How To Wear Plaid During Summer

Plaid is often on winter fabrics like flannel and wool and is associated with colder months. Last year I got this one shoulder ruffled top and wasn’t sure how often I would wear it. The fabric is light and perfect for summer but the print is dark and works better for fall. Well, last week I figured out how to make plaid work perfectly for summer.

The biggest factor for making plaid work during summer is material. The material of your plaid needs to be a light fabric, stay away from flannel, wool and leather and look for cotton, linen, silk and other light fabrics. You also need to consider the material of the rest of your outfit. Light washes, rattan shoes or bag, colored jewelry are things that style your outfit for summer. 

The Breakdown:
I wore this top in the winter with a pair of black cropped denim pants, white booties and a leather jacket tossed over my shoulders. Six months later and 40 degrees warmer I was ready to style my plaid top again. Light washed denim, raffia sandals, a woven bag and pink accessories made the plaid perfect for summer.

top | MISA Los Angeles
jeans | Abercrombie ‘High Rise Mom Jeans
belt | Gucci (similar)
shoes | Carrie Forbes ‘Naima Slides
bag | Billabong x Sincerely Jules ‘Keep It Simple Tote
accessories | from Rowe Boutique

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How To Wear Black To A Wedding

black dress to a wedding
Wedding season is in full gear and the save the dates and invitations are stacking up high. I love going to weddings. I enjoy dressing up and getting to celebrate the newly wed couple with family and friends. Figuring out what to wear to a wedding can be stressful just like getting dressed for any occasion but weddings seem more difficult because there are rules. There are many exceptions to the rules so bare with me. Do not wear white to a wedding, do not wear black to a wedding, don’t upstage the bride, try not to look like a bridesmaid, don’t show too much skin, make sure you can sit and dance in your dress, if it’s outside don’t wear a stiletto heel and on and on. I broke down a guide for him and her on what to wear to certain style of wedding, read that dress to a weddingblack dress to a wedding
Do not wear black to wedding. Is this an acutal rule? Has anyone told you not to wear black to a wedding? About four years ago I was painting my grandma-in-laws nails talking about what I was going to wear to a wedding I had coming up and I mentioned one particular outfit and then mentioned a safe choice of wearing a black dress I already had. She immideiately was like noooooo, you can’t wear black to a wedding. It took me a minute to realize she was very serious. Her comment stuck with me, so although I try not to wear blac,k sometimes black is just your color and what you want to wear.

Now let me tell you the key to wearing black to a wedding is to keep it light and fresh. This can be easily done with accessories. I don’t attend a wedding without a jacket. Weddings that take place outdoors during the mid summer heat usually end up with a reception indoors with chilling air conditioning. This pastel pink blazer is the perfect touch to my simple black dress making it summer wedding appropriate. There are plenty of options for colored jackets that can be dressed down or dressed up. If you are a hot box and don’t plant on bringing a jacket then opt for colorful shoes and/or jewelry.
rowe boutique accessories
black dress to a wedding
Shop black dresses:

Shop colored jackets:

valas clara toteblack dress to a wedding

The Breakdown:
All black can be a bit dark to wear to such a happy celebration. I am also one to feel self-conscious in a fitted dress to a wedding. Adding this pink blazer solved all my problems. It added some color and covered up the tightness of my dress. All of my accessories are from a boutique in Columbus called Rowe that I love. Weddings are fun and exciting and this bold necklace added the right about 0f fun and excitment to my outfit!

blazer | Joie ‘Kierra B Blazer
dress | purchased in Venice
shoes | Giueseppe Zanottie
bag | Valas ‘Clara Tote Bag
jewelry | Rowe Boutique

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What Is Too White to Wear to a Wedding?

