Products To Style 2B Curly Hair

The curls in my hair have definitely changed as I have gotten older and have gone through pregnancies. I would love if I could have my curls from middle school and high school! I do my best with what I have and get asked often what products I use so here in this post you can find products to style 2B curly hair. These products are for my type of hair. I learned about hair types after I had children since we all have very different curl patters. My hair is 2B and used to be a 2C.

After I wash and condition my hair I squeeze out as much water as I can then I put in this leave-in conditioner. I put my head upside down and scrunch the conditioner in. This step is what separated your curls and gives them definition. Next, I use my hair towel and wrap it up to dry a bit. After my hair is wrapped for maybe 5 minutes or so I take it out and apply the products.

For the pictures in this post I used this gel. I could pass on the blueberry scent but the gel is great. I keep my head upside down and scrunch this into my hair. Flip my head over and make sure I have product everywhere I need it. You want to make sure you aren’t using too much product or too heavy of a product for your hair type. What I use in my hair is different than what I put in my sons hair, which is different then what my other sons hair needs. If there are pieces of curls that aren’t curling like you want them to you can wrap them around your finger and hold it for a while to help the curl gets its shape.2b curly hair styleDiffusing your hair is key. When I don’t diffuse my hair the top ends up with barely any curls (pretty sure that’s due to years of curling and blow drying my hair, or pregnancy!). I love to let my hair air dry but for bouncier curls it is very important to use a diffuser to dry your hair, this helps give it more body and minimize frizz. I don’t use the diffuser to dry my hair 100% but enough that my curls are defined and I think they’ll stay in place. I let the rest air dry.

My curls behaved this day but when my hair seems a little too straight on top or it’s my second day curls I will use a curling wand to enhance my curls. Pick a size that is close to your natural curl. I use my T3 styling wand and curl the top pieces on my head some any other that seem a little straggly.

Last I spray Ouai Wave Spray and a little hairspray to tame flyaways. 

Love votre rêve!