Where To See Fall Foliage Near Salt Lake City

fall foliage near Salt Lake City

Last weekend I really wanted to drive up to the mountains and check out the fall foliage near Salt Lake City. From our house, I can see the rust-colored tint the mountains have right now and I just can’t imagine how beautiful they are in person! Since I’m not from here and this is only my second fall here in Utah, I asked my amazing followers where the best places to see fall foliage near Salt Lake City and I have a great list to share with you!

My oldest really wanted to go to a creek so I was really looking for fall foliage near a creek or water that I could do alone with my 5, 3, and 1-year old.
fall foliage near Salt Lake City
I did try and drive up to see the fall foliage last week and it got too dark way too fast! We drove up Millcreek Canyon and couldn’t even drive up to the color because we were losing light too quickly. Daylight savings hasn’t even happened yet and it’s already very dark at 7:30 pm!
fall foliage near Salt Lake City

Where to drive to see the fall foliage near Salt Lake City:

Mueller Park. In Bountiful and has a small creek that the kids can play in and throw rocks in. Most of this area is paved and you could use a stroller.
Millcreek Canyon. This is the closest canyon to  Salt Lake City. It isn’t as high in elevations as the other canyons but it is beautiful and easy to get to.
Brighton Ski Resort. There are a few lakes to walk and hike to here. First, you’ll come across Silver Lake. I did this one once last winter, most of it is a boardwalk and a well-established trail so you can take stroller and can alwasy turn around. When walking around Silver Lake you’ll come to a fork that branches off to Lake Solitude and Silver Lake. Lake Solitude is on my list for the fall and Silver Lake I want to do next spring/summer.
Little Cottonwood Canyon. Park at the White Pine trailhead, there is a bridge that goes over the creek/river. You can take the hike to Gloria Falls. You hike along a little creek up to a waterfall.
Big Cottonwood Canyon. Go all the way up the canyon to Guardsmans Pass and drive through Midway on Pine Canyon for an amazing scenic drive. Lots of Aspen trees!
East Canyon by way of Parleys. There is a reservoir called Little Dell Reservoir, it’s past the Mountain Dell Golf Course.
– Alpine Scenic Loop up in Sundance. The Alpine Loop connects American Fork Canyon and Provo Canyon. This has been on my list since I moved here but it always seemed too far from us. If I don’t make it this year, next year it will be at the top of my list!
American Fork Canyon. This canyon leads to the Alpine Loop. Once you get to the Alpine Summit you can hike easily to Cascade Springs which is great for children.
Provo Canyon. There is a river that runs up the whole. canyon all the way to Deer Creek Reservoir.

fall foliage near Salt Lake Cityfall foliage near Salt Lake City
fall foliage near Salt Lake City

Absolutely love this time of year and am so happy I am able to be in Utah to see so much beauty. There are a number of different places to see fall foliage near Salt Lake City and definitely a little something for everyone!

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How I Feel About Instagram Hiding My Likes

tiger print dress  Two months ago it happened. The likes from my Instagram account disappeared. At first I couldn’t believe Instagram actually hid them, I had heard so much about likes disappearing but wasn’t sure if it would actually ever happen. What I didn’t realize was that I was one of a select few. Now I’m figuring how I feel about Instagram hiding my likes.

tiger print dressA little bit of how it works. For my account and other accounts I see it will say “[name of Instagram account] and others” under the post where likes would typically appear. It may also say “[name of Instagram account] and hundreds of others” or “[name of Instagram account] and thousands of others”. A person having 100 likes looks the same as a person have 999 likes. What you can do is click on the “and others” to see which accounts have liked and I suppose you could count each account if you were desperate to know how many they had but are likes really that important?