Misa ruffle dress wedding attire
When I first saw this white striped ruffle dress I thought it was a jumpsuit. The way the bottom ruffles and slits form make it look just like a jumpsuit. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it on and it was a dress. The bow detailing on the sleeves is so darling and really made this dress standout. I got this dress days before I would be attending a rehearsal dinner and it got me thinking, is this dress too white to wear and what is too white to wear to a wedding?
too white to wear to a wedding too white to wear to a wedding
Bridal showers, rehearsal dinners, and weddings are the three events that women have to be really thoughtful with what they wear. It’s always up to the bride to decide if you can wear white, cream, ivory, off-white, etc. to their big events. If you don’t know the bride don’t even think about wearing any shade of white. If you are friends with the bride or she is family ask if her she cares what you wear.

For my wedding, I wanted my mom and mother-in-law to wear cream with gold or silver undertones because they looked tied in with the bridal party and made pictures look great. If a wedding guest wore white I would have been like “what the heck?” but I would not have let it bother me because it really doesn’t matter. For my rehearsal I didn’t wear white myself and it didn’t bother me one bit if anyone else wore white.

One time I wore a cream lace dress to my friends bridal shower. I asked if she cared and she said she didn’t. She was the type of friend I knew wouldn’t mind but I wanted to ask anyways. I also attended a wedding where the bride walked down the aisle in a stunning red Vera Wang gown and the wedding guests were required to wear white or black!

You’re better safe than sorry and I’d stay aways from white, cream, ivory or off-white when attending anything wedding related unless you are given the OK from the bride! Beware, she may be offeneded by just you asking if you can wear white.
too white to wear to a wedding
too white to wear to a wedding too white to wear to a wedding too white to wear to a wedding

The Breakdown:
This dress is so much prettier on than hanging on the hanger. Once I had it on I felt like I had to have it. I wasn’t sure where I was going to go in it, but somewhere. I didn’t end up wearing this to the rehearsal dinner but I had my birthday and our anniversary in the same week and knew I’d wear it to something! I stuck with nude shoes to help elongate my legs and a simple earring. There is a lot going on with the strips and ruffles so the dress doesn’t need much. I thought I wanted to wear a necklace but none looked right, I think it was because the bow detailing on the sleeves. Sometimes you need to try a few things on until you get the right feeling.

Would you wear white to any wedding related events??

dress | Misa Los Angeles ‘Rosa Dress
shoes | Alexander Wang (similar)
earrings | from Rowe Boutique  (similar)
ring (on index finger) | GorjanaSkyler Cuff Ring

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Summer Chic In Stripes

For some reason I have had a difficult time finding weather appropriate clothing this summer. The biggest challenge for me is finding lightweight clothing that I can also nurse in. All of my short summer dresses have made their way to the back of my closet because in order to nurse in them I have to hike the whole dress up which cannot be done in public and not easily done in the car (a place I find myself nursing too often). A lot of my jumpsuits don’t work either becuase I can’t pull the straps down and most of my button up rompers and dresses are denim which is too heavy for this hot summer we are having. Insert this striped button front culotte jumpsuit. This jumpsuit has come to the rescue so many times this summer. When I want to wear something on trend but have my baby with me this jumpsuit is a no brainer.  The Breakdown:

I’ve been on the hunt for new wedges this summer and have yet to find a pair until now. I was searing for something similar to what I’m wearing in these photos but since these shoes are 3 years old they are no longer available. I did find these leather wedges by the same designer but only 3 sizes left! Luckily they have a pair in my size, woo hoo! Anyways, I just love this outfit. I wear this often with flats but it felt nice to dress up a little. This oversized denim jacket is perfect for summer, it had been too hot to even wear it but it’s perfect for those me when I’m with those that blast their AC.

jumpsuit | American Eagle ‘Button Front Culotte Jumpsuit
jacket | American Eagle ‘Destroy Denim Boyfriend Jacket’ (in white)
wedges | Aquazzura (similar)
necklace | Zenzii ’Triple Tassel Fringe Necklace’ (from Rowe Boutique)
bracelet | Gorjana ‘Hanna Drusy Wrap Bracelet
ring | Gorjana ‘Skyler Cuff Ring

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