Products To Style 2B Curly Hair

The curls in my hair have definitely changed as I have gotten older and have gone through pregnancies. I would love if I could have my curls from middle school and high school! I do my best with what I have and get asked often what products I use so here in this post you can find products to style 2B curly hair. These products are for my type of hair. I learned about hair types after I had children since we all have very different curl patters. My hair is 2B and used to be a 2C.

After I wash and condition my hair I squeeze out as much water as I can then I put in this leave-in conditioner. I put my head upside down and scrunch the conditioner in. This step is what separated your curls and gives them definition. Next, I use my hair towel and wrap it up to dry a bit. After my hair is wrapped for maybe 5 minutes or so I take it out and apply the products.

For the pictures in this post I used this gel. I could pass on the blueberry scent but the gel is great. I keep my head upside down and scrunch this into my hair. Flip my head over and make sure I have product everywhere I need it. You want to make sure you aren’t using too much product or too heavy of a product for your hair type. What I use in my hair is different than what I put in my sons hair, which is different then what my other sons hair needs. If there are pieces of curls that aren’t curling like you want them to you can wrap them around your finger and hold it for a while to help the curl gets its shape.2b curly hair styleDiffusing your hair is key. When I don’t diffuse my hair the top ends up with barely any curls (pretty sure that’s due to years of curling and blow drying my hair, or pregnancy!). I love to let my hair air dry but for bouncier curls it is very important to use a diffuser to dry your hair, this helps give it more body and minimize frizz. I don’t use the diffuser to dry my hair 100% but enough that my curls are defined and I think they’ll stay in place. I let the rest air dry.

My curls behaved this day but when my hair seems a little too straight on top or it’s my second day curls I will use a curling wand to enhance my curls. Pick a size that is close to your natural curl. I use my T3 styling wand and curl the top pieces on my head some any other that seem a little straggly.

Last I spray Ouai Wave Spray and a little hairspray to tame flyaways. 

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What I Packed For Cabo || All Star Break 2022

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How I Choose Clothes To Be Nursing-Friendly

nursing-friendly outfits

While I was pregnant with my third child I was seeing a lot of first-time moms on social media talk about nursing-friendly outfits. I would use their link to swipe up and really look into the item of clothing, usually trying to figure out how it was nursing-friendly. Now, a lot of clothes were nursing-friendly but some just didn’t seem to cut it. My baby is now 8 months old and I am finally getting around to sharing what really makes an outfit nursing-friendly.

I am very comfortable nursing out in public because a baby needs to eat and this is a natural thing to do. I also have never used a nursing shield or cover. Actually, maybe a handful of times, but really, not many. I sometimes think using a nursing cover can draw more attention so I chose to use mine when my babies were really small and I needed to guide them more, my outfit just wasn’t cooperating, or if I’m with my husband because he is usually more uncomfortable than me!

nursing-friendly outfits

A few things to consider if you are easily trying to nurse your baby and don’t want to fully undress.
|| buttoned tops/dresses: dresses are the hardest to be nursing-friendly because you may have to lift up the whole dress or take the whole thing down and that is not going to work in public! I love to find things tops that have a few buttons at the top to open and easily nurse your baby.
|| zipper outfits: this includes the outfit I am wearing as well as hoodies. One of the first times I nursed my firstborn in public was after a hike with friends. We were out to lunch and I had on a nursing sports bra, a muscle tank, and a zip-up jacket. I easily slid my tank to the side, unclicked my strap, and used my jacket to go over the baby’s head in case the waiter was to walk by. It was perfect.
|| v-neck shirts: I didn’t learn this trick until my second. I always lifted my shirts up from the bottom to nurse but after talking to a friend who was nursing her second, she mentioned out all her v-neck shirts were stretched out from nursing. This really is super easy, pull down your shirt, unclip your bran and no one will even know what is going on.
|| muscle tanks: similar to the v-neck, with a muscle tank you can pull your shirt to the side to access your boob. This type of shirt might be the ultimate go-to.nursing-friendly outfits

golden goose rhinestone sneakers

The Breakdown:
When I saw this zipped up I knew this would be a great nursing-friendly option. I am still getting used to Utah spring where the weather changes more than I could imagine. Since the humidity is so low here it gets really cool outside when the sun goes down or behind a cloud so I thought this long sleeve short option was nice. I love flip flops but it’s much easier to chase kids in sneakers so I have been wearing them a lot more! By the way, this romper is soooooo soft. When I first put it on, I actually said “oh, wow!”, plus it’s under $100!

romper || Chaser
bag || Bottega Veneta 
shoes || Golden Goose
earrings || Revolve (40% off!)