As far as my account goes, it looks the same as other accounts. I do have a business account therefore I have access to view my insights. I can see my likes, profile visits, impressions, and more. When my likes first got taken away I would go over to my personal private account, view Living LeReve and check it that way. Totally cheating the system but I wasn’t used to not seeing my likes. The reason I feel better having access to my likes is to know what my followers wants to see more of. If a post only gets a couple of hundred likes I need to think why and make some changes. Low likes on a photo could be due to the time I chose to post, the caption or lack of, or just the photo itself.
tiger print dresstiger print dress

I think it’s a good thing for Instagram to hide the number of likes. I never let the likes get to me too much, I would surely be confused why some photos did better than others or how some other accounts had more than me. Now that I can’t see how many likes other influencers have it has made me compare myself to others a lot less which is really important. Seeing others’ likes also influenced how I viewed their profile. If I was looking to follow someone new, I would check their feed and if I liked the overall aesthetic I would then look at their engagement. If this person had a high engagement rate then I was more likely to follow them because they seemed more legit rather than me just choosing to follow them solely on if I liked their images or not.

Hiding likes will be a good thing. It will take some getting used to for sure especially since the number of likes is such an important metric for content creators. But as long as we can see our own I think that is all we need.tiger print dress

The Breakdown:
Most of you know my son loves tigers so when I see tigers on clothes or a tiger print I feel like I need to have it. When I saw this tiger print dress I just had to try it on. At first I wasn’t sure about the shape of the dress itself. The dress is a midi length, has a high neck and long sleeves so I felt like there was too much fabric and covered up too much. Adding the denim jacket broke up the print which I love. I also added a belt to elevate the style of the dress. The dress came with a black fabric belt but I like the structure of my leather belt better.

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How To Wear Neon In Your 30’s

how to wear neon in your 30’s
This post is how to wear neon in your 30’s but this could also be how to wear neon at any age. I was going to title in How to Wear Neon When Neon Isn’t Your Thing but that didn’t sound right. I like neon, I like trends and I like to try them out to see if the trend is for me. I bought a neon bodysuit to try but I didn’t like it, I bought a cute neon tie-dyed sweatshirt but didn’t like it and I tried a few other neon pieces of clothing and they all end up getting returned.
how to wear neon in your 30’s For me, I feel neon is for the younger crowd. I don’t feel like I am that old or that I look that old but I can tell you one this and it is that I don’t feel right wearing a lot of neon. Subtle hints of neon are more my thing like this sweater. I just love how the neon is there and it makes a statement without being too loud. Now that I know how to wear neon for myself I started looking online for other items that have only a little bit of neon and there is a lot out there. You can find neon on clothes to shoes and bags, from dresses to activewear and I put my favorites together below.


how to wear neon in your 30’show to wear neon in your 30’s

how to wear neon in your 30’s how to wear neon in your 30’s

how to wear neon in your 30’s
The Breakdown:
I am in love with this sweater. It’s the first bit of neon in my wardrobe and now I want more. I ordered these booties (currently 40% off) when I got this sweater and I feel like they go really well together. The shoes would look really cute with a casual dress too. I chose to wear my trusty boyfriend jeans because I wear them all the time and work with any top and any pair of shoes. I’m wearing a Rebecca Minkoff bag and I haven’t bought one of her bags in years (used to love this pink bag), I have been missing out though because this one is fantastic!

sweater | J.O.A
jeans | BDG Urban Outfitters
booties | Unravel Project
bag | Rebecca Minkoff
necklace | Urban Outfitters

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Holiday Shopping At City Creek Center

