Clean Floors For My Crawling Baby

memphis floor cleaningWomen go into extreme nesting mode while they are pregnant. Everything needs a home, the nursery should be perfect and nothing out of place. That wasn’t the case for me. Of course I would love for everything to be in its place but with living between 2 states and a toddler it just wasn’t going to happen for me. I have a nesting mode part 2 which is when my babies become mobile. Having clean floors is an obsession when my babies start to crawl. We wear our shoes throughout the house, we have a dog that opens the door on his own from when he is outside and the floors just get dirty, even when they are mopped once a week. I was thrilled to be able to work with America’s Best Carpet & Tile to get area rugs and tile cleaned.

We stop and drop to play anywhere in the house and our tiled hall is filled with natural light and Noah and I often chase Myles up and down this area and end up on the floor. We have a small nook that has a rug and some baby toys that the kids end up on but now that Noah is a pro crawler he is off that rug in a second and on to the tile floor. Having clean floors is so important with little ones, Noah puts everything in his mouth, including his fingers so to know the floors are clean gives me a small piece of mind.

Like I mentioned before, the toddler, the baby and the dog means sticky hands, spit up and mud are all common yucky things that end up on our floors. Every once in a while to get our floors and rugs professionally cleaned is a must. Ever since America’s Best Carpet & Tile came to my house I have been obsessed with looking at the floors. Our tile is so crisp and clean and there is not a spec on our area rugs. I am loving our clean floors and my babies are too!
memphis carpet cleaning
memphis floor cleaningmemphis floor cleaningmemphis floor cleaningmemphis floor cleaningmemphis carpet cleaningSpring cleaning is just around the corner so it is the perfect time to get your tile and rugs professionaly cleaned. Enter below for a chance to win a 3 room floor cleaning (carpet or tile) from America’s Best Carpet & Tile!
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memphis carpet cleaningmemphis floor cleaningThis post is in collaboration with America’s Best Carpet & Tile. As always, all opinions are my own.

Live votre rêve!


lace and rips

i want to start off by saying that i really enjoy this dark blue and black combo. i feel like we have always been told not to mix navy and black or brown and black. those colors were too close together. but i really like it.
ok, these shoes! eek! i REALLY love them. i wasn’t a fan of the pointy toe shoes at first because i felt like they made my feet look extra long (which they do) but it’s really not so bad. you saw here in my first fashion post that i have them in white. i have to give a big thanks to my friend Brandon for both of these great gifts. they are by far the most comfortable flats i own. 
i wore the same earrings and necklace with this outfit as i did in this one. i apparently enjoy this combo.
Rio did such a good job watching us shoot. 
the breakdown:
i knew i wanted to wear this shirt with black skinny jeans. i chose distressed jeans to add some edge to the lace, that’s just how i was feeling that day. this day was warm but with a cool breeze. i used to wear flip flops and Uggs and not much in between. my toes are always cold and a cute closed to flat or sneaker is the perfect in between choice. 
tank | Lovers + Friends ‘poppy cami’
jeans | Frame ‘le color rip skinny’ in noir [here, here and similar for less]
shoes | Miu Miu ‘metal cap toe skate shoe’ [here and similar for less and less]
earrings | Gorjana ‘taner’ 
necklace | Sugar Bean ‘pave V’ 
bracelets | Vita Fede
sunglasses | Prada [similar]
live vivre rêve!



the warmer days have me ready to wear lighter colored clothes, i started this outfit by with these cream jeans that i got sometime last year. next, the shoes. i knew i wanted to wear these shoes with these pants, with some top, somewhere. a black tee was my go to but it made the outfit seem too much like Fall (especially since these shoes are Halloween colors). 
since it’s actually Spring and i am trying to get into my pastel colored clothes i really wanted to wear a color. but what goes with orange? definitely not red. but for some reason this color shirt was the only thing that stood out to me in my closet, maybe it’s the pink undertones. you may love it or you may hate it. i think the stripes is what made me like it, i’m pretty sure i wouldn’t have worn this outfit with solid orange shoes. 

can’t go wrong with stacking a bunch of Alex and Ani bangles. this is my favorite of the bunch. 
i got these sunglasses two Summers ago at a Fendi store in China. 
my first choker!

Rio got to join me! it was the perfect day for a photo shoot and a walk. i was trying to get some love from him but he was too distracted. 
tee | Rag and Bone ‘pocket tee’
jeans | Hudson ‘leeloo super skinny crop’ 
sneakers | Giuseppe Zanotti snake-embossed sneakers [similar here and these would be cute]
sunglasses | Fendi [similar here
necklace | J.Crew ‘threaded choker necklace’ 
bangles | Alex and Ani [mine came from Indigo also here]
photos by Ailsa
live votre rêve 

My Style

a slight fur moment

this sweater was love at first site. at second site, i had doubts. 
i started to think that maybe i would look like a bird who was plucking its feathers or maybe a dog that needed to be brushed. i put the sweater in my maybe pile and when it was time to check out i went with my first feeling (which was: {this is so cool, i have to have it. i LOVE it!} ). 

a couple of my husband’s friends had jokes but i was well prepared. 
i prefer not to post such an enlarged image of my face BUT the earrings! they are Elizabeth Cole, i got them from SHOPBOP
my dog will most likely make some type of appearance in the majority of these posts. his name is Rio and he goes everywhere with me. you can learn more about him later. 
on a side note, i need a nice camera. any recommendations?
*sweater | USE UNUSED ‘rys flake sweater’ in beige
*jeans | 3×1 ‘crop skinny zip’
shoes | IRO ‘kasey cone heel booties’
earrings | Elizabeth Cole ‘aeryn ear cuff’
ring | J. Crew ‘industrial bolt ring’
dog | Rio
*my sweater and jeans are both from a new boutique in Memphis called 20twelve. you can find anything from jewelry to interiors. they don’t have a website but check out their facebook page and hopefully if you are in town you can stop by!

live votre rêve!


i am thankful

Thanksgiving is here and Christmas is just around the corner but the otherday looked like Spring! It rained nonstop, around 5 o’clock the sun started to come out (still raining) and the most amazing rainbow appeared! I stared so long I was able to take a picture and still enjoy the beautiful site with my own eyes.

i thought my dog was enjoying the rainbow too but i see he isn’t looking in the right direction, he must have his eyes on a goose!

happy Thanksgiving


live votre rêve!