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Spring Shopbob Sale || My Top 50 Items

I love gearing up for spring! Warmer weather, brighter clothes, sandals, lighter jackets, fun jewelry, what’s not to love. The spring Shopbop sale is in full swing and I put together my favorite items. They are selling out quick so if you see something you like add it to your cart right away! I placed my first order a few days ago and some of those items have already sold out!  After making this collage, I placed another order because there were more things I wanted. I know I won’t keep it all but I love an updated wardrobe for a new season.

50 items is a lot but I just couldn’t narrow it down. Some of these things I already have and are tried and true. Some I want but have no need for it and others I have ordered and are on the way! There is quite a bit of denim so I gave it it’s own category. My go-to brand of jeans has been Frame for years. I I once loved a style so much I bought it in 4 different colors and wore them in almost ever blog post. This pair of Frame denim I have in a lighter wash and the distressing on the bottom is perfect (see my DIY on how to add hem deconstruction to your jeans). As far as new denim for spring, I am obsessing over the two-tone look, I love it so much I added this this white and blue denim and this color-blocked denim. Before our All-Star trip I ordered this pair of two-tone pants and got so many compliments. Unfortunately, those have already sold out or I would have added them to the list! That pair is available here, though! The last pair I want to point out is these white denim joggers. These seem like the perfect pant to wear this spring when you feel like wearing sweatpants but know you shouldn’t!
spring shopbop sale
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Next up we have shoes. Originally I was going to mix my shoe choices in with accessories but then I realized I had chosen too many. Of course no one needs all these shoes but when I take a look at all of them I see some trends. My favorite being the croc shoes. The green pair I am swooning over, it comes in black too. This brown croc option is really pretty too, I love that it has a bit of a higher heel and the thickness of the heel will allow you to walk in the grass, perfect for an outdoor wedding or shower. I want to update my black summer sandal and I can’t decide between the black croc mule or the black leather thong sandal. I already ordered these sandals and these sandals (second guessing this option right now) and I really hope they are comfortable, I love the jewels on them. They are scheduled to arrive Wednesday so I’ll keep you posted! These flip-flops are basic but so amazing. I ordered a pair every  year or so because I wear them so often. I’m not a fan of wearing rubber flip-flops out and about- those are for the pool and beach but make them leather and you can wear them anywhere!
spring shopbop sale
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13

Time for jewelry and accessories! I will continue to layer my jewelry, mix silver and gold but now I will add bright colors like this bracelet. The beach bag I bought last month is no longer available but they do have a rose gold version I added that I think would be so fun for the beach and pool. I’m also stocking up on sunglasses, I can’t remember the last time I bought new sunglasses and now I can get them on sale! I have these colorful beaded bracelets and they are so easy to slip on and add some color to your outfit but I am really excited for this mama bracelet to arrive on Wednesday. I’m also updating my white crossbody to this pretty white bag. Lastly, I can’t forget to mention these earrings. You can loop the little circle at the end of the chain onto the hoop for a different style which is so neat.


spring shopbop sale1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14

Now the clothes. Putting these collages together and writing this blog post took me much longer than I expected so I apologize for delivering my sale items so sporadically. I found the cutest little white dress that would be perfect for any brides bridal shower. There is also a stunning yellow dress that would be perfect for a wedding guest, this dress could work for an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding. I ordered these tie-dye sweat pants and the matching sweatshirt and I was so bummed that the sweatshirt has already sold out.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

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NBA Game Day Outfits || December & January

I was organizing my January photos and writing out the dates of all the games in January when I decided to take a look at what I wore in December. You guys, apparently I forgot to write December’s game day looks! I hate to use the holiday excuse but it really is a busy time of year plus I had family in town. I should have planned more accordingly. But all is good because I added Decembers looks here!