City Creek CenterMy holiday shopping has been a little different this season. Since this is my first time living in Salt Lake City I am still figuring out what the best stores and shops are. Lucky for me (and all of you!) there is one destination that has anything and everything you need to do your holiday shopping and that is City Creek Center. Along with having all the stores to do your holiday shopping, City Creek Center is also extremely family friendly. Being new to Salt Lake City I have been very impressed with how family friendly shopping can be and how much is available for children.City Creek Center
City Creek Center
I chose to do my holiday shopping at City Creek Center because they have all the stores but also because I can break up the shopping with activities for my boys. The most popular amongst my boys is watching the fish. Did you know this shopping center has hundreds of fish that swim among the rocks? My boys could sit and watch the fish swim all day if I let them. You can actually feed the fish too! They offer this on Saturday mornings between 10:00 am and 10:30 am. It is first come first serve so keep that in mind. Another go-to for my boys is the fountain. The America First Credit Union Fountain Show runs at the top of the hour every hour during operating hours. After dusk the fountain show has fire accents!City Creek CenterSaving the most important for last which is visiting Santa Clause. The perk about going to visit with Santa at City Creek (other than he is the sweetest and the most kind) is that you check in with your name and number and then you will get a text when it’s your turn! This way you can grab lunch, coffee or do your holiday shopping and there is no waiting in line! For more information regarding Santa photos click here.City Creek Center
City Creek CenterI’m so glad to live in a city with the beautiful City Creek Center that has so many stores for adults, children, home and more. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!City Creek Center
This post is in collaboration with City Creek Center. As always, all opinions are my own.

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My First Week In SLC

Today officially marks my first week in Salt Lake City. I am feeling so settled and comfortable even without a house. I love our condo, its location is perfect. The boys and I enjoy walking around downtown and they love riding the train/tram/trolley, the form of public transportation. We recently discovered the library which is something we love to do in any city we are in. I found a great coffee shop, Creek Tea where they have the best cactus nectar tea late and I get so much accomplished every time I’m there. The tea shop happens to be right below my new favorite workout place Maven Strong. I also went to Campos Coffee the other day and really loved it!

The first few days I was here were Jazz related so I now have a good feel of how the games will go, where to park, how the family room operates and who everyone in the room is. I still need a refresher on some names but everyone is no nice and I can’t wait to hang out with them more!

My biggest struggle, you may be thinking it’s the boys sharing a room which I was so worried about, but is actually getting Myles to wear clothes for this cool weather!!! Every day is a struggle, most days I let him wear shorts because it hasn’t been that cold until today and he did leave the house in pants and a long sleeve shirt but that was after many tears! I sure hope this doesn’t continue throughout the winter.

On to the boys sharing a room. It’s not so bad after all. Last night Noah was crying shortly after Myles went to bed so that woke him up and he came out to tell me Noah was crying. Myles suggested I tell him “shhh, it’s ok boy” which was so sweet. Noah does little cries throughout the night that haven’t woken up Myles which is amazing. Myles will cry out in the night and get out of bed to come to our room and that hasn’t woke up Noah which I am shocked by. I do have a noisemaker in there which helps and Noah is in the closet (the door is open!) in a travel crib so there is some space between the two. Whether or not the boys should share a room in the new house is still up to debate. I have 8 days to decide!

Yesterday I met up with another blogger, Krychele of Carnations and Lace with our boys to pick out some pumpkins. I met Krychele during NYFW and I had all sorts of questions to ask her since she was from Utah and  I was going to be new to Salt Lake City. So fun we actually get to hang out now!

I am so ready to decorate for Halloween. I bought two little cute skeletons and one is already broken! Decorating the house may be one of the first things I do! My sister and her three boys come next weekend so I also hope to have the house ready enough for all of us to sleep there!

The Breakdown:
Yesterday was absolutely freezing. I knew it was cold but it felt so nice in the sun. Once we arrived at Cornbelly’s we realized how windy it was. Poor Noah was miserable and wanted nothing to do with anything. He didn’t want to walk, be held, play, eat, jump or swing. I’m pretty sure he just wanted to get back in the warm car and drive home. He was pretty bundled except for that right shoe that kept falling off. I had made a quick trip to the mall before heading out to buy a few warmer things!

hat | (similar here)
jacket | H&M ‘Short Pile Coat
sweater | Express ‘Fuzzy Balloon Sleeve Pullover Sweater
jeans | Madewell ‘Button Front High Rise Skinny Jeans
boots | Marc Fisher ‘Izzie Genuine Shearling Lace-Up Boots‘ (click here and enter LTDFALL430 at check out to enjoy 20% off)

coat | hat | pants | shoes

coat | pants | shoes

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