The 101 On Nursing Bras || From Sleep To Sexy

 cosabella lace nursing braFiguring out where to start shopping when you find out you are pregnant can be daunting. There is a lot of stuff a baby needs but there are actually quite a few things a mom needs too. One of those things is a good bra. There are many different styles of nursing bras and I’m here to help you figure out when to wear which style. Our bodies go through a lot of changes and we need to acknowledge it. There is a subtle change in our breasts when we first find out we are pregnant and once the baby comes there are a lot of changes.

I am so happy to be writing this post for you guys. I was lucky to have my very knowledgeable sister help me during this process and I learned a few things myself along the way too. Here is the 101 on nursing bras, what’s out there, and why you should have it.Sexy nursing bras from cosabella

Let’s start with the sleep bras. I choose to sleep in these bras because they are seamless and very lightweight. I have three of them that I rotate. Since I wear nursing pads the bra itself doesn’t get that dirty but it’s always nice to have an extra one on hand.  You can wear these out of the house but there really isn’t much support at all so I recommend these only for sleeping or lounging around the house.

If you are an active mother you will need a nursing sports bra. I am always rushing to feed my baby after a workout and taking off a sweaty sports bra is not easy. Sometimes I do nurse in a regular sports bra, I do this by lifting the bottom part up and over the breast the baby is feeding on. Sometimes the elastic is really tight squishing my boob and I heard this can interrupt the milk flow and cause mastitis. When I do nurse in a regular sports bra I always hold the bra up so it isn’t putting pressure the breast the baby is nursing on. Working out in a supportive nursing sports bra is much more convenient. I have 2 medium support ones that are perfect for weight training, yoga, and barre workouts. These are the ones I have and I absolutely love them. While looking at nursing bras online I found this yoga sports bra which seems similar to the ones I already have but a little more support. For running you’ll want a very supportive sports bra and I honestly haven’t found one I love yet. I am interested in trying this one and this one.

You’ll want an everyday nursing bra too. This nursing bra from Target resembles my regular bras the most.
The bra is pretty low cut which is perfect for clothing with a lower neckline. I also love this style for every day. They are very comfortable and if a little lace shows it looks cuter than your other bras. I’m a fan of Rosie Pope’s products too and want to try her nursing bras.

cosabella nursing bracosabella lingerie

A fun nursing bra option is an all lace bra. When I’m not nursing I like to wear lace bralettes. I think they are adorable under t-shirts and anything low cut. Any time I wear something that may show the side of my bra I opt for a lace bralette because it’s ok if it shows. While I’m nursing I still want a cute and somewhat sexy bra to wear. I did a little research and found that Cosabella, a luxury Italian lingerie brand, makes nursing bras. When I was pregnant with Myles I order 2 of their Never Say Never nursing bras and was thrilled when they arrived. These bras are extremely comfortable and look great under everything. I love to wear mine under sheer t-shirts so you can see the lace or anything that has a low-cut armhole, these bras are perfect for that. Cosabella sent me a couple more bras when I was pregnant with Noah and one of them is their racer back Never Say Never bra. I didn’t know they had a racer back version and it has become my go-to. It is fun and bright and more importantly makes me feel sexy again. Your body goes through a lot of changes after you have a baby and motherhood is quite demanding. When I wear my Cosabella bras I feel like I am doing something for myself and I have a little more confidence. The Never Say Never bras are padded so I can wear them without nursing pads. The padding is not removable which is great because it won’t get folded up or come out in the wash. I love how my Cosabella bras make me feel and although they are a splurge it is worth it!

Cosabella also has two other nursing bras that I haven’t tried. The Talco nursing bra which has a deep V and looks perfect for that everyday basic bra and the Trenta nursing bra which has a v neck but also some lace.

sexy nursing braThank you Cosabella for these fabulous bras!