12/4 Jazz v. LAL: showing off our Power Ranger moves! This sweater is beyond soft, wish it was still available! I usually have the boys with me at the games so I make sure I can easily walk in my shoes.
sweater | Express
jeans | Urban Outfitters
boots | Opening Ceremony

12/7 Jazz v. MEM: Every time I wear this jacket I love my outfit (loved this outfit).  These shoes are new and I think they make the outfit look much cooler and they are under $100!
jacket | similar
shirt | Current/Elliott
jeans | Mother Denim
shoes | Nine West
bag | Derek Lam 10 Crosby
necklace | Honey Rose & K

12/9 Jazz v. OKC: I was about to sell this jacket so I decided to wear it one more time to see if I love it enough to keep it. I like it but I think it may be worn more in someone else’s closet. My top is actually a workout top, it was sleeveless so the jacket was a must.
jacket | Greylin
top | Athleta
pants | BCBG Max Azria
shoes | Marc Fisher
earrings | Kendra Scott

12/13 Jazz v. GSW
jacket | Levi’s
earrings | Uncommon James
necklace | AUrate New York
jeans | similar
shoes | Joe’s Jeans
bag | Louis Vuitton

12/17 Jazz v. ORL
maybe didn’t go to this game?

12/23 Jazz @ MIA
jacket | BlankNYC
top | H&M
jeans | Ulla Johnson
bag | Rebecca Minkoff
earrings | Stella + Ruby
shoes | Alexander Wang (similar)nab game day looks
12/26 Jazz v. POR

jacket | TopShop (similar)
shirt & earrings| Ivory Closet in Memphis
chain necklace | Urban Outfitters
initial necklaces | Honey Rose & K
jeans | J Brand
shoes | NikeNBA game day looks

12/30 Jazz v. DET
hat | similar
jacket | H&M
shirt | similar
jeans | Frame Denim
necklace (thin)| AUrate
necklace (thick)| Urban Outfitters
shoes | Marc Fisher
bag | Rebecca MinkoffNBA game day looks

1/8 Jazz v. NYK
blazer | Acne Studio (similar)
bodysuit | Only Hearts
jeans | J Brand
shoes | Dolce Vita
necklaces | Honey Rose & K
bracelets | Shashi NBA game day looks

1/10 Jazz v. CHA
jacket | H&M
sweatshirt | Spiritual Gangster
jeans | Madewell
boots | Marc Fisher

1/18 Jazz v. SAC
sweater | Ella Moss
jeans | Blank NYC
shoes | Chloe
bag | Burberry
bar necklace | BubbleBar
choker | AUrate
hat | Banded

1/20 Jazz v. IND
jacket |
sweater | Gap
jeans | J Brand
sneakers | Nike
earrings | All SaintsNBA game day looks

1/25 Jazz v. DAL

blazer | Alice and Olivia (similar)
shirt | Amiri
jeans | similar
shoes | Vince
bag | Louis Vuitton
necklace (long) | Kendra Scott

1/27 Jazz v. HOU

jacket | similar
sweater | Vince
headband | Target
jeans | BDG
shoes | IRO
bag | Louis  VuittonNBA game day looks
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How I Feel About Instagram Hiding My Likes

tiger print dress  Two months ago it happened. The likes from my Instagram account disappeared. At first I couldn’t believe Instagram actually hid them, I had heard so much about likes disappearing but wasn’t sure if it would actually ever happen. What I didn’t realize was that I was one of a select few. Now I’m figuring how I feel about Instagram hiding my likes.

tiger print dressA little bit of how it works. For my account and other accounts I see it will say “[name of Instagram account] and others” under the post where likes would typically appear. It may also say “[name of Instagram account] and hundreds of others” or “[name of Instagram account] and thousands of others”. A person having 100 likes looks the same as a person have 999 likes. What you can do is click on the “and others” to see which accounts have liked and I suppose you could count each account if you were desperate to know how many they had but are likes really that important?

