Spring Shopbob Sale || My Top 50 Items

I love gearing up for spring! Warmer weather, brighter clothes, sandals, lighter jackets, fun jewelry, what’s not to love. The spring Shopbop sale is in full swing and I put together my favorite items. They are selling out quick so if you see something you like add it to your cart right away! I placed my first order a few days ago and some of those items have already sold out!  After making this collage, I placed another order because there were more things I wanted. I know I won’t keep it all but I love an updated wardrobe for a new season.

50 items is a lot but I just couldn’t narrow it down. Some of these things I already have and are tried and true. Some I want but have no need for it and others I have ordered and are on the way! There is quite a bit of denim so I gave it it’s own category. My go-to brand of jeans has been Frame for years. I I once loved a style so much I bought it in 4 different colors and wore them in almost ever blog post. This pair of Frame denim I have in a lighter wash and the distressing on the bottom is perfect (see my DIY on how to add hem deconstruction to your jeans). As far as new denim for spring, I am obsessing over the two-tone look, I love it so much I added this this white and blue denim and this color-blocked denim. Before our All-Star trip I ordered this pair of two-tone pants and got so many compliments. Unfortunately, those have already sold out or I would have added them to the list! That pair is available here, though! The last pair I want to point out is these white denim joggers. These seem like the perfect pant to wear this spring when you feel like wearing sweatpants but know you shouldn’t!
spring shopbop sale
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Next up we have shoes. Originally I was going to mix my shoe choices in with accessories but then I realized I had chosen too many. Of course no one needs all these shoes but when I take a look at all of them I see some trends. My favorite being the croc shoes. The green pair I am swooning over, it comes in black too. This brown croc option is really pretty too, I love that it has a bit of a higher heel and the thickness of the heel will allow you to walk in the grass, perfect for an outdoor wedding or shower. I want to update my black summer sandal and I can’t decide between the black croc mule or the black leather thong sandal. I already ordered these sandals and these sandals (second guessing this option right now) and I really hope they are comfortable, I love the jewels on them. They are scheduled to arrive Wednesday so I’ll keep you posted! These flip-flops are basic but so amazing. I ordered a pair every  year or so because I wear them so often. I’m not a fan of wearing rubber flip-flops out and about- those are for the pool and beach but make them leather and you can wear them anywhere!
spring shopbop sale
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Time for jewelry and accessories! I will continue to layer my jewelry, mix silver and gold but now I will add bright colors like this bracelet. The beach bag I bought last month is no longer available but they do have a rose gold version I added that I think would be so fun for the beach and pool. I’m also stocking up on sunglasses, I can’t remember the last time I bought new sunglasses and now I can get them on sale! I have these colorful beaded bracelets and they are so easy to slip on and add some color to your outfit but I am really excited for this mama bracelet to arrive on Wednesday. I’m also updating my white crossbody to this pretty white bag. Lastly, I can’t forget to mention these earrings. You can loop the little circle at the end of the chain onto the hoop for a different style which is so neat.


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Now the clothes. Putting these collages together and writing this blog post took me much longer than I expected so I apologize for delivering my sale items so sporadically. I found the cutest little white dress that would be perfect for any brides bridal shower. There is also a stunning yellow dress that would be perfect for a wedding guest, this dress could work for an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding. I ordered these tie-dye sweat pants and the matching sweatshirt and I was so bummed that the sweatshirt has already sold out.

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Live votre rêve!