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Pregnancy || Round Two And Still Loving It

I love being pregnant and I know I am very lucky. It makes me so sad when I hear mothers talk about how awful they feel only because being pregnant is a blessing and it’s a shame to not be able to enjoy it. Each pregnancy is different and my first and second are different in their own ways but, fortunately, I have felt great both times! No nausea, no morning sickness and just the occasional back pain towards the end but how can you not expect that with all this extra weight.
I almost forgot that at the beginning of both pregnancies my skin always breaks out. The change in hormones does not do a mama good and my shoulders, chest and back turn into a mess. Luckily, it isn’t my face but the breakouts do make me cautious to wear cold shoulder tops or anything that exposes the excessive amount of pimples. This time around I developed a skin rash, dermatographism, that kept me up at night and it took a while to diagnose it. The problem with skin rashes or any situation during pregnancy is you are limited to what medications you can take. After be prescribed anything from the dermatologist and allergist I double checked with my doctor and the pharmacist that it was safe. When the dermatographism flares up I can take a Xyzal at night and a Claritin in the morning but I try not to take them because I feel guilty. The later in my pregnancy the better I feel about taking medicine but in the first trimester I am extra strict on what I put in and on my body.
Things I Worry About
I’ve actually enjoyed this pregnancy more than my first because I am more relaxed (partially because I don’t have time to worry with my energetic toddler running around). I was so nervous during my first pregnancy that it wasn’t going to workout or something would be wrong with the baby. This time around I have learned to just enjoy what I’m going through since the rest is out of my control. I also haven’t been able to pay as much attention because I am giving so much attention to Myles. That actually makes me feel a little guilty. I know it’s only going to be worse when the new baby gets here but I am prepared for the mom guilt!
I worry about Myles more than anything. Right now he is our whole world and he is still a baby and needs a lot of attention and help with life. I hate that he is going to feel jealous and sad, maybe even angry, when the new baby gets here. I actually felt this way about our dog when we had Myles and feel bad for him too. Poor Rio has been struggling with the change and the baby isn’t even here yet!
Occasionally, I worry about how to even manage two kids alone. I know I’ll have help at the beginning, I have an amazing husband who is a wonderful father and family near by who can help too! I try not to actually think about how to care for two kids on no sleep because it’s a little scary and stressful. I’ll figure it out as it comes, don’t we all?!
Things To Figure Out
A lot of people have asked about a nursery. I haven’t really put one together. Myles will be going through enough changes and sleeps great in his room at night (naps are another story) and I don’t want to disrupt that. The new baby will be in our room for the first couple months and I feel like we will be back in Memphis when it’s time for him to be in his own room. I did buy a second crib in Memphis because he will be older by than and I’m not ready for Myles to be out of his crib. He’s too adventurous and we have a good thing going on now! When we are back in Ohio next summer Myles will definitely be in a toddler bed and the new baby will have his crib.Another reason I haven’t actually set up a nursery is because I think they will share a room. I loved sharing a room with my siblings. I know they are young but if they don’t keep each other up I think it will be great for them to share. With that said,  I have a changing pad on my current dresser that I have filled with clothes, diapers and wipes and that is the “nursery”.

Some Facts
– No stretch marks with either pregnancy… so lucky! Thanks to Palmer’s Cocoa Butter.
– I gained 38 pounds with Myles and so far 32 pounds with this baby (3 weeks to go!).
– I breastfed Myles for 14 months and hope to have a good experience with this baby (fingers crossed).
– I craved macaroni and cheese during the first trimester.
– I’m self conscious of my belly button that popped out much sooner this pregnancy.
– My workout routines remained the same with a few adjustments towards the end. I actually ran the St. Jude half marathon at 4 months pregnant!
– Myles came on his due date so I’m assuming this baby will too!
– I had to have an emergency C-section with Myles and I’m hoping to have a VBAC this time around.
– I want to have a third child or to keep having children till I have that complete feeling 🙂 I love being a mom and having a family with my husband. It is so rewarding.
The Breakdown:
This outfit screams spring with all of the pastels. I am loving lavender lately and have purchased a blazer, sneakers, and occasionally due my eye makeup in this color. During Memphis Fashion Week I wore this dress with the blazer and had a whole lot of lavender going on but it was fantastic. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any solo pictures in that outfit. Back to this look, I added this ruffled denim jacket for a more casual and playful vibe. The dress cannot be worn without at jacket this far in my pregnancy. There are just too many bumps popping out all over! I wore these nude open toe shoes to switch up my look from the white mules I’ve been wearing daily. My shoes come in black and in a closed toe version that I have my eye on!
Click here to read about about my pregnancy with Myles.
jacket | Rebecca Taylor ‘Denim Peplum Jacket’ (more sizes here)
dress | Ena Costa ‘Rib Tank Dress
shoes | Steve Madden ‘Ferris Knit Peep Toe Booties’ (in black)
bag | Burberry Spring 2014 Bag (similar)
earrings | (similar)
necklace | Express (similar)

