want to be friendly you need to get down on your knee to be eye level and start chatting about something the child will think is interesting.

The last one I’ll talk about today is when someone always thinks something is wrong with my child. I’m not a perfect mom and I don’t think I have a perfect child. I do feel like I know him better than any other adult. I appreciate concerns and if worded the right way and seems reasonable I absolutely take it into consideration. When you tell me he has colic multiple times a day when he’s only cried for 10 minutes here and there it’s going to drive me up a wall. When you ask me if he has insomnia because he’s been waking up in the night, I’m just confused because you must not know babies wake up in the night sometimes. If you don’t know, babies go through sleep phases. We are currently at the 18 month sleep regression – no insomnia! In general, mothers don’t want to hear negative things about their children. Now if Myles wasn’t making eye contact or wasn’t verbal I would want that pointed out to me if I wasn’t aware (I would definitely be aware though!).
Again, want to thank everyone in my life who has helped me with myself and my family. Raising a child isn’t easy and I’ll take all the help that is offered. I’m not talking about any one specific person in this post, only talking about what I’ve witnessed with my son and other children.
The Breakdown:
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