As far as my account goes, it looks the same as other accounts. I do have a business account therefore I have access to view my insights. I can see my likes, profile visits, impressions, and more. When my likes first got taken away I would go over to my personal private account, view Living LeReve and check it that way. Totally cheating the system but I wasn’t used to not seeing my likes. The reason I feel better having access to my likes is to know what my followers wants to see more of. If a post only gets a couple of hundred likes I need to think why and make some changes. Low likes on a photo could be due to the time I chose to post, the caption or lack of, or just the photo itself.
tiger print dresstiger print dress

I think it’s a good thing for Instagram to hide the number of likes. I never let the likes get to me too much, I would surely be confused why some photos did better than others or how some other accounts had more than me. Now that I can’t see how many likes other influencers have it has made me compare myself to others a lot less which is really important. Seeing others’ likes also influenced how I viewed their profile. If I was looking to follow someone new, I would check their feed and if I liked the overall aesthetic I would then look at their engagement. If this person had a high engagement rate then I was more likely to follow them because they seemed more legit rather than me just choosing to follow them solely on if I liked their images or not.

Hiding likes will be a good thing. It will take some getting used to for sure especially since the number of likes is such an important metric for content creators. But as long as we can see our own I think that is all we need.tiger print dress

The Breakdown:
Most of you know my son loves tigers so when I see tigers on clothes or a tiger print I feel like I need to have it. When I saw this tiger print dress I just had to try it on. At first I wasn’t sure about the shape of the dress itself. The dress is a midi length, has a high neck and long sleeves so I felt like there was too much fabric and covered up too much. Adding the denim jacket broke up the print which I love. I also added a belt to elevate the style of the dress. The dress came with a black fabric belt but I like the structure of my leather belt better.

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The Winter Accessory I Can’t Live Without

winter accessory chic mittens No one likes to be cold, right? Cold feet, cold ears, cold nose, cold hands, I don’t like any of these things to be cold. Living in Utah has me outside more than usual because I love the outdoors but it is much colder than Memphis’s winters. My socks are thicker, my shoes are chunkier, still wearing all my hats but if I forget it it’s not too big of a deal because most of my coats have a hood. The winter accessory I can’t live without are my new mittens!!

winter accessory chic mittens
winter accessory chic mittens
winter accessory chic mittensI have a few pair of gloves and they are great to wear while driving and being able to zip my kids coats up but they don’t enhance my outfit by any means. I even have a pair of tech gloves but they don’t really work so I mind as well go for the cuter look than the practical look. Don’t we all want to still look chic while staying warm? Another great thing about mittens is that they are so much easier to put on than gloves!
winter accessory chic mittenswinter accessory chic mittenswinter accessory chic mittens

jacket | Joie
bodysuit | Only Hearts (similar for less)
jeans | Fram Denim
shoes | Dolce Vita
gloves | Hybrid Mittens (come in the cutes neon pink)
bag | similar
necklaces | Honey Rose & K

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NBA Game Day Outifts || October & November

I am pretty excited to be starting this monthly post of rounding up my game day outfits. Sharing the details of my game day outfits is how I started blogging in the first place. Before kids I would very strategically plan my outfits, I paid attention to the day of the week, the opposing team, the season, the weather and I’m sure some other details here and there. Last fall I went a little further in detail explaining how I pick my game day outfits, you can read that here. I will have to write another post for attending games with the Utah Jazz since the weather is obviously very different plus our parking situation is different! Stay tuned for that.

Before I share all the details let me warn you a lot of things I wear are from years past. If it is no longer available I will do my best to find the most similar option and if it is a designer piece I will try and find a look for less!

You will notice I don’t usually wear Jazz apparel to the games but did you know American Eagle has some very cute Utah Jazz clothing items and so does Old Navy (my boys have this shirt)!? Another crazy one that I would be all over if we were in Memphis is this Zadig&Voltair tank! I have been a fan of Zadig&Voltaire for quite some time and now they have come out with an NBA line, just waiting for a Jazz tank!