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I’m Ready For Spring in Florals

Flowers are officially blooming and I’m stocking my wardrobe up with floral prints. The first day of spring was Tuesday and in Memphis it was a dreary, cold and rainy day. I know spring is a mix of rain and sunshine but I’m so ready for the warmth to be here for good!
I’m so ready for warmer weather that today I bought a few indoor plants, potted them and scattered them around the house. I usually do my outdoor flowers in the middle or end of April but I think my belly will be too big for that this year.
Still having to wear my suede booties because it isn’t quite warm enough to go full on spring style with sandals and a short dress.
The Breakdown:
 You may have seen I wore a black fitted dress with flowers on it for my baby shower earlier this week. I’m realizing fitted dresses are very comfortable right now and will it me post baby too. Fitted dresses can show off a little too much especially when I have a large bump growing in the front and all my other bumps are growing a little also. Adding a jacket helps balance out the look and is handy when the temperature drops at night. When the weather is warmer I’ll wear this dress with flat sandals and a cropped denim vest.
jacket | Free People ‘Denim Jacket
dress | H&M (designer version here)
shoes | Sigerson Morrison ‘Kiran Bow Suede Booties’ (similar for less)
sunglasses | Ray-Ban ‘Round Double-Bridge Sunglasses’ (similar for less)
bag | Balenciaga ‘Round Small Embroidered Bag

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A Nursing Dress And A Men’s Shearling Jacket

The title of this post is a little confusing. So let me explain. The reason I’m wearing a nursing dress is because it’s maternity too. It has a little secret access point to make nursing a little more obscure. I also am a little bigger all over than I normally am and some of my jackets aren’t comfortable so I’ve been looking at the other side of the closet for things to wear, like this awesome shearling denim jacket of my husbands.
I splurged on these Chloe studded ankle boots and they were 50% off but I found an amzing look for less that I’m so excited about and anyone who likes the shoes I’m wearing should buy these ones here!
 I’ve talked about borrowing clothes from my husbands side of the closet (here and here) and I’ll briefly mention it again. Not only can you borrow clothes but accessories too. The other day I complimented my friend on her necklace and she told me it was her husbands and that the shirt she was wearing was actually his too! She was wearing it has a tunic with leggings and had her own jacket over it but it was super cute and a new outfit for her. I’ve borrowed a couple shirts from my husband but jackets are my favorite and maybe a sweater (especially during these pregnant days). The jackets and sweaters are a little big but oversized fashion has been having a moment. I make sure to wear something fitted so I’m not completely swallowed up by what I’ve borrowed.
I also need to talk about dressing for the right season. It is finally March and the weather is starting to warm up but it is still technically winter and after wearing this dress I was reminded why I should have saved it for the spring… because I’m so pale!! Early March is my peak paleness because I’ve gone all winter with zero sun. Usually we go somewhere warm for a few days over President’s weekend but we werne’t able to go due to my husbands surgery he had. Everyone agrees they look a little better with some color, not much but just a little.
The Breakdown:
Although I’m complaining about this outfit because I’m showing so much skin on my legs and they are too pale to be seen in public I do think this is a great transition outfit. To keep the dress winter friendly I made sure to wear these velvet studded booties and tossed on a shearling jacket. The dress I’m wearing can be worn for any season depending on how you style it. I suppose in the west coast this outfit would be accepted easier because it’s always a little warm and sunny but still technically winter which would solve my paleness problem and the warm winter days. When it comes down to it I should have got a spray tan before I decided to wear this!
jacket | Rag and Bone ‘Mens Shearling Jacket’ (similar for less)
dress | H&M ‘MAMA Nursing Dress
bag | Gucci (similar)
shoes | Chloe ‘Susana Stud Buckle Bootie
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