10/5/ Preseason

sweater | H&M
pants | BCBG Max Azria (similar)
shoes | Nike

10/23 Jazz v. OKC

jacket | Abercrombie
shirt | Something Navy
pants | Tiger Mist from Shopbop
shoes | Steven by Steve Madden
bag | Alexander Wang

10/26 Jazz v. Sacramento

bodysuit | from 20Twelve
pants | BDG
bag | Diane Von Furstenburg
shoes | Dolce Vita
necklace | Vita Fede

10/30 Jazz v. Clippers

sweater | Veronica Beard (similar here and here)
jeans | Vici Dolls
boots | Steve Madden (similar)
hat | Target (similar here and here)
bag | Chloe

11/6 Jazz v. Philadelphia

blazer | Acne Studios (similar here and here)
top | Urban Outfitters
jeans | Urban Outfitters
shoes | Jimmy Choo (similar here)
necklace | Urban Outfitters
bag | Marc Jacobs

11/8 Jazz v. Milwaukee

dress | H&M
boots | Saint Laurent (similar here and here)
bag | Burberry
earrings | Amazon (similar here)

11/12 Jazz v. Brooklyn

sweater | H&M
pants | Rowme
shoes | Nike
bag | Bottega Venetta lookalike 

11/15 Jazz @ Memphis
jacket | Coach
bodysuit | Nike
jeans | Ulla Johnson (similar here)
shoes | Alexander Wang
bag | Bottega Veneta lookalike
earrings | All Saints

11/18 Jazz v. Minnesotadress | Suboo
sweater | Rachel Parcell
sneakers | Golden goose
bag | Chloe lookalike
rings | Kate Spade

11/22 Jazz v. Golden State

sweater | Line + Dot
pants | Alice & Olivia
shoes | Sam Edelman
bag | Christian Louboutin
earrings | Stella + Ruby

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What I Want || Shopbop Sale

SHOPBOP SALEIn case you haven’t heard Shopbop is having their huge fall sale right now and over 5000 items are up to 50% off. This is the perfect time to stock up on sweaters, jackets, boots, and pants for the winter. There were 63 pages of items to browse through and I looked at everyone and picked my favorite things. I made sure to keep all the items under $500. I was hoping to keep it all under $300 but there were a few things that were too good not to share! Now, there are a few summer items in here as well and as far as dresses go, some are for summer and some could be for NYE. My bag and shoes are both on sale in the photo above!

Below you can find my favorite things from the Shopbop Fall Sale by category.

Jackets & Coats // I need some new coats now that I am living in Utah. Growing up in Ohio I am used to the cold and snow but spending the last 10 winters in Memphis I only have a few coats and I’m afraid they won’t get me through the winter.

Sweaters // Love a good chunky sweater in the winter but what I am really loving right now is chunky cardigans!

Dresses & Jumpsuits // Dresses for the holidays, dresses for summer and dresses just because. I also added a few skirts that are really cool.

Jeans & Pants // Can’t go wrong with a classic skinny jean but I am loving the straight-leg trend and prefer my rise to be a high-waisted.

Shoes //
Tis the season for booties! Cowboy boots are in but that isn’t really my style but I found a couple of pairs of booties that have a slight western vibe. There are also some really great pumps and mules along with a couple of sneakers I love.

Bags // So many bags to choose from. I love a crossbody bag because of the convenience but I am also loving the mini bags. There is this great neon bag I wore to NYFW that is marked down too.

Best of Animal Prints //
You may be getting a litte tired of cheetah print since it is everywhere but animal prints are still going strong. I’m loving the croc look, zebra and snake!

Casual // Nothing like a cozy pair of sweats when it’s cold outside. I also love a good sweatshirt, they are always comfortable and easy to wash!

What’s In My Cart // I added more than I need to my cart but I assume a few things won’t fit and will be returned.

shopbop sale
You can find this LOVED shirt for 50% off!

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My Amazon Shopping Experience

amazon shopping
People love to shop on Amazon, not only for every day essentials but clothes too! I just got on to the Amazon trend and will order the random things I need that I can’t find online anywhere else. We have Amazon Prime (not sure when or who set us up for that because I don’t recall doing it but I am glad we have it) so I need to use Amazon more often. Using Amazon for buying clothes is a stretch or was a stretch. Shopbop recently started selling through Amazon which is one of my favorite online retailers which definitely peaked my interest.
amazon shoppingAnother really fun thing I am loving is Amazon The Drop. Influencers create a capsule collection and it is available for 30 hours because the fabric is limited! Once the orders are placed, the items go into production, the items are like limited edition pieces. One of my favorite influencers Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary was the first Amazon The Drop collection to launch and I got this beautiful oversized long button down shirt. You can actually still shop some of the items from The Drop.

I need to get better at shopping on Amazon and sharing some good finds for you guys!amazon shopping amazon shopping amazon shopping

amazon shopping
This darling bag is availble through Amazon and is 30% off  and you can find it here in red and green. Loeffler Randall is one of my favorite brands (I wore this bag here and another bag here and here– they even have shoes). It is somewhere in the middle between designer and affordable. I’d call the items an affordable splurge! I talked about them in my Top 6 Bags Under $350 post.
amazon shopping amazon shopping

The Breakdown:
I really love this outfit. I feel like it is so chic. This is the perfect outfit to wear to something when you aren’t quite sure what the dress code is. The shoe has a heel but since it is chunky it doesn’t feel as dressy. I am wearing jeans but since they are a dark gray they don’t seem too casual. The top is just perfect, you could easily were it with black skinny pants heels, as well as boyfriend jeand and sneakers. I chose this bag to add some more texture. I think it’s 100% ok to mix prints, even animal prints (read more here)!

top | Paola Alberdi The Drop ‘Oversized Long Buttondown
jeans | Top Shop ‘Jamie Jagged Hem Jeans
shoes | Steve Madden ‘Justice Studded Cutout Bootie
bag | Loefflar Randall ‘Tani Mini Square Crossbody‘ (also here and for less)
earrings | Sugarfix by Bubblebar ‘Rainbow Doorknocker Hoop Earrings

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What I Want || Halloween Decor

Even before I had kids I enjoyed decorating my home during Halloween. Myles is finally at that age where he really enjoys the decorations and we haven’t had a house to decorate! That will no longer be the case after this weekend because we will be moved in and I will be ready to decorate!

I am obsessed with these below and order myself a couple of them. The shirts are what inspired me to put together a few other Halloween decor items I have my eye on.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

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How To Mix Bold Prints

mixing prints tie dye skirtMixing prints can be scary and a lot of people don’t know how to do it. I always love to buy a piece of clothing that has different patterns in it because all the work is done. You can mix different size stripes or polka dots, you can mix different animal prints or stripes with animal prints. So many different combinations. Some can go wrong and some can look very fashionable.mixing prints tie dye skirtmixing prints tie dye skirt

A few things to consider:

Color // If your prints are in the same color family it is much easier to mix them. I have these snake print booties that are in the gray family and since the color is neutral I can pair them with a leopard sweater or cheetah belt, event pinstriped pants! In these photos, I paired snake print boots with a tie-dye skirt. It as an easy choice because the shoes and skirt are in the same color family.

Number // Do not mix more than one print. Stick to two different prints and if the two prints happen to be on clothing then make sure your accessories are clean and simple.

Location // The further apart your prints are the easier you can pair them together. Leopard print booties with a snake print blazer, very chic. Those are most likely not going to be in the same color palette but since they are far away from one another it’s ok. mixing prints tie dye skirt
The Breakdown:

I typically try on all my outfits before I shoot them. Not everything looks as good on as it does layed out. With this outfit, Initially I had my eye on this blue tie-dye midi skirt (which also comes in a beautiful pink and cream) but I knew I wouldn’t get my cost per wear out of it. When I found this navy version at a much better price I knew I should get it!

tee | Current/Elliott ‘The Relaxed Crew
skirt | Target ‘Tie Dye Bias Cut Midi Skirt
shoes | Steve Madden ‘Justice Studded Cutout Bootie
earrings | Target ‘Open Hoop Smooth Earrings
bag | O.A.D. ‘Mini Leather Messenger Bag’ (in